Tuesday 30 November 2021

Norwich Outings

About a week ago, two additional Volvo B7 Geminis moved to First Eastern Counties from Weston-super-Mare joining the two already here. 32333 LK53 LYT is already out and about in the City but not sure what this means regarding 32336 LK53 LYW (See Ex Weston Decker In Use - 11th November 2021)

The newcomers are 32344 LK53 LZE and 32345 LK53 LZF with the former observed by Dan High yesterday on the 13 Turquoise Line service to Spixworth. The latter is now in use at Great Yarmouth

Also noted was Sanders Coaches Coasthopper 520 BV21OOC away from the coast being employed on the Fakenham 24 route

My thanks to Dan High for the report and photos


Monday 29 November 2021

New Livery At Worthing

 One of the latest Stagecoach liveries has begun to appear on Worthing based Stagecoach south vehicles.

With around 20 vehicles already being repainted at Eastbourne, Transbus Enviro300 27658 GX10 KZL is one of the first Worthing buses to be so treated and was seen on the 5 service to Durrington Tesco around lunchtime today. My thanks to Lou Phillips for the Eastbourne information.


Latest Yarmouth Arrival In Service

Former First Bristol Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 32345 LK53LZF entered service today from Caister Road, it was noted working school contract 922 and Service 2 this afternoon.

Also pictured by myself in Caister On Sea on December 1st working the 8 Service to the James Paget Hospital.

Many Thanks to Aaron M for sending us the Photo from Market Gates.


Friday 26 November 2021

Village Contract Sightings

My home village of Ormesby St Margaret has recently gained a stop for vehicles on a Bernard Matthews contract run to the factory at Great Witchingham. Hirst's Farm in the village is home to workers for its farm and its seems many are now helping out with the Christmas rush elsewhere.

Ensignbus Loanee 34432 YX66WLH was pictured awaiting its passengers this afternoon outside the Farm.  (Aaron M)

 A surprise visitor on Sunday 28th to the village was Excel liveried Scania 36909 YN69XZO.

Various Norwich based vehicles have also been noted on the route including Turquoise Line branded versions amongst others.

36172 BD11CFV is pictured heading out of the village yesterday heading back towards Great Witchingham with workers aboard.

Many Thanks to Aaron for all the updates and Photo.


All Aboard The Playbus

A rather damp morning in the town was brightened up by the sighting of a very colourful Double Decker parked near St. Nicholas Church.

East Anglian Play Bus Co. was set up by friends and fellow paramedics, Lee Marshall and Adam Wright, from Great Yarmouth, in July this year. 

Complete with Ball pit, Slide and Sensory lighting if offers a different experience for children and soft play areas.

It has three seperate levels and can accomodate up to 20 children at one time.

Its introduction was delayed due to Covid but after sourcing the correct vehicle it was converted by a company in Liverpool.

 Since its launch this summer, bookings have been rolling in for the mobile play bus at events, parties and private functions. 

The vehicle itself is LJ03MBY a Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini new to Arriva London as VLW 151 It then passed to Aintree Coach Lines before being aquired for its conversion.

Many Thanks to Lee Marshall for use of his photos.


Thursday 25 November 2021

City Sights

First visit to Norwich for a while with the camera, a bit of a let down due to the weather and winter sun not helping but i managed a few and grabbed both of Sanders new deckers which was a bonus!

 LL71SHA is one of two new Volvo B5TL/Wright for Sanders, the other being SA71SAN, both were working the X44 service between Norwich and Sheringham today.

Red Line liveried Volvo B9TL 36198 BN12WNY was noted in the Bus Station working Excel service B to Peterborough, its journey was cut short and only went as far as Kings Lynn.

Coach Services of Thetford had Enviro 200 SN63NBB working the 37A service another which had eluded me on previous trips.

Konectbus ADL Enviro 400 SN61CZX was working the 5B to Wroxham and like many vehicles in the city is carrying a large red dog on the side for Christmas!


Wednesday 24 November 2021

Service Alterations Registered ~ 24th November 2021

Today's Notices and Proceedings Report, published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner, includes timetable changes to some local First Eastern Counties services

They are the 11/11A, 12/12A between Norfolk & Norwich Hospital and Sprowston/ Wroxham plus the 14/14B, 15 /15A, 15B, 905 Wymondham to Wroxham/ Blofield Heath/ Lingwood. The changes took effect from 14th November 2021

The full Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here soon


Saturday 20 November 2021

Swift X1

Recently transferred on loan to Caister Road, Ipswich based Volvo B7RLE 66950 WX55 TZM was observed on X1 duty at Norwich Bus Station earlier today.

Dan High was our man on the scene at the entrance to the bus station and my thanks to him for the photos supplied.


Friday 19 November 2021

Last Of Isle of Man Trio Goes

The last of the three former Isle of Man Lowlander double deck buses has been taken out of service by Sanders Coaches. 106 PM03 EHU joins 108 PM03 EMJ awaiting its fate whilst the third example, 107 PM03 EHR, is stored in the main yard at Holt.

