Friday 28 June 2013

Manchester Trams

Staying overnight in Oldham, Greater Manchester I had the opportunity of riding the new tram system into Manchester

Since my last trip from Oldham into the city by rail, the route has now been converted and updated for use by Manchester Metrolink trams. It was a lot cleaner and a smoother ride with work at advanced stage to link Oldham central area to the system

Seen in the top photo is Flexity Swift Tram No 3045 arriving at Derker
station in Oldham in typical Manchester weather!

Waiting for a change of route at Market Street in the city centre, another example arrived outside the recently revamped Primark store. 3038 is seen in the lower picture taking on passengers prior to heading off to Bury

Overall I was impressed with the frequency of the services even though I only used them during the evening!

A47 Farm Shop

Belle Coaches Scania Omni Express BC11BEL 
at the A47 Farm Shop site
The Farm Shop on the A47 is a favourite stopping off place of mine. As well a good variety of food available there is often the off chance of a sighting of some buses and coaches.

Friday was no exception as Grahame Bessey called in there on Friday afternoon on his way back from an appointment in Lincolnshire and found two coaches on site

The rain had eased slightly for him to capture Belle Coaches Scania Omni Express BC11BEL in Just Go Holidays livery.
A recent addition to the Maynes Coaches fleet is YT62JCJ

The second  coach was a member of the Mayne Coaches fleet - YT62JCJ is an Irizar bodied Scania K400EB

Mayne currently has 94 vehicles in the fleet, 56 are based at Manchester whilst 38 are located at Warrington.

My thanks to Grahame Bessey for sending in a copy of the photos

I am also grateful to Harnser and Tim Miller for spotting the 'deliberate mistake'!

Thursday 27 June 2013

National Express at Services

National Express Volvo B12B/ Plaxton Panther PE56UJX
Earlier this evening I stopped off at Michaelwood Services on the M5 motorway, which is situated between Gloucester and Bristol

I eventually found the rest rooms, on the opposite side of the main block, and passed the entrance to the area reserved for coaches

To my surprise I found a National Express coach parked up and, as I didn't see a large number of passengers, I assumed the driver must have been dropping off for his break

The coach in question was Plaxton Panther bodied Volvo B12B PE56UJX of the Travellers Choice fleet, which looks as though it was last working on the C4 service, whatever that was!

Service Alterations Registered ~ 26th June 2013

An Eastern Area Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report was published yesterday on the Gov.UK website

Report No 2156 includes a significant number of changes affecting bus services in this area and the details are as follows

New Applications Granted

Authorisation:3 Vehicle(s). Transport Manager(s): STEPHEN PAUL FISHER New Condition: Three months original bank statements covering July , August and September 2013 to be submitted to the Traffic Commissioner by no later than the 31st October 2013. Attached to Licence.

Variation Applications Granted

New Undertaking: Limousines and novelty type vehicles are not to be operated under this operator’s licence. Vehicles with eight passenger seats or less will not be operated under the licence without the prior written agreement of the traffic commissioner who may require agreement to certain undertakings. Attached to Licence.

Licences Revoked Without a Public Inquiry

BERNARD PETER WALSH T/A BERNIE'S TAXIS & TRAVEL HILLVIEW, 11 SANDY LANE , CROMER NR27 9JT Registered Bus Services running under this licence have also been revoked with  immediate effect

Registration of New Services

From: Haven Sea Shore Holiday Camp To: Haven Sea Shore Holiday Camp Via: Name or No: Sea Front Circular Service Type: Normal Stopping Effective Date: 29-Jul-2013 End Date: 03-Sep-2013 Other Details: 29/7/13 to 3/9/13

Registration of New Services Granted Under Short Notice

From: Westleton To: Saxmundham. Name or No: 196/521. Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 15-May-2013. Other Details: Mondays to Saturdays.

