Saturday, 23 May 2015

60621 Out and about

60621 in Ormesby heading towards Martham
Latest loan arrival from Rotherham 60621 R784WKW is now in use here, i managed to grab some photos of her this morning working the 1 service to Martham. Prior to transfering to the the refurb unit at Rotherham it was in use with First Bradford.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Big Weekend Moves Updated

Radio 1's Big Weekend takes place this weekend in Norwich, with extra vehicles being required for Park & Ride and shuttle services First are drafting in extra vehicles from other depots to cover the services. Yarmouth Volvo B9's 37574,37575 & 37576 have so far made the move city bound along with Lowestoft 37571. Ipswich are supplying ALX400's 32655/32656 and Heritage liveried 32479.

On my way home this evening from Lowestoft on the A12 i noted Norwich Based Volvo B9's 36176 on the X1 and 36178 on the 1's heading to the suffolk town.

I can now confirm that Norwich vehicles 36170,36176,36178,36179,36180 and 66335 are on loan to Yarmouth. The reason for the changes is due to the fuel tank capacity on Yarmouth's own B9's being larger than the Norwich ones and they are also being used on Monday to take Norwich supporters to Wembley Stadium so the Norwich vehicles will remain at Yarmouth until Tuesday.

36170 working the 1 to Martham on Saturday Morning in Ormesby

Blue Line 881

First Great Yarmouth driver Roger Bellward had an unusual bus for his 881 service between Gorleston's East Norfolk Sixth Form College and Carlton Colville during yesterday afternoon

It was a First Norwich Blue Line Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini in the form of 36178 BD11CDX. This working can sometimes provide some unusual vehicles

Many thanks to Roger for the report and photo


Thursday, 21 May 2015

N368LPN Relocates

In early March, Grahame reported the arrival of a Stagecoach decker in Great Yarmouth - the original post can be viewed HERE

Ex Stagecoach N368LPN at the rear of the coach station on 13th May
N368LPN in secure premises at Great Yarmouth College
He deliberately didn't publish its location but, as revealed by others, it was stored at the rear of Beach Coach Station behind the toilet and admin block

It has now moved from its location to more secure premises at Great Yarmouth College and Ryan sends a photo of it at its new abode!

Grahame reported the vehicle as N368LPN (16368) an Alexander bodied Olympian which is ex Stagecoach Kent. It has been purchased by a local charity and is to be converted for use a shelter/sos type vehicle for the charity.


#TBT Eastern Counties FLFs

This week's 'Throw Back Thursday' looks at Eastern Counties' Bristol 'Lodekka' FLF6Gs - known as the FLFs. Eastern Coach Works built them with H38/32F bodies with Eastern Counties beginning to introduce them into the fleet from 1966 onwards

Regular contributor Jim Long tells me that FLF453 JAH553D was a visitor to Beestons depot at Hadleigh yesterday. He remembered taking a photo of it when brand new working the Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft route. The photo was taken at Eastern Counties Wellington Road Bus Station on 21st July 1966. As you are probably aware, the bus is now owned by Stagecoach and forms part of their heritage fleet

He also photographed FLF452 JAH552D when it visited Ipswich back in April 1982. The Lodekka, pictured at the Old Cattle Market, is also with Stagecoach but now in open top form in Stagecoach livery

In 1973, Eastern Counties were involved with the FLF/VRT exchange with Scottish bus operators which saw some heading north of the border.  Not all of the VRs involved entered service with Eastern Counties as some were exchanged with FLFs from Eastern National and Lincolnshire Road Car Company

Many thanks Jim for the photos and the memories


New Arrival at Caister Road

Further to yesterday's First Great Yarmouth repaint update, it has been confirmed that another vehicle has arrived at Caister Road on loan

Rotherham has sent Wright Renown bodied Volvo 60621 R784WKW as a temporary replacement for ALX400 32064 W224XBD which went 'up north' on Tuesday

My thanks to our sources at First for the information and photo


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Beach Coach Station Today

On my return from Caister, I passed Beach Coach Station and observed ten coaches in attendance just before midday

Two were from the Alfa Travel fleet; Mercedes Benz Tourismo 70 BU13ZTO and 55 PO59FHY, a Volvo B12B with Plaxton Paragon bodywork. The former carried legals for Commercial Coaches

Shearings Holidays weighed in with Setra 121 BK09LUH