Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Changing face of Shearings

With the news this week that Shearings have announced a new order for Mercedes Benz vehicles I thought I would look back at the various types noted in the town over the past 10 years or so. Whilst living in Yarmouth i worked a stones throw away from the Coach Station so a lot of photos were taken on my way home in the evening mainly during the summer and Shearings vehicles were always present.
Van Hool bodied W285JBN April 2003

Originally New to Wallace Arnold, P305VWR sits on the A149 at Stalham on a June evening in 2003
Shearings merged with Wallace Arnold in February 2005 creating the WA Shearings brand before becoming Shearings Hoilidays once more in 2007
Plaxton bodied MX06AMU in the Gold Grand Tourer livery, May 2007
Sunsundegui bodied YC02CHK in the Blue WA Shearings livery in 2007

Shearings own the Carlton Hotel in Great Yarmouth so their vehicles are noted here all year round, as well as Hotels in North Norfolk. At peak times it is not uncommon to see up to 4 coaches in the town at any one time. National Holidays are also part of the group and the current fleet of Setra based vehicles are regulars to the Coach park, another blog entirely I think!
2009 saw the introduction of Setra vehicles to the fleet, BN09FXA pictured when new in the town.
Today's fleet is mainly based around Setra 415/416GT-HD vehicles with over 100 now in use, some Plaxton, Van Hool & Jonckheere vehicles also remain active within the group.
A typical sight in the summer months at Beach Coach Station.

Myself and Roy are keeping our eyes peeled for the first MB Tourismo to appear in the town, I'm sure it wont be too long, its strange looking back when doing a feature like this just how much companies change and evolve, Shearings has certainly done that since my first photos in 2002/3!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Afternoon In Norwich

An afternoon trip to Norwich and an excuse for another post whilst the better half was having some more retail therapy

The first to report was the appearance of Alfa Travel's Plaxton Paragon bodied Volvo B12B YN10EOC waiting to pick up its passengers at Castle Meadow prior to returning to Cromer.

Other local operators with a presence included Reynolds of Caister with Volvo ICZ6697 and Tourismo BX55FYO. Eastons were using Bova A18AWE

Ex Lowestoft Alexander Dennis Enviro200 ST09JPT is about to pass former Yarmouth President 32100 LT02ZCJ
I returned a couple of hours later to see former Great Yarmouth President 32100 LT02ZCJ in its new turquoise line livery prior to heading off to Spixworth

Stagecoach Norfolk Green Alexander Dennis Enviro300 27642 GX10HBU put in an appearance on the X29 Fakenham service

Former Go Ahead London Tridents PN03UME and PN03UMA employed on Park and Ride duty yesterday
Norse Tridents were continuing with their Park and Ride duties. I understand from SteveW that Konect have been awarded all the Norwich Park and Ride routes commencing in September so we won't have long now to enjoy those hard seats!

Lastly, as I was about to leave for home, former Yarmouth Dart 42921 EU05AUN passed me complete with its Great Yarmouth College rear advert. It appears that its loan to Norwich is to be made more permanent

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Local Vehicles For Disposal

Swift Sandpiper BV57MTJ at Swift's Southtown yard
A quick scan of yesterdays Route One magazine revealed some local operators' vehicles available for sale

Great Yarmouth's Swift Taxis still has its 70 seater Autosan Eagle BV57MTJ advertised for disposal. It has fleet number 118 and the name Swift Sandpiper

Belle Coaches of Suffolk has added a third coach to its list of vehicles surplus to requirements. Eurocoach (Bunbeg) bodied Mercedes-Benz O814D AE05MZN is the latest addition. The others are Setras, K2JTB and Y752DDA (ex NJI9245)

#TBT Trent Motor Traction 213CCH

This week's Throwback Thursday features a bus that mostly operated well away from the local area but could be seen on the occasional summer Saturday foray to Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station

Leyland PSU3/1R's from the Trent Motor Traction fleet used to regularly run to the town from the East Midlands during the holiday season. Often up to four could be observed at the former railway station site at the same time and I recorded the visit of six them on one Saturday!

213CCH on South Quay. The railway lines beneath were originally used to transport goods offloaded at the quayside
213CCH was one of a batch of twenty three Willowbrook bodied dual purpose 51 seaters delivered to Trent during April and May 1963.

There is a photo on Flickr of 213 in Alfreton Bus Station in March 1972, working out of Mansfield Depot on the 43 service between Alfreton and Mansfield

Following withdrawal it could subsequently be seen on the streets of Great Yarmouth having been converted into a mobile catering vehicle.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Norwich Gemini On The 8

Another First Norwich bus has seen use in Great Yarmouth area over the last day or so

After being reported on schools duty yesterday, Volvo 36180 BD11CDZ continues to operate on the 8 between Caister and the James Paget Hospital today

Luckily I managed get a photo of the Eclipse Gemini at lunchtime on the 11:56 from Caister Second Avenue to the JPH passing the East Norfolk Sixth Form College

Shearings Group Delivery

Shearings Group coaches on Marine Parade in February
The Shearings Group, a touring coach company that is often featured on this blog, is due to receive 38 new Mercedes Benz Tourismo vehicles later this month reports today's Route One

The company has previously purchased Setras but, with Euro 6 specification unavailable in the UK, they have bought Tourismos instead

This forms the largest Tourismo order for the UK and the 38 includes 23 twelve metre versions for National Holidays with the remainder being the 13 metre option for Shearings Holidays.

The delivery has provided the opportunity to revise Shearings' Grand Tourer livery. Gone are the gold and brown colours which are replaced by Shearings' standard blue.The National Holidays white livery remains unchanged

The first vehicles went on the road this week and it is expected that it won't be too long before we see one of them in Great Yarmouth

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Anglian OmniDekka Arrives

Anglianbus reports on the Enthusiast page of their website that their first newly refurbished East Lancs bodied Scania OmniDekka YN55PZF has arrived!

The Beccles based company reports that the other two will follow shortly and all will sport a revised Anglianbus livery. All three were previously used by another Go Ahead subsidiary Metrobus and a photo of YN55PZF in Metrobus livery can be seen HERE prior to repaint at Hants & Dorset Trim

It is anticipated that YN55PZF will start its revenue earning activities tomorrow on services 88/88A (Norwich - Bungay - Halesworth - Southwold)