Applications to Vary Existing Services

Operating between HEMSBY and MARTHAM FLEGG HIGH SCHOOL given service number 807/808/809 effective from 01-Sep-2013. To amend Route, Stopping Places and Timetable.

Applications to Vary Existing Services Granted Under Short Notice

Operating between Aldeburgh and Saxmundham given service number 64A effective from 01-Jul-2013. To amend Timetable.
Operating between Lowestoft Bus Station and Beccles, Old Market given service number X22 effective from 17-Jun-2013. To amend Route and Timetable.

Cancellations of Existing Services

  • Operating between Lowestoft, Dip Farm Car Park and Lowestoft, Marine Parade given service number A1 effective from 31-Aug-2013.
  • Operating between Newport Beach and West Flegg Middle Sch given service number 809 effective from 01-Sep-2013.

  • Operating between GUNTON ST PETER and BURNT HILL given service number 108 effective from 29-Jul-2013.
  • Operating between Lowestoft and Green Drive given service number 115 effective from 29-Jul-2013.

Source: Traffic Commissioner for the Eastern Traffic Area - Notices & Proceedings Report 2156 - published 26th June 2013

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Dart Update

Dart 43465 R465CAH begins its final journey to the scrapyard
Phot copyright Grahame Bessey
Ryan has informed me that First Darts 43465 R465CAH and 43468 R468CAH were both taken away by Alpha Recovery late yesterday afternoon for scrapping

A third saloon Volvo B10BLE 66126 S116JTP has been away from Caister Road for a couple weeks of weeks now and is benefiting from an engine rebuild

Many thanks to Ryan for the update and also to Grahame Bessey for
the photo

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Around & About ~ Cirencester

APL Travel's Optare Solo BU56OOD
Late this afternoon we popped into Cirencester to have a look around and to get some photos of some of the buses the seven operators use in serving the town

The first to catch my eye was APL Travel's Optare Solo BU56OOD. New to Evans of Carmarthen in November 2006 APL acquired her in May 2011. The Solo was being used on the 77 route to Lechlade

The next bus photographed was Andy James (not to be confused with another Andy James!) of Malmesbury's  Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 AJ11BUS. It was operating the 93 service to Malmesbury

The bus was first registered on the 1st September 2011 but the owner, trading as Andybus, wanted an 11 registration personal plate to signify the year it was purchased as he does with his other buses
Andybus Alexander Denis Enviro 200 AJ11BUS in Cirencester
The third vehicle noted was Stagecoach in Swindon's Wright Renown bodied Volvo B10BLE 21132 T548AUA. New to Keighley & District in March 1999 this vehicle later moved south from Stagecoach Yorkshire. A photo will be available soon on my Flickr site

I previously visited Cirencester in October last year and a link to that post can be found here

Around & About ~ Dursley

Cotswold Green's Mercedes-Benz 709D N966NAP
Our visit to the south west had to incorporate the small market town of Dursley which has family links on my wife's side

From the bus viewpoint the most prominent operator was independent Cotswold Green with three of their vehicles being logged. The first was Mercedes-Benz 709D N966NAP, new to East Kent in March 1996 as their 966. The second was Dennis Dart SLF/ / SCC Caetano W483OUF new to Applebys in July 2000. The remaining bus of the trio was Optare Solo M850 CN06BXG, new in
The sole First vehicle noted was Dart 46623 M523FBB
March 2006 to Bebb of Llantwit Fardre

The major fleet operators also had a presence with Stagecoach in Gloucester represented by two Alexander Dennis Tridents 18315 KX05TWN and 18387 MX55KSN - both new to the Greater Manchester area.

The sole First Somerset & Avon bus was 9 metre Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer 46623 M523FBB new to Bristol in July 1995

Applegates Coaches

Ex Brighton Scania P876VFG is flanked by Olympian J839TSC and Volvo YXI9253
This morning I visited the depot of Applegates Coaches of Newport in Gloucestershire. The company operates day trips and holidays with a variety of vehicles

When visiting the office I was greeted by a very friendly lady who had no problems with me looking around the premises and taking photos

Applegates also operates deckers on school journeys including two former Brighton buses still in their former owner's colours. They were Scania N113DRB/ East Lancs 78 seaters registered P875VFG and P876VFG.

