Thursday, 26 May 2016

Another Presidential Move

Grahame has been in touch with the latest from First's Caister Road depot which is that President 32208 has been withdrawn.

First's Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL 32208 LT52WTO in Gorleston High Street on 31st October 2014
LT52WTO has been moved to Norwich for storage before transfer elsewhere within the First Group.
Thanks for the information Grahame

Steve's Bus & Train Page 
For those readers who love SteveW's blog, you may have recently noticed its non-availability. Steve has taken it offline for a short period whilst he deals with some personal issues. As he said to me last night 'nothing to worry about, I will bounce back soon, you know me!'
I hope you will join me in wishing him well and hope that it won't be too long before he is back to his usual self with his general banter!!


This Week's Gorleston Diverts

Yesterday was the third day of bus diversions from Gorleston High Street following the closure of High Road for subsidence investigation work

First Eastern Counties Wright Eclipse Gemini 37578 AU58EDJ heads for Great Yarmouth on the X1 from Lowestoft 
So during yesterday afternoon I had a wander along the diversion route to get the odd photo or two of buses working away from their usual haunts - plus I got some surprises as a bonus!

First ALX400 W774DWX  passes the Kevil Arms on its way to Belton with the 7
The surprises included First X1 Excel liveried 37274 LK58EDF on a Bernard Matthews contract working and it's the first time I have seen one of them on a 'Bernies' duty (see below)

A couple of Belle Coaches were seen on school duties prior to me being taken unaware by the passing of Volvo driver trainer 20122 P732NVG - I was not quick enough to get a photo!

Belle Coaches Setra LIL9454 southbound on Church Road with a school duty 
Another couple of surprises lay in store when I arrived on Beccles Road. Whilst I was quick enough to get a photo of Anglianbus East Lancs Lolyne bodied Trident T812RFG on the 61 to Market Gates, I missed a photo opportunity of on loan First Norwich Gemini 36180 BD11CDZ on the 7 travelling in the opposite direction. You can't win them all can you!

Anglianbus Dennis Trident/East Lancs 712 T812RFG on Beccles Road on the 61 to Great Yarmouth
However, Grahame Bessey came to the rescue as he had captured the Gemini leaving Market Gates earlier on the 7. Thanks for the pic Grahame

The diversions are scheduled to end tomorrow evening


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Service Alterations Registered ~ 25th May 2016

It's time for our fortnightly look at the latest Notices and Proceedings Report is issued by the East of England Traffic Commissioner earlier this morning

Registration of New Services
Many of the Borderbus Plaxton President bodied Volvo
B7TLs are used on Latitude services
Borderbus has registered a new annual Latitude Festival service LAT4 from Kessingland to the Festival site via Wrentham and Wangford which this year will operate on 15th, 16th and 17th July

Applications to Vary Existing Services
At the same time under the 'Variation' heading Borderbus is amending the timetables of its LAT3 service from Southwold, from the 15th July 2016, and the LAT2 service from Halesworth Station, from the 12th July 2016, to the Henham festival site
Other changes include the amendment of route, timetable and stopping places of two services provided by Paul Frost Limited of Woodbridge. Trading as PF Travel the operator has registered changes to its 62/65/71/72 routes between Orford and Woodbridge and the 62 from Framlingham to Woodbridge all effective from the 13th June 2016

Cancellations of Existing Services
Ipswich Buses has cancelled its Woodbridge to Sutton Hoo service 8 from 11th July 2016

The complete Notice & Proceedings Report, covering the whole of the Eastern Traffic Commissioner's Area, can be viewed HERE


Monday, 23 May 2016

More Vehicles On eBay With Local Connections

Further to Saturday's post on the long lost Norfolk Bedford on ebay, which incidentally has so far received 13 bids, there are three other bus and coach entries with Norfolk connections

KIG1857 on ASDA duty in Great Yarmouth  in July 2012
The first of interest is former Ambassador Travel Plaxton Paragon bodied Volvo B12M KIG1857. New to the Great Yarmouth operator as FN52HRM in November 2002, the coach is currently being offered for sale by  Durham based Snowden Coaches at £19,500 with nineteen days of bidding left to go

The second vehicle with a local connection is Alexander bodied Volvo B10BLE VAG608R owned by Acle based Our Bus. It was new to Busways in April 1998 as R249KRG. Stagecoach North East later sold it to dealers Ensign in November/ December 2012 who
VU52UEB in St Stephen's Street, Norwich in late 2009
moved it on to Velvet of Eastleigh. Our Bus acquired it from Stagecarriage of Grangetown in August last year. It is thought to be too large a vehicle for the operator's current requirements

The final bus is that of former Norse owned Optare Solo VU52UEB. It was acquired from Cameron and Farish of Jedburgh (trading as Munro) in March 2009 and used primarily on the County Hall Circular 100 service. Following withdrawal of the 100 the bus was seldom was used in service. The 33 seater was acquired by a Wiltshire operator earlier this year


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Gorleston Diverts

The X1 service will be one of many affected by the diversion
This is 33818 YX63LKG on 10th July last year
Gorleston High Road is being closed for five days from Monday 23rd May 2016

This is due to subsidence investigation works being carried out with all buses diverted via Beccles Road and Church Road. The arrangements mean that First are unable to serve the stops on Gorleston High Street during the road closure.

This is the third time that buses have been diverted from the High Street in less than three years. Water main repairs were undertaken in January 2014 and emergency road works in Church Lane during July last year


Saturday, 21 May 2016

Long Lost Norfolk Bedford SBG Now On eBay

Earlier tonight I received a message from John Wakefield regarding a long lost Bedford which gave years of service to a couple of Norfolk independent coach owners

John tells me that 'SPW999, a Bedford SBG Duple Vega, has turned up after twenty five years and is still in Norfolk. The coach was new to Babbage trading as Green Grey of Cromer in 1955. It went to Reynolds of Caister in April 1962 and in circa 1991 was sold to a private owner near North Walsham. It has been barn stored since and has not appeared on PSVC preserved lists'.

He continues that it is currently on eBay for spares or renovation and can be viewed HERE 
My thanks to John for bringing it to my attention and for supplying the photos


Bits & Pieces

Following yesterday's post entitled Friday's Observations, contributor Roger Bellward has been in touch

You may remember reference to the presence of First Training Bus 32052 X578RJW with the photo taken of the rear of the bus from some distance away.

Roger has been able to provide a better picture of the decker from the front and it's still parked in the same place next to the inspection bay

He also sends me a photo (below) of a Lochs & Glens Jonckheere bodied Volvo B11R at the Travelodge in Lowestoft last night. Registered SE15AXG, the 57 seater is to commence a seven day Scottish tour from early tomorrow morning - it will be departing Gorleston High Street at 5:30 tomorrow morning if anyone is up early enough to see it! (Certainly not me as I will be kicking out the zzzz's at that time!)

My thanks to Roger Bellward for the use of the photos