My thanks to LiamS for the photo and information


Thursday 18 November 2021

Return To The City

Tuesday witnessed my first visit to Norwich City Centre in just under two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic! It was good to get the camera out to record sightings once more and it was noticeable that my 'new' mobile phone took better quality photos than the camera - will have to ask Santa for a replacement!

The first photo is Alfa Travel's Mercedes Benz Tourismo 111 BV19YFF picking up visitors to the city at the entrance to the Castle Mall Shopping Centre.

After some further photos at Castle Meadow, I made my way to the Bus Station along St Stephens Street where I noted Simonds' Volvo B9R / Caetano Levante SLK 886 (formerly FJ11 MLE) on its way to Roydon.

Being mid afternoon there were a number of vehicles laying over at the Bus Station including Konectbus Optare Versa 306 YJ60 KGV and ADL Enviro200MMC 202 YX69 NPG alongside First Eastern Counties 'excel' Scania 36917 YN69 XZX

I returned to St Stephens Street with latest First arrival Volvo B7TL 32333 LK53 LYT appearing on a UTCN (University Technical College Norfolk) contract working

Another interesting sighting was that of Konect's red East Lancs Myllennium 509 PN02 XCL heading for Swanton Morley

The final photo, taken with the mobile phone camera, shows one of Sanders Coaches new Volvo 5TLs in the form of 126 LL71 SHA on the X44 service to Sheringham


Wednesday 17 November 2021

Swifts Return

The AEC Swift was once the main part of the fleet at Caister Road in days gone by and a Swift has returned today to Caister Road but one of the Stowmarket Variety.

Ipswich based Volvo B7RLE 66950 WX55TZM has arrived on loan from the Suffolk Town where it operates with Stowmarket Swift branding (Now you see what i did!) It was actually new to Great Yarmouth in 2005, one of three of the type diverted from First South West for use on Town routes here.

Another Swift is due to arrive on loan at Lowestoft in the shape of 66959 WX55TXW, another ex Great Yarmouth newbie.

More vehicles are required for increased Bernard Matthews Contract work in the run up to Christmas.

Many Thanks to Will Drake and Mark Doggett for the Photographs.


Service Alterations Registered ~ 17th November 2021

Today's Notices and Proceedings Report, published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner, includes changes to some timetables for services provided by BorderBus and First Eastern Counties.

BorderBus has made changes to a couple of its services to the the Sir John Leman School in Beccles. The route, stopping places and the timetable of the SJL2 from Lowestoft/ Carlton Colville has been changed from the 4th October 2021. Also from the same date the timetable of the SJL6 from Southwold has been amended.

First Eastern Counties has altered the timetables of two of its services in Felixstowe area from 24th October 2021. The X7 Grange Farm, Felixstowe to Old Cattle Market Bus Station in Ipswich and 75/76/77 to Ipswich.

The full Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here soon


Monday 15 November 2021

Lamberts Coaches Update

The latest update from Lamberts Coaches includes information on the recent acquisition by the Beccles based operator. It is Plaxton Cheetah bodied Mercedes Benz midi-coach which is now registered A16 LKR.

Another Mercedes Benz midi-coach in the fleet, XIL 8515, has now been taken out of service whilst Scania E12 LKR has now received fleet names etc.

My thanks to David Burdett for the information and photo. 

Apologies for the previously incorrect information regarding the original identity of A16 LKR which was not provided by the operator.


Ensign Bus Loan

Many of you will know that Ensign's ADL Enviro400 MC 132 YX66 WLH is currently on loan to First Eastern Counties for EXCEL duties whilst a Scania/ADL Enviro is under repair.

However, it appeared at First's Caister Road depot during Saturday on temporary loan providing cover for an Ely contract. Following its return from Cambridgeshire early last night, it was observed outside the depot awaiting entry for servicing.

My thanks to Will Drake for the photo taken on Saturday afternoon.


Sunday 14 November 2021

Ambassador Arrivals

It looks like Ambassador Travel has added some more Caetano Levantes to their fleet for National Express duties.

Former National Express West Midlands BK15AJU was noted working the 491 service to London yesterday carrying fleet number 200. It was formerly No. 90 in their fleet.

Three more have been identified as recent arrivals also in the shape of 217 BV19XPA, 218 BV19XOZ and 219 BV19XOY.

All three are also ex Travel West Midlands.

218 is pictured above at the depot yesterday.


Essex Remembers

First Essex have given one of their fleet a special comemmorative livery which we thought was right to share today being Remembrance Sunday.

32673 SN55HFA has gained the special livery and can be seen running around Colchester at present.

Many Thanks to Mark Pitman and Daniel Pretty for the Photographs.


Thursday 11 November 2021

Clipper Loan

Lowestoft based 37575 AU58ECZ has been noted working the 1A service between Lowestoft and Martham today. It is in the same livery but branded for the Lowestoft clipper routes 99/99A.

Here she is pictured in Martham this afternoon courtesy of Will Drake.


Ex Weston Decker In Use

After the withdrawal of a couple of First Norwich deckers, (Two Norwich Tridents Withdrawn - 5th November 2021) the first of the recently transferred former Weston-super-Mere replacements entered service this morning.

Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 32333 LK53 LYT was noted by Will Mason at the end of a run on the X13 from Attleborough prior to working a college duty

Similar 32336 LK53 LYW is also rumoured to be in Norwich but has not entered service yet due to some faults during transfer.

My thanks to Will for the photo and information


Wednesday 10 November 2021

Service Alterations Registered ~ 10th November 2021

Today's Notices and Proceedings Report, published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner, includes changes to some Sanders Coaches' services and another National Express cancellation

Sanders Coaches has amended the timetables of the following services from 3rd October 2021
5/CH2 Charles Road, Holt to Post Office, North Walsham
6/X6 Post Office, North Walsham to Market Gates, Great Yarmouth
6A Post Office, North Walsham to Cromer Bus Station
9 Sheringham to Oak Street, Fakenham,
34 Post Office, North Walsham to Stalham Former Railway Station Site
43/43A /43B Market Place, Reepham to Norwich Bus Station
44 Hempstead Road, Holt to Station Approach, Sheringham
210 North Walsham to Norwich Bus Station
CH1/CH3/CH4 Cadogan Road, Cromer to the Quay, Wells Next the Sea
X44/X40/44A Reepham to Norwich High School, Norwich
X55/55 Post Office, North Walsham to Norwich City Centre

National Express is cancelling the 375 service between Birmingham Coach Station and Great Yarmouth Market Gates Bus Station with effect from 1st January 2022.

The full Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here soon


Tuesday 9 November 2021

Seafront Saunter

During a wander along Great Yarmouth Seafront this morning I observed a couple of coaches laying over between duties

Outside the SeaLife Centre was Dereham Coachways' Volvo B12B YJ55 EZE, new to them in October 2005. Presumably on a school's duty

Continuing northwards I found Barnes Coaches' Irizar i6 YT69 DWM resting in the car park of the Palm Court Hotel on North Drive. It was in the company's retro livery to celebrate 100 years of operation.


Sunday 7 November 2021

Levante On The 36

With Completely Coach Travel's Alexander Dennis Enviro400 LK57 AXJ out on Rail Replacement duties this weekend, the operator's Caetano Levante BX16 CLO was employed on its Sunday City service 36 earlier today

My thanks to Harry Holmes for the information and photos

Rail Replacement ~ Saturday

With rail replacement in use between Norwich and Ipswich on Saturday, David Bell supplies a selection of photos of vehicles in use on the day.

First up is Mercedes Benz Tourismo LD10 HOL, new to B R Shreeve (Belle Coaches) of Lowestoft in Suffolk in May 2010

Both the former PTS Group (Wrights) Scanias were out now minus the Wright name and one at least was carrying legal lettering for Angie's Coaches. Featured is Y70 PTS which was formerly YN08 DHA when with London United.

Completely Coach Travel was using its Alexander Dennis Enviro400 LK57 AXJ plus its Irizar i6 Integral YS14 LHV which was previously with Woods of Wigston in Leicester.

Finally, Chelmsford - based M&M Staffing sent along their Mercedes Benz MM19 BUS

My thanks to David for the email and photos.


Friday 5 November 2021

'Stranger' In The Camp

36184 at Caister Road
depot last night
Yesterday evening saw a 'stranger' in the camp at First Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot

As the X1 service was 'having issues' a First Norwich Volvo B9 was drafted in at short notice and remained in use until the end of the day

This resulted in 36184 BN12 JYG appearing on the route and present at the depot last night. (Photo supplied by First) 

The decker had previously been allocated to Great Yarmouth after its transfer to the area from Leeds.

It was back in use on X11 services this morning when Aaron.M managed a ride and took some photos of it in service

My thanks to Aaron and First Great Yarmouth for the photos


Two Norwich Tridents Withdrawn

Two First Norwich Tridents have been withdrawn with both of them suffering engine failures

They are 33126 LT02 NVO and 33248 LT52 WVA and their next journey is likely to be to the scrapyard. 33248 came to Eastern Counties from Centrewest where it was new in December 2002. 33126 was also new to Centrewest in April 2002 and later saw use in the Sheffield area. It then came on long term loan to Norwich which turned out to be permanent

My thanks to First Norwich for the information and to LiamS for the photos


Wednesday 3 November 2021

First Great Yarmouth Latest

The latest from First Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot is that First Norwich's Plaxton President 32105 LT02 ZCU is here receiving attention to its engine

Regarding the local fleet, Gemini 37023 YJ06 XKM (pictured) is at Full Circle for repairs whilst 37578 AU58 EDJ is having a new rear axle fitted.

Meanwhile StreetLite 47502 SN64 CPV has returned to Great Yarmouth.


Service Alterations Registered ~ 3rd November 2021

Again just one local entry in today's Notices and Proceedings Report published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner.

National Express is to cease operating the 490/491 service between Lowestoft Bus Station and London Victoria Coach Station from 1st January 2022. Presently the 490 runs between Norwich and London whilst the 491 operates between Great Yarmouth and London with coaches supplied mainly by locally based Ambassador Travel.

The full Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed HERE