Applegates were also operating a Jonckhere Monaco bodied MAN 24.350 
Also present was another decker J839TSC in all over yellow; this Leyland Olympian was new to Lothian in August 1991

Another impressive vehicle was T38BBW a MAN 24.350 with Jonckheere Monaco CH68FT bodywork

She previously worked with Stagecoach Western Scotland as their 50038; spending some time operating out of Ayr

For further details of this operator please refer to their website

Saturday 22 June 2013

Lynn Grove Prom 2013

A member of the East Anglia Transport Museum at Carlton Colville arranged for his daughter to go to her school prom in an unusual way.

Her father trimmed up his vehicle RT1234 KXW234 so that she could attend the Lynn Grove Prom

Subsequently Tim Miller espied KXW234 on the Sun Inn car park at Bradwell last night being prepared for the Lynn Grove 2013 Prom

KXW234 is a 1950 AEC Regent III with Weymann bodywork and has previously seen use with London Country

My thanks to Tim Miller for the info and pictures and my apologies to Neil Chilvers at the EATM for suggesting that the museum has vehicles available for hire

Caister Road Update

First Dart 43465 R465CAH awaits its last journey to the scrapyard
Ryan provides the latest update from First's Caister Road depot

Both withdrawn Darts 43465 R465CAH and 43468 R468CAH are expected to depart for the scrapyard on Monday whilst 43470 R470CAH has been allocated to Lowestoft permanently.

Sister 43435 P435NEX has also been withdrawn

This leaves Darts 43480/1/7 R680/1/7DPW still remaining in Great Yarmouth

As regards the Jersey exiles, with 43864 EG52FGA now on the road all seven Great Yarmouth buses are now in service. The outstanding Lowestoft example, 43866 EG52FGV, is awaiting parts before it can enter service in Suffolk

Previously referred to Volvo B12M 20515 WV02EUR  is off the road with dashboard faults

My thanks to Ryan for the update and photo

Friday 21 June 2013

Where Are They Now ~ YN03WRF

Former AnglianBus YN03WRF, now with Grant Palmer of Flitwick, Bedfordshire
YN03WRF is a Scania CN94UB new to Metrobus in August 1993 receiving fleetnumber 536

The OmniCity arrived at AnglianBus during September last year in Metrobus red, receiving AnglianBus colours later that month and gaining fleetnumber 447

Following the recent amalgamation of the Anglian and Konect fleets she was declared surplus to requirements and has been sold to Grant Palmer of Flitwick, Bedfordshire

She is captured here outside Mardens paintshops showing her smart new livery in the rain on the 20th June last

My thanks to Gricerman for allowing me to use his photo

Summer Solstice Sightings

Commercial Coaches of Middlesbrough PN05AFA on hire
to Alfa Travel
Mid-summer's day and the weather was anything but summery - cool and dull here on the east coast!

Earlier this afternoon I did a quick tour of the usual spots in Great Yarmouth.

Looking in at Beach Coach Station, I observed a total of seven coaches there including regular visitors Shearings white Volvo B12M 527 MX03AED and Whippet's Volvo B10M H19WCL on its daily Coastal Service

Alfa Travel were hiring Commercial Coaches' Dennis R410 /Plaxton Paragon PN05AFA in Alfa Travel livery (see pic above)

Withdrawn First Darts 43468 R468CAH and 43446 P446NEX
in the rear yard at Caister Road
It appears that more vehicles are present at the Coach Station earlier on in the day when they are being prepared prior to their daily outings; I counted no less than fourteen there first thing on Tuesday last

A visit to First's Caister Road depot revealed six Darts dumped in the rear yard.

