Friday, 31 October 2014

Poppy Vinyl

Displaying a poppy, 32629 roars past Gorleston Parish Church at Lunchtime today
With Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming to an end, First have replaced the pink ribbon vinyl displayed on their buses with a poppy version in support of the Poppy Appeal

As I had an errand in Gorleston High Street this morning I thought I would take the camera with me to get a photo of a decker with the poppy on display in its top deck screen

Unbelievably, the first bus coming into my viewfinder, that I was able to photograph, was Enviro400 33423 SN60CAA! (No I can't use a photo of that again!)

After another couple of photos I settled on this one - former First Leicester Gemini 32629 KP54KAX passing Gorleston Parish Church on the 8 to Great Yarmouth (and eventually Caister)

Steam Bus In Lowestoft

The Steam Bus at Kensington Gardens
Regular contributor Tim Major writes

'An event that may not have got on the radar of East Norfolk Bus Blog was a Model Engineering Exhibition at Pakefield School last weekend. 

At the same time a Model Boat Exhibition taking place at the Kensington Gardens on the clifftop at Kirkley. 
The Sentinel is seen here outside Pakefield School

Linking the two locations was a service provided by a 1932 Sentinel S4 Steam Bus from Bressingham Steam Museum. 

I believe the bus forms part of the Saunders Collection and the bus previously ran on a route in the Lake district. 

The Body of the vehicle is of fairly recent construction, the vehicle spent a large portion of its life as a lorry.'

Many thanks for the report and photos Tim and yes I didn't get to hear of the event!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Wright Renowns

60813 on a Burgh Castle service in Gorleston High Street on 24th October last
At the beginning of the year First's Great Yarmouth depot had six Wright Renown bodied Volvo B10BLEs on its books

The number has been slowly whittled down to just three today - 60813 S664RNA, 60814 S665RNA and 66126 S116JTP

The others have found other employment; both 60807 S658RNA and 60808 S659RNA have
60814 on arrival at Belton on the same day - Photo: Jamie Skinner
been converted to driver trainers whilst 66168 W368EOW moved to First Essex in early January this year

Both 60813 and 60814 were new to First Manchester as 664 and 665 in October 1998 and were transferred from Ipswich to Caister Road in June 2011

66126 was delivered to First Southampton in August 1998 where it
First Yorkshire 60622 joined the Great Yarmouth fleet in August this year
received fleet number 116. The saloon had its engine rebuilt in June last year and spent a short period on loan to Lowestoft in December 2012

All three appear to be nearing the end of their useful life and could be under threat when the new StreetLites arrive at Caister Road next month

However, on revisiting this post I realised that I had forgotten to mention the arrival of a fourth example in August this year from First Ipswich - 60622 R785WKW is a 'temporary loan' from First Yorkshire

So catch them while you can

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Service Alterations Registered ~ 29th October 2014

The Eastern Area Traffic Commissioner's latest Notices and Proceedings Report was published on the Gov.UK website earlier this morning

Publication 2191 contains no information regarding changes to local services in our area. However, there is notice of a public inquiry to be held

Ian Trussler & Partners, trading as Goldline Taxis of Moor Business Park in Beccles, are to appear on 18th November 2014. The inquiry will consider disciplinary action under Section 17 of The Public Passenger Vehicles Act of 1981 and under Section 28 of the Transport Act of 1985

The complete Notice and Proceedings Report can be viewed on the website by clicking HERE

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

First Service 4 & 8 Diversions

The 8 diverting to Barnard Avenue yesterday with President LT52WTO in charge
Two First routes, serving the north part of the town, are being diverted following a road closure at the junction of North Denes Road and Beaconsfield Road

The services affected include the 4 which is diverting via Sandown Road, North Drive and Salisbury Road in both directions

Meanwhile, the 8 operates via Northgate Street, Caister Road, Barnard Avenue, Beatty Road and Jellicoe Road in both directions

The diverts commenced yesterday and will last until Wednesday (29th)

Lowestoft PBJ2F Update

PBJ2F complete with its El Alamein destination display
Another email from Syd Eade awaited me in my inbox this morning, updating the situation as regards Leyland PD2 PBJ2F

'The PBJ article was originally done before we got the bus, but when we met David Jukes this summer, who did the article, we took him out for a run and he was so impressed he did an
update to his Part 2 to include us. Fame at last and I am sure the
Daniel takes advantage of his slimness and height!
sales of the magazine have rocketed. 

We all spent most of yesterday (Sunday) checking over her too, prior to having an MOT test shortly, and it is definitely a 'Big Boys Bus' when it comes to trying to reach everything in the engine bay...... a job made for Daniel as he is both slim AND a great length from head to toe so he can reach those far away bits! Perhaps the Lowestoft fitters had a bench to stand on and very long handled spanners!

I also got a chance to fit a very rare destination blind, which I was given in 1966, that has El Alamein Road as a terminus, which was changed to 'Tedder Road' on all other buses on service 9, and the 3 never went beyond Yarmouth Road.'

Many thanks for the update and photos Syd - all remain his copyright

Monday, 27 October 2014

Need A Loan? Part Two ~ Syd To the Rescue!

37146 YN06UPZ at Lowestoft in 2008 - note the Olympians
Regular correspondent Syd Eade comments on Grahame's report on loans to First Eastern Counties

'I see you gave poor Gemini 37146 YN06UPZ a poor write up, well I want to stand up for her! She was running happily in June 2008 on City Services and also ventured to Lowestoft for the Air Show shuttles during July and managed two arduous days without problem. I later found 
30902 stops at Fleet Hargate before heading to Norwich
her running in Leicester in March 2010 and also had a ride back to the Railway Station.

I was lucky enough to collect a few of the buses mentioned and bring them down to Norwich, so this photo of 30902 may be of interest. I took it at the Farmhouse Kitchen at Fleet Hargate in April 2008 on its way from Bradford (I stopped there to 
Optare Solos 50274 S305EWU and 50273 S304EWU on their way east
attend to the needs of the 'Inner Man' with tea and a fry-up)

By the way 50273 and 50274 did not move on from Great Yarmouth to Ipswich after they arrived... they went the other way round. Again I drove 50273 down myself, collecting it from Leeds, 50274 accompanied me on the journey. I have a photo of them both at 
Syd at the wheel of Solo 50273 on arrival at Ipswich
the now famous Farmhouse Kitchen and also of me in the cab of 50273 on arrival at Ipswich 

They stayed there for at least 6 months until I was again sent to Ipswich to drive them to Great Yarmouth. When they left First Eastern Counties they went to work local services in Livingstone in Scotland.... but I didn't get asked to drive them all the way there, thank goodness!'

Many thanks for putting the record straight Syd and coming to the defence of 37146! The photos are all copyrighted to Syd Eade and are very much appreciated