Friday 7 June 2013

Great Yarmouth ~ Latest Activity

The third Jersey Dart to enter service in Great Yarmouth is 43859 EG52EHD
Another former Jersey Dart/ Caetano Nimbus was noted in service with First Great Yarmouth today

43859 EG52EHD was observed on the 2, 6 and 4 routes this afternoon which makes three Jersey exiles now operating from Great Yarmouth depot.

Also noted at work on First's service 3 was Routemaster 39623 NML623E on her way to Hemsby Beach

Galloway's BX13BZA in World War I centenary commemorative livery
A visit to Beach Coach Station netted six vehicles; the most interesting being Galloway's BX13BZA, a 53 seat Volvo 9700 Plus tri-axle coach

It features a special livery with poppies and barbed wire on a white background to commemorate the 2014-18 centenary of World War I

Galloway operates study tours to the European battlefields

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