The six were 43435/40/1/6/65/8, P435/40/1/6NEX, R465/8CAH

One of the X1 Volvo B12Ms, 20515 WV02EUR, was also parked next to them looking a little sorry for itself .
First EG52FGK with the unusual destination of Hemsby 1!
Returning to the front of the depot, one of the Jersey Darts, 43862 EG52FGK, was being readied for service and was driven forward with Hemsby 1 as the unusual destination!

This was subsequently changed to 'sorry not in service' and headed off in the direction of the town centre

Thanks to Ryan for identifying the sixth saloon at the rear of the depot

Nightingales To Cease Lowestoft Services

Nightingales Mercedes SF59BXR on service 108 in Lowestoft on 6th April 2013
Photo copyright Syd Eade
Christian Newsome reports that Beccles based Nightingales are ending both of their routes in Lowestoft from the end of July.

They currently operate the basically hourly 108 service to Oulton Broad and the twice a day 115 route to Kirkley, both from the town's bus station

Apparently Nightingales want to concentrate on schools and contract work

My thanks to Christian for the report and to Syd Eade for the supplying the photo

Wednesday 19 June 2013

High Street Reopens

First Essex exile Dart 42921 EU05AUN on a Bradwell service
through Gorleston High Street earlier today
Gorleston High Street re-opened to buses from 9 am today after an eleven day absence

All First and Anglianbus services resumed their normal routes, although one Anglianbus 601 driver was seen to continue along the diverted route!

The photo below shows First Great Yarmouth's Driver Trainer Volvo B10M/ Plaxton Premier 20109 N609APU passing the patched up hole outside the QD
First Volvo B10M/ Plaxton Premier 20109 N609APU passes the repaired hole
Store in the High Street

The hole was reported by a bus driver on the afternoon of Friday 7th June with the main shopping street closed to through traffic almost immediately.

Anglian Water reported that the damage was caused by a collapsed mains sewer

Hop On A Bus Event

Just a reminder that the East Anglia Transport Museum at Carlton Colville will be holding their ever-popular annual bus and coach event on Sunday 23rd June between 10:30 am and 5 pm

The 'Hop On A Bus' event  will have many vehicles in service operating  free regular bus services to Lowestoft and Beccles; including Anglian's Depot at Ellough

There will also be excursions to local places of interest using the museum’s and visiting vehicles, which will be specially chosen to illustrate the development of buses and coaches in Britain from the classics of the 1940’s to the modern vehicles of today.

As always plenty of free bus rides will be on offer with intensive timetables in operation!

Click here for timetables for the free connecting Beccles and Lowestoft bus services to the museum

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Lowestoft Loanee

First 42919 EU05AUK spending her summer holiday in Suffolk
Grahame Bessey reports that Great Yarmouth Dennis Dart SLF/ ADL Pointer 2 42919 EU05AUK has been loaned to Lowestoft 

42919 is picture here at Gordon Road this morning and is one of four which moved to Great Yarmouth from First Essex Chelmsford depot during March this year

Many thanks to Grahame for the report and photo

Nimbus Activity

Former Jersey Dart 43867 EG52FHC in action in Lowestoft yesterday. 
Some more pics of the Jersey exiles in action taken by our regular correspondent Grahame Bessey

The first shows First Dart /Caetano Nimbus 43867 EG52FHC in action in Lowestoft yesterday.

