Friday 7 June 2013

Final Jersey Buses Arrive

Former Jersey long wheelbase Dart J79350 (now First EY05JYP)
 enjoying the sun at Caister Road yesterday
Grahame Bessey reports that the final three of the former Jersey Darts appeared at Caister Road during yesterday evening

The long wheelbase version (EY05JYP) arrived in addition to the two usual configurations in the form of EG52FFK and EG52FGA

One would expect that such an influx of a large number of buses to the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft area could lead to the withdrawl of some the older vehicles in the First fleet; so get your cameras out and catch them while you can!

For the record, the final fleet numbers, registrations and allocations of all the 21 Darts are as follows:-

43854   EG52FFZ  (J101729)  Clacton                          43865   EG52FGU  (J101725)  Lowestoft
43855   EG52FGC  (J101728)  Clacton                         43866   EG52FGV  (J101724)  Lowestoft
43856   EG52FGD  (J101726)  Clacton                         43867   EG52FHC  (J101733)  Lowestoft 
43857   EG52FGE  (J101721)  Clacton                         43868   EG52FGX  (J101731)  Lowestoft 
43859   EG52FHD  (J101732)  Great Yarmouth             43869   EG52FFL  (J101706)  Worcester  
43860   EG52FGF  (J101720)  Great Yarmouth             43870   EG52FFT  (J101722)  Worcester  
43861   EG52FGJ  (J101719)  Great Yarmouth              43871   EG52FFV  (J101716)  Worcester 
43862   EG52FGK  (J101723)  Great Yarmouth             43872   EG52FFU  (J101717)  Worcester
43863   EG52FFK  (J101718)  Great Yarmouth              43873   EG52 FFJ  (J101703)  Worcester
43864   EG52 FGA  (J101727) Great Yarmouth             43874   EG52FFY  (J101730)  Worcester
42358   EY05FYP   (J79350)   Great Yarmouth            

Note fleet number 43858 was not issued and the information contained within brackets are their registrations whilst on Jersey

Finally, Plaxton Paragon bodied Volvo B12M 20514 WV02EUP has returned to Caister Road resplendent in her newly applied X1 vinyls; similar to that of sister 20515 WV02EUR

My thanks to Graham for the report and photo

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