Thursday, 12 July 2018

Latest From Caister Road

The latest from Caister Road is that the First Great Yarmouth Darts have now returned to service. Both 42921 EU05AUN and Flying Banana 42943 WA06OAS are now back on the road with re-engined 42929 expected to follow by the time you read this.

Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL LT52WTM awaits attention in the rear yard at Caister Road
Decker wise, 32676 SN55HFD is back in use whilst the efforts to return 32206 LT52WTM to active service is taking a little bit longer!

As always, my thanks to First Great Yarmouth for the information and photo

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Service Alterations Registered ~ 11th July 2018

This morning's Notices & Proceedings Report, published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner, records the surrender of an operator licence held by a well known bus service provider.

With effect from 5th July 2018, Anglian Bus Limited, surrendered its licence bringing a final end to the business established way back in 1981 by David and Christine Pursey. The entry named the directors as David Brown, Martin Dean, Simon Butcher, Jeremy Cooper and David Golding.

The photos show the Anglian Bus Ellough site on 11th July 2010  (yes, exactly 8 years ago!) when it was especially opened to enthusiasts in connection with an event at the East Anglia Transport Museum.

The full Notices and Proceedings Report is expected to be available soon on the Traffic Commissioner's website


Monday, 9 July 2018

Plenty Of Visitors to Caister Road

A Busy day at Caister Road today saw a few visitors to the depot for MOT and inspection work from other FEC garages.

First up is Norwich Trident 33161 LR02LXW, a member of the Orange Line Fleet.

Next up is Lowestoft Enviro 200 44532 SN62DBO for MOT.

Another Norwich visitor is Purple Line branded 33163 LR02LXZ.

Finally Ipswich based Volvo B7RLE 66986 KX05MHU also appeared here today and was noted this afternoon working the X1 to Norwich.

Many Thanks to Will Drake for the photographs from Yarmouth and to Kieran Smith for the Norwich Bus Station Photo.


First Dart Issues Updates

Three of First Great Yarmouth Darts are currently off the road and are in the Caister Road workshops needing attention

Firstly 42929 SN05EAJ requires a new engine and here's a photo of it awaiting its installation. The second is 42921 EU05AUN which has a gearbox problem. Recent Flying Banana repaint 42943 WA06OAS is also receiving attention

On the decker front 37562 FJ08FYN has received a new compressor while Lowestoft's 37577 AU58EDF is currently off the road. Meanwhile, Excel 33824 YX63LKO is also still unavailable

My thanks to First for the information and photo


Sunday, 8 July 2018

Beach Coach Station Excetera

There was an interesting selection of vehicles on view at Beach Coach Station in Great Yarmouth this afternoon

As to be expected, coaches working for the National Holidays and Alfa Travel operations were on site. The former was represented by Setras NH10MSH and NH11STH whilst Commercial Coaches' Volvo B12B PO59FHY was operating on behalf of the latter.

However, surprising was the appearance of Coaches Excetera's Mercedes Benz Tourismo BX64CZY.

In connection with the local Wheels Festival, the 'Spratts of Wreningham' Bedford SB3 WLO685 was employed on the seafront to Lawn Avenue circular. Further details and photos of the coach can be viewed on the 'Bedford in Town' feature published in September 2016


Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Newbies At The Beach

At around 5 pm this afternoon Beach Coach Station was playing host to two 18 plated Mercedes Benz Tourismos.

They were National Holidays' NH18FGH and Shearings' 134 BU18YSL. A second National Holidays' vehicle was present in the form of Setra NH14HBH