The former Connex Jersey J101733 is working on Lowestoft Town service 104 to the Fortress Estate

The second shows her long version sister 42358 EY05FYP on service 1 at Hopton during yesterday evening. The 34 seater started its journey at Lowestoft Bus Station and will complete it in Martham, a village some 10 miles north of Great Yarmouth

Long Dart 42358 EY05FYP on service 1 at Hopton during yesterday evening
So far unreported on this blog is the entry into service of a sixth member in the shape of 43863 EG52FFK; leaving only 43864 EG52FGA of the Great Yarmouth contingent to leave the depot and start earning her keep

The appearance of these ex Jersey vehicles in this newly refreshed livery has been greeted with disdain by one time former Great Yarmouth resident Mick Capon

He comment on a previous post - 'As much as I dislike "Corporate Liveries", especially this one, I am of the opinion that if you're going to do it, do it right. Why is it that First can't make up it's mind where the local identity name will be placed? Some below the windows, some above. No doubt the former is to allow for adverts, but what's the betting that adverts will soon cover the latter? Perhaps your contacts at Caister Road can explain Roy.'

These two photos illustrate his concerns and his response being able to be viewed here. I welcome any comments any readers may have by emailing me at or by using the comment link below this blog entry

Meanwhile I would like to thank Grahame for his contribution

Monday 17 June 2013

Bus Diverts Continue

Anglianbus 609 AU62DWG negotiates the Beccles Road
roundabout in Gorleston on 10th June last
Whilst the offending hole in Gorleston High Street has now been repaired following the mains sewer collapse, buses and heavy goods vehicles are still prohibited from using the road

Cars were allowed access from Friday last (14th) with buses continuing on their diverted routes.

One improvement is temporary bus stop signs are now in place removing uncertainty of where they stop

It is expected that normal services will resume from this coming weekend

Friday 14 June 2013

Long Dart Debut

Long Dart 42358 EY05FYP on its first day in service
Grahame Bessey reports on the latest from Caister Road and highlights the debut of the long ex Jersey Dart 42358 EY05FYP today

He saw her chomping at the bit and ready to go in the doorway of the depot on his way in to work this morning.

Also of interest is that the Anglian vehicles now only carrying their new numbers.

My thanks to Grahame for the information and photo

Thursday 13 June 2013

Service Alterations Registered ~ 12th June 2013

For the first time the Eastern Area Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report was published yesterday on the Gov.UK website

The report, numbered 2155, includes the alteration of services provided by Anglian in connection with the Latitude Festival. Sanders are also varying some of their services and cancelling others

Applications to Vary Existing Services

  • Operating between Halesworth Railway Station and Latitude Festival given service number LAT3 effective from 16-Jul-2013. To amend Timetable.
  • Operating between Latitude Festival and Southwold, Market Place given service number LAT2 effective from 19-Jul-2013. To amend Route and Timetable.
  • Operating between NORTH WALSHAM and NORWICH BUS STATION given service number 210 effective from 28-Jul-2013. To amend Timetable.
  • Operating between Holt Chrles Road and North Walsham - Post Office given service number 5 effective from 28-Jul-2013. To amend Timetable.
  • Operating between Holt, Edinburgh Road and Cromer, Cadogan Road given service number 4 effective from 28-Jul-2013. To amend Timetable.

Cancellations of Existing Services

  • Operating between Stalham and Cromer Bus Station given service number effective from 28-Jul-2013.
  • Operating between N. Walsham (Park Lane) and Reepham High School given service number 615 effective from 28-Jul-2013.
  • Operating between Sheringham, Station Approach and Cromer Bus Station given service number 22 effective from 28-Jul-2013.
Source: Traffic Commissioner for the Eastern Traffic Area - Notices & Proceedings Report 2155 - published 12th June 2013

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Beach Coach Station ~ 11th June 2013

Three of the six vehicles at Beach Coach Station yesterday
Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station had six coaches parked up during early yesterday afternoon

The photo shows three of them - Grettons Coaches of Peterborough Scania/Van Hool Alizee N51FHL; Chambers Coaches of Stevenage Volvo B12M/Plaxton Paragon 38CRC and Shearings Volvo B12M 528 MX03AEE

The remainder were National Holidays Setra NH09ORH, Galloway 293 Mercedes Tourismo BF60OGA and Alfa Travel Volvo B12B 44 PN07LLJ

