Saturday, 25 October 2014

Need a Loan? Part Two

Part two of our special post regarding the changes to vehicle emissions in Castle Meadow, Norwich will show an assortment of First group vehicles that were loaned in to cover for modifications to the Eastern Counties fleet.

First West Yorkshire supplied Volvo B7L & Volvo B7RLE, the latter being brand new 69329-69331 YJ08CDE/CDF/CDK, the B7L's came from York and were 60903/5 YG02DHM/DHO & 60924 YG02DHE.

First Manchester supplied Volvo B7RLE 66932 MX55FHG which arrived by mistake at Caister Road in Yarmouth before making the trip up the A47.

Leicester based Gemini 37146 YN06UPZ also arrived to assist but if memory serves me well it spent more time out of use than actually working, i pictured it whilst broken down outside Castle Mall in May 2008.

Another elusive vehicle which saw limited use whilst in Norfolk was First Glasgow B7L 61637 SJ51DHE, I never managed to capture her in use but David Waters did see her briefly working in Castle Meadow and let me have a copy of his photo.

It was quite a busy time in Norwich, the batch of Volvo B7TL ALX400's 30886-30903 were arriving from West Yorkshire and started life with Eastern Counties in the city before visiting most, if not all of the depots at some time in their life within the company.

Two Optare Solo's arrived at Great Yarmouth 50273/50274 S304/305EWU also from Yorkshire with plans to use them on the 4 service in the town, but they were short lived due to reliabilty issues and they moved on to Ipswich.

Back to Norwich and a few step entry Darts were still in use alongside an ever decreasing Olympian fleet, 2008 was certainly an interesting year for the camera in the city.

Norwich 2008, Need a Loan? Part One

Dart MX56HYB carried Scania number 65563
Enviro Dart KX07OOW carried 65568
Early 2008 saw changes to the rules regarding vehicle emissions in Castle Meadow, Norwich. Eastern Counties begain sending their Scania single deck vehicles away for engine modifications to comply with the new regulations meaning various vehicles were loaned in to cover the missing fleet.

Various different types were noted on the streets of Norwich , some noted carrying fleet numbers of the vehicles they were standing in for.

Other First Group companies supplied vehicles including First Manchester, Glasgow, West Yorkshire and Leicester.

The first set of photos show vehicles that came from various dealer stock which included a pair of Alexander Enviro Darts KX07OOW/OOX which carried an array of odd destinations whilst in use as you can see from the photo of one of them!

HV52WSU as 65559 in Norwich Bus Station
Plaxton Darts SN53LWR & MX56HYB were noted along with Caetano bodied HV52WSU

In the second part of this special post I will show some of the various vehicles from other First companies that were loaned in which included brand new Volvo B7RLE's from West Yorkshire, a troublesome B7TL Gemini from Leicester and a very elusive B7L from Glasgow!

Part two will be online shortly!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Three Setras

The three Setras parked up together at Beach Coach Station late this afternoon 
After about a month away from the hobby, I escaped my decorating duties and met up with fellow blogger Steve W in Great Yarmouth

We adjourned to the Troll Cart at Market Gates for a pint and a chin-wag whilst observing bus activity

The time passed so quickly and I returned home via a quick look in at Beach Coach Station

There I found three Setras; two in Shearings Holidays' colours and one in National Holidays' white. The Shearings examples were 221 BF10VCD and 636 BT63GCV whilst the latter was represented by NH13VWH

A fourth Setra coach subsequently arrived in the form of National Holidays NH11LTH to even up the numbers


34108 leads 34111 on Bernard Matthew duty on 16th May last
For some time now our Beccles contributor Tim Miller has been hopeful of observing Volvo Olympians operating all four journeys through the Suffolk town in the early afternoon

There has been some close calls recently with three passing him with the fourth turning up as a President or a Gemini!

However, yesterday he hit the jackpot with all four workings being provided by Olympians - 34186, 34111, 34109 and 34108

My thanks for the report Tim and hope you enjoyed your jackpot winnings!!

Recent Border Bus Addition

KX54NKH hiding in Brands yard in Beccles yesterday
Border Bus of Beccles recently added another single decker to its fleet

The ever vigilant Tim Miller was passing Brands yard yesterday and espied KX54NKH present and speculates it was possibly in for tacho work

The Alexander Dennis Enviro300 previously operated with Premiere Travel of Nottingham

My thanks to Tim for the report and photo

Monday, 20 October 2014

Milestones & Moan

Firstly, this is the 400th post on the blog this year and thanks to everyone who has contributed news items and photos to help us to attain this figure. We have already passed the previous highest annual total (obtained in 2013) and we are still only in October!

Another milestone is that of some 500,000 visitors viewing the blog - something I never thought the blog could ever achieve. The audience has been global with the USA and Ukraine providing a considerable number of views after the UK. Thank you each and everyone of you for making this happen

And now the moan....... It has become apparent that some bloggers are copying news (and photos too) from this site without our approval - despite the copyright clause at the bottom of the blog! Often no mention is made of the information source and accordingly claiming it as their own. I would like to think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!           Rant over!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Farm Workers Blues

Two Blue Double Deck vehicles are currently transporting workers to Mill Farm in my home village of Ormesby St. Margaret.

The first is GOX78V an Alexander bodied Volvo Olympian which has been converted to single door, unfortunately Google has no records of her history.

The second vehicle noted was P484MBY which was new to Metroline as their AV4, it then began its East Anglian life with Chambers of Bures in Suffolk.

Both vehicles are now operated by G's Holdings of Soham in Cambridgeshire who operate a fleet of vehicles for this type of work.

If i remember last year saw a variety of vehicles noted including A290TSN which was part of a blog also, im sure if you search the blog it will appear!