Friday, 19 December 2014

Belle's Volvos Move On

Belle Coaches Volvo NJI9244 on schools duty at the Sir John Leman School in Beccles during October 2011
Two of Belle Coaches Volvo B10Ms found a new owner during November, albeit within the same county

Both Van Hool bodied NJI9241 and NJI9244 were acquired by Galloway of Mendlesham and have received fleet numbers 339 and 340 respectively, reports the PSV Circle

The former previously carried the registrations of P737UAH and 97-KY-809, whilst the latter was P736UAH and 97-KY-810

New in February 1997, the coaches were deemed surplus to requirements

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Norse Six at the Beach

Regular contributor Joe Leathers-Watson was in Great Yarmouth this morning finishing off the last of his Christmas shopping

A line up five of the Norse coaches at Beach Coach Station earlier this afternoon
As he had five minutes to spare he looked in at Beach Coach Station where he was surprised to see six Norse coaches present

There were five Dennis Javelins in the form of  V671FPO, Y334YUT, Y327YUT, Y339YUT and Y335YUT. The other vehicle was Volvo B10M/ Plaxton Panther W172VEL.

He noted that they were all festive looking and I suspect they were being used to ferry schoolchildren to a Great Yarmouth attraction

My appreciation goes to Joe for the report and photo

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pantomime Season ~ Oh No It Isn't!

Volvo B12BT RDV903  and Dennis Javelin Y002PCU outside the theatre
With Christmas just around the corner the pantomime season has arrived

In Gorleston, Snow White is on at the Pavilion Theatre which has attracted many schoolchildren to the matinee performances

With the appearance of six coaches from Sanders Coaches outside, or close to, the theatre it looked as if there was a good attendance this afternoon

The six comprised three Dennis Javelins (YO02PCT, YO02PCU and YO52FHB), two Volvo B12BTs (OGR647 and RDV903) and a partridge in a pear tree!. Oops too much mulled wine! - it should have read one Plaxton Cheetah bodied Mercedes (YN62AAE)

Unusual to see that many coaches assembled in the Piers Gardens/ Lower Esplanade area of Gorleston

Marine Paraders

Passing along Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth, earlier this afternoon, I saw three coaches parked along the seafront

Two were from the National Holidays fleet whilst the third was from a Norfolk independent operator

The former were in the shape of  Van Hool Alizee bodied Volvo B12M NH06REH (above) and Setra NH11DTH. The first mentioned was previously registered as MX06ALU when with Shearings

The Norfolk coach was YJ55EZE - a Volvo B12B/ Van Hool with Dereham Coachways.

Belle Coach on eBay

Former Belle Coaches Scania B415DHK is now available on eBay
Ryan has contacted me, via Facebook, to tell me that a former Belle Coaches Scania is being advertised for sale on eBay

The Berkhoff bodied Scania K112CRS has the registration B415DHK: a registration I didn't immediately recognised as being a member of the Belle Coaches fleet

After a bit of research, I found that B415DHK was new to Londoners of Dunhead in July 1985 and was re registered as YSU987 in September 1990. Subsequently acquired by Bodmans in May 1993, the coach was then sold to Berkhof as dealers in  April 1999

Regaining its old registration, B415DHK was sold on Shreeve of Lowestoft (Belle Coaches) where she received fleet number 31 and another registration SIL9044. This is not to be confused with the present holder of that registration and fleet number which is a Volvo!

I am not sure when the Scania left the Suffolk fleet and what happened to the coach since then. If any reader knows I would be pleased to hear from them

The seller, thought to be from Newport in South Wales, is not accepting bids but is offering the coach for sale at just under £2,000. The eBay webpage can be viewed HERE

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Where Are They Now ~ R334RCJ

As good as new - former Swift Taxis R334RCJ now with Wilkins Coaches
Regular contributor Joe Leathers-Watson updates us on what has happened to R334RCJ since leaving Great Yarmouth company Swift Taxis:-

R334RCJ was acquired by Swift Taxis in December 2009 following the acquisition of South Burlingham based Amza bus company.

With Swift the Dennis Javelin received fleet number 135 and the name Swift Gooseander.

In August 2011 Swift held an auction of over 10 of its buses and coaches including R334RCJ, when she was subsequently sold to Tees Valley Coaches.

There she received a much needed refresh and had a re-body and repaint which meant she finally lost her mountains logos which had been retained on the sides since with her original owners Whittle when new in 1997.

Unfortunately in December 2012 Tees Valley went into administration and R334RCJ can now be found in Wales with Wilkins Coaches.

In the picture she is seen at her new home at the Wilkins depot in Wymmer in Wales. Picture courtesy of Plaxtonpointer2 on Flickr.

Many thanks for the guest post Joe

Monday, 15 December 2014

Where Are They Now ~ W600JSB

Ex Reynolds W600JSB has returned to Wiltshire in the ownership of Beeline
Back in June this year I reported that Reynolds Coaches of Caister was advertising five of its vehicles for sale on its website

I am pleased to report that one of the five has now found a new owner

W600JSB, a Plaxton Beaver bodied Mercedes Benz Vario O814D, is now with Beeline R & R Coaches Limited of Warminster, Wiltshire

New to Coakley Bus of Motherwell in March 2000 as W60CBC, the 31 seater was re registered in November 2006.

Reynolds obtained it from Whitegate Travel of Anderton in Cheshire in January 2012. Before that it was with Pickford of Chippenham in Wiltshire.

The am grateful to Bus-Ginger for his permission to use the photo of W600JSB with its new owner