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Fourth Dart In Service

Jersey exile now First 43860 EG52FGF in service today
A fourth ex Jersey Dart/ Caetano Nimbus was noted in service with First Great Yarmouth today

She was 43860 EG52FGF and was noted surprisingly operating on the service 8 to the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston

She was previously registered J101720 when with Connex Jersey

Sister Great Yarmouth based 43862 EG52FGK was also observed in Lowestoft operating on the 1A route

My thanks to Grahame Bessey for
the report and photo

Note this post amends the previous entry when I incorrectly identified 43859 as the fourth Jersey exile to  enter service - she was in fact the third active one!. My apologies for the confusion

Caister Road Update

Former Jersey Dart Dart 43867 EG52FHC undergoing tests at
Caister Road on 3rd June. She is now in service at Lowestoft
Regular correspondent Ryan has contacted me regarding the latest update from First's Caister Road Depot

Five Darts have been withdrawn from service and remain at Caister Road awaiting their last journey. The five are 43440 P440NEX, 43441 P441NEX, 43446 P446NEX, 43465 R465CAH and 43468 R468CAH

43435 P435NEX is currently living on borrowed time as she will be withdrawn when another ex Jersey Dart enters service. With the transfer away of 43487 R687DPW to Lowestoft as another Jersey Dart enters service in Great Yarmouth, there will then be only three Dennis Dart SLFs remaining in service in the town

Following work on them at Caister Road, both Enviro200 44512 DK57SXF and Dart 43867 EG52FHC have now gone into service in Lowestoft

Repairs to Great Yarmouth's own Dennis Dart SLF/ ADL Pointer 42929 SN05EAJ have been completed, whereas Volvo Olympian/ Alexander Royale 34111 W431CWX requires attention to its engine mounts

My appreciation goes to Ryan for the detailed report

Anglian Disposals

Anglian's Javelin 109 CSK282 having just left Market Gates
on the A47/X47 service on 8th October last year
Following the disclosure of yesterdays renumbering scheme for a combined Anglian and Konect fleet, the more eagle eyed among you may have noticed some omissions

The three buses concerned are Dennis Javelin 11SDL/Plaxton Derwent II 109 CSK282 and two Scania CN94UN/Omnicity's 447 YN03WRF  and 448 YN03WRG; all three have been sold to Ensignbus.

109 was previously re-registered from J127LHC in May 2011 and the two Omnicity buses came from Metrobus during May last year

A number of other Anglian vehicles have also been withdrawn. These include Scania L113/Wright Floline R82EMB, Alexander bodied Leyland Olympian506 HIL5679 and all but one of the Plaxton Beaver 2 bodied Mercedes Varios

My thanks to Andy for the information

Monday 10 June 2013

Anglianbus Fleet Renumbering

Anglian's MAN EcoCity AU62DWG displaying two fleetnumbers-
108 would be the number in the combined Anglian/Konect fleet
In addition to my own observations, other bus enthusiasts have noted the application of duplicate fleet numbers on some Anglianbus vehicles earlier today

I understand from Andys Busblog, that the fleet is indeed being renumbered and it will be in the same number series as the Konectbus fleet with both operators vehicles appearing on one joint fleetlist.

The change is due to take place officially on 30th June but for the moment some buses will carry both the new and old fleet numbers for 
driver familiarisation purposes. 

My thanks to Andy for the information and I suggest you visit his blog to download the new combined fleet list

Gorleston Diverts

Volvo B7TL/ Plaxton President 32214 LT52WTX on Church Road
on First's service 8 on its way to Great Yarmouth
As previously posted on this blog, all buses serving Gorleston High Street have been diverted following a mains sewer collapse

All bus services are, therefore, being diverted along Beccles Road and Church Road before rejoining their normal routes via Church Lane

I witnessed some bus activity on Church Road during yesterday afternoon and saw buses stopping outside
Wright Eclipse Gemini 37569 AU58 ECN passes the Kevill Arms on Church Road
with a diverted X1 service to Peterborough
the parish church and opposite the junction with Lovewell Road in the other direction.

