Thursday 31 January 2013

Anglian's 400

Last Wednesday, an Anglian bus caught fire in Ellough on its way back to the depot. Rob Collins later confirmed it was Optare Excel 400 X228WRA

Acquired from Trent in 2007, she was in a sorry state at the bottom of the yard at the Ellough site yesterday morning

My thanks to Rob for the information

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Streetlite on the 603

Contributor Rob Collins has sent me some photos of an Anglian Streetlite on the 603 route which runs between Carlton Colville and Lowestoft Bus Station

Following poor patronage the route is to be withdrawn with effect from the 11th February. Apart from the first bus after the 09:30 concessionary travel pass deadline, the service runs with only a few passengers on each journey.

Anglian's 322 MX60BWH prepares to leave the lay by near the East Anglia Transport Museum destined for the bus station

My thanks to Rob for the photo

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Temporary Arrangements at Market Gates

The replacement of an underground gas main in the Market Gates area has meant the bus station's temporary closure and relocation of bus stops to the eastern side of the centre

Yesterday was the first day of these temporary arrangements and from my observations it appeared to be working well, considering the disruption to services. There were a couple of problems; the first was when a delivery driver parked on Alexandra Road blocking it for buses although the delays were minimal.

The second problem was at Howard Street North, where no temporary bus sign was in place - leading to passengers queuing at the permanent bus stop instead. When the the northbound 8 service arrived at the temporary stop, there was a charge of passengers from the permanent to the temporary one. A pity really as all the Market Gates stops were all clearly labelled

The area outside the Troll Cart Public House was the main gathering point for passengers and First Eastern Counties Volvo Olympian 34110 W437CWX is seen there picking up passengers for the 8 route, with the James Paget Hospital being its final destination

All services using the temporary stops have to use Alexandra Road to gain access to Yarmouth Way and then South Quay before gaining their normal routes

The temporary stops for some town and rural bus services have been  moved to a lay by outside Fish N Chick'n near St George's Park.

Pictured below is Anglian's Optare Solo 321 MX58XDB leaving the temporary stop with the 586 to
Hemsby at the same time as the departure of  First Eastern Counties Dart 43487 R687DPW on the 2 to Barrack Estate.

The realignment of services onto roads not normally served by buses made for some interesting photos in different locations

Subsequently, Dart 43487 retