Monday, 23 April 2018

Where Are They Now ~ BU04FAJ & BX55FYO

Two of Reynolds Coaches' former Mercedes Benz Tourismos have now been tracked down with their new owners in Newquay, Cornwall.

Mercedes Benz Tourismo BU04FAJ seen on Beccles Road in Bradwell during March 2015
Both BU04FAJ and BX55FYO were noted as being advertised for sale on the Route One database in early February last year and were acquired by A2B of Newquay soon after. Reynolds bought the latter from Clarkson of South Elmswell in April 2011 with the former coming from Bennett of Hayes End just a year earlier.


Sunday, 22 April 2018

New Norwich Trainer

First Norwich has gained a 'new' driver training vehicle from First Great Yarmouth in the shape of former First Southampton Trident 32809 T809LLC

Dennis Trident 32809 T809LLC arrives at the James Paget Hospital on 17th November 2017 clearly displaying
First Southampton above the driver's window
Tridents T801LLC and T849LLC in the rear yard on 25th March 2018
Grahame reported on its proposed future use on 11th April 2018 (First Yarmouth Update) following the decker's return from storage at Lowestoft depot. 32809 was originally on loan at Great Yarmouth to cover for vehicles required for Bernard Matthews contract work leading up to the busy Christmas period.

The two other Tridents, arriving at the same time, were noted in the rear yard at Caister Road in late March this year. Both 38201 T801LLC and 32849 T849LLC are thought to be available for disposal.

My thanks to First for the information


Saturday, 21 April 2018

Sunbeam Recent Arrival

Hevingham based Sunbeam Luxury Coaches has a recent addition to its fleet in the form of a Volvo B12M

Carrying the cherished plate of P27SUN, the Jonckheere bodied coach has also been variously registered as AIG9384, MV07EFX and JSU986
It was new to Parks of Hamilton as KSK950.

My thanks to @fpp5t on twitter for the photo and the information.


Monday, 16 April 2018

Lowestoft Rail Replacement

As a result of resignalling work there was no rail service running between Lowestoft and Norwich yesterday.

Belle Coaches Scania NJI9243 seen in Waveney Drive, Kirkley on rail replacement for the 10:58 ex Norwich
This led to rail replacement services being put in place with members from the Simonds and Belle Coaches being observed in use.

Simonds Volvo B12B 378BNG in the same location with the 11:46 Lowestoft to Norwich service 
Luckily for us regular contributor Simon Bartram was on hand to take photos of the coaches being used. My thanks to him for providing copies of them for use on the blog


Friday, 13 April 2018

Blue Is The Colour!

A couple of sightings to note in Great Yarmouth earlier today and both were of the blue variety!

Firstly, Shearings Holidays' Setra 640 BT63GDA was being loaded outside the Carlton Hotel ready for the return home.

Meanwhile, close to Railway Station was Freestones Coaches Irizar PB bodied Scania K380EB4 YN07LFY. It is thought to be on standby for rail replacement work; although I could see no mention of it on the Greater Anglia website.


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

First Yarmouth Update

A few bits to report from Caister Road. Firstly we are told that former First Southampton Trident 32809 T809LLC is to become a Driver Training vehicle. It was on loan at Yarmouth over the Christmas period before being withdrawn at the end of February. It has been stored at Lowestoft Depot before being towed back to Caister Road earlier this week.

32809 now back at Caister Road.

A couple of Norwich vehicles are also at Caister Road for MOT and servicing, these being Streetlite 63321 SK65PXB which is part of the Green Line fleet along with recent arrival from Leeds 36271 BG12YKD which was noted on Sunday afternoon.

And finally also from Norwich, Dennis Trident 33055 LN51GKO was spotted this morning at Market Gates Bus Station in the town.

Thanks to First for the info and to Will Drake for the photographs.


Service Alterations Registered ~ 11th April 2018

This morning's Notices and Proceedings Report contains a couple of entries of local interest.

The first relates to the variation of a service by Sanders Coaches which has been granted under short notice. It concerns the amendment of route and timetable of the 98 service between Cawston Market Place and Fakenham from 29th April 2018.

Ipswich Buses is cancelling its Felixstowe open top service effective from 1st July 2018.

The complete East of England Transport Commissioner's report can be viewed HERE