The location of the bus stops appear to be quite arbitrary as there are no temporary flags in place denoting where the 'official' stops are

Anglian Water says repairs are likely to take seven days to complete

View the Great Yarmouth Mercury report by clicking here

Sunday 9 June 2013

Where Are They Now ~ CHZ4796

Former Reynolds CHZ4796 now with W E Jones of Llanerchymedd 
pictured in Conway on 23rd May
Another in our where are they now series and under the spotlight this time is CHZ4796

Until recently, Plaxton Paramount 3200 III bodied Dennis Javelin CHZ4796 was owned by Reynolds of Caister

New as J799FTS to Riddler of Arbroath in February 1992, Reynolds acquired her from Bicknell of Godalming some seven years later

Reynolds reregistered her as CHZ4796 and she was given the name Lady Jennifer; a Reynolds tradition of naming their vehicles with ladies names

Earlier this year she passed to W E Jones & Son of Llanerchymedd and was observed in Conway during May still in Reynolds livery and retaining her former owner's fleet names.

A photo of the sighting by Photosel37 is reproduced here, with his kind permission, and he confirms to me that the vehicle shows Jones legal lettering

My thanks to Photosel37 for allowing me to use his photo on my blog

Saturday 8 June 2013

Gorleston High Street Closed

Gorleston High Street closed to through traffic
Following the discovery of a hole in the road in Gorleston High Street during late yesterday afternoon, the main shopping street was closed to through traffic almost immediately

Thought to have been caused by a collapsed sewer, Anglian Water has said that it could take up to seven days to repair the damage due to the pipes running down the middle of the road

Meanwhile, all bus services normally serving the High Street are being diverted along Beccles Road and Church Road before rejoining their
usual routes via Church Lane

Friday 7 June 2013

Great Yarmouth ~ Latest Activity

The third Jersey Dart to enter service in Great Yarmouth is 43859 EG52EHD
Another former Jersey Dart/ Caetano Nimbus was noted in service with First Great Yarmouth today

43859 EG52EHD was observed on the 2, 6 and 4 routes this afternoon which makes three Jersey exiles now operating from Great Yarmouth depot.

Also noted at work on First's service 3 was Routemaster 39623 NML623E on her way to Hemsby Beach

Galloway's BX13BZA in World War I centenary commemorative livery
A visit to Beach Coach Station netted six vehicles; the most interesting being Galloway's BX13BZA, a 53 seat Volvo 9700 Plus tri-axle coach

It features a special livery with poppies and barbed wire on a white background to commemorate the 2014-18 centenary of World War I

Galloway operates study tours to the European battlefields

Final Jersey Buses Arrive

Former Jersey long wheelbase Dart J79350 (now First EY05JYP)
 enjoying the sun at Caister Road yesterday
Grahame Bessey reports that the final three of the former Jersey Darts appeared at Caister Road during yesterday evening

The long wheelbase version (EY05JYP) arrived in addition to the two usual configurations in the form of EG52FFK and EG52FGA

One would expect that such an influx of a large number of buses to the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft area could lead to the withdrawl of some the older vehicles in the First fleet; so get your cameras out and catch them while you can!

For the record, the final fleet numbers, registrations and allocations of all the 21 Darts are as follows:-

43854   EG52FFZ  (J101729)  Clacton                          43865   EG52FGU  (J101725)  Lowestoft
43855   EG52FGC  (J101728)  Clacton                         43866   EG52FGV  (J101724)  Lowestoft
43856   EG52FGD  (J101726)  Clacton                         43867   EG52FHC  (J101733)  Lowestoft 
43857   EG52FGE  (J101721)  Clacton                         43868   EG52FGX  (J101731)  Lowestoft 
43859   EG52FHD  (J101732)  Great Yarmouth             43869   EG52FFL  (J101706)  Worcester  
43860   EG52FGF  (J101720)  Great Yarmouth             43870   EG52FFT  (J101722)  Worcester  
43861   EG52FGJ  (J101719)  Great Yarmouth              43871   EG52FFV  (J101716)  Worcester 
43862   EG52FGK  (J101723)  Great Yarmouth             43872   EG52FFU  (J101717)  Worcester
43863   EG52FFK  (J101718)  Great Yarmouth              43873   EG52 FFJ  (J101703)  Worcester
43864   EG52 FGA  (J101727) Great Yarmouth             43874   EG52FFY  (J101730)  Worcester
42358   EY05FYP   (J79350)   Great Yarmouth            

Note fleet number 43858 was not issued and the information contained within brackets are their registrations whilst on Jersey

Finally, Plaxton Paragon bodied Volvo B12M 20514 WV02EUP has returned to Caister Road resplendent in her newly applied X1 vinyls; similar to that of sister 20515 WV02EUR

My thanks to Graham for the report and photo

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Beach Bakers Dozen

Alfa Travel's BU13XTZ and National Holidays' YJ03VNB at Beach Coach Station
A grand total of thirteen vehicles were at Beach Coach Station at 9:00 am this morning

Most were preparing for their day's outings taking short break visitors to their daily attractions

As regards operators, there wasn't much out of the unusual with regulars Alfa Travel, Shearings and National Holidays being represented

Alfa Travel provided Mercedes Tourismo 79 BU13XTZ  whilst two Shearings white liveried coaches were present in the form of Volvo B12Ms 527/8 MX03AED/E. The National Holidays vehicles were also Volvo B12Ms; being YJ03VOC and YJ03VNB

Monday 3 June 2013

Suffolk Norse Visitor

Harry Shaws' Irizar sits alongside Suffolk Norse Irisbus PN57CUK
A Suffolk Norse coach was one of four present at Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station earlier this afternoon

The vehicle concerned was Marcopolo Viaggio bodied Irisbus Eurorider PN57CUK

Suffolk Norse was established at the beginning of this year following a joint venture with Norse Commercial Services to take over the management of the fleet of school coaches and minibuses then run by Suffolk County Council.

Parked alongside the Eurorider was Harry Shaw's newly registered Irizar i6 YN13XYX

The remaining coaches were Shearings' white liveried 527 MX03AEDand National Holidays' YJ03VNB; both Volvo B12Ms

Saturday 1 June 2013

New Greens

ADL Enviro400 23 SN13EEA departs Kings Lynn Bus Station
with a Fairstead One service
Grahame Bessey had a work appointment in Boston yesterday but took some time out to pop in to Kings Lynn's Bus Station on the way to observe activity there

Most services in the King's Lynn area are now operated by independent Norfolk Green; in total they operate some seventeen routes in the town including six town services

The Norfolk company took delivery of two new ADL Enviro 400s during April this year and both of them were loading as Grahame arrived.
ADL Enviro400 24 SN13EEB on the X8 to Fakenham
Their respective registrations and fleetnumbers are:-

23   SN13EEA
24   SN13EEB

Both were captured on camera by Grahame as they departed the bus station yesterday

My thanks to Grahame for the report and photos

Latest Nimbus Activity

First Lowestoft 43868 EG52FGX and First Worcester
43870 EG52FFT at the rear of Caister Road on 20th May
Grahame Bessey reports a further three arrivals at Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot yesterday.

The trio of former Jersey Dart / Caetano Nimbuses were EG52FGF, EG52FGV and EG52FHC. The three will be in operating in either the Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft areas

First Worcester collected two of their allocation yesterday too. The buses concerned were 43870 EG52FFT and 43874 EG52FFY

My thanks goes to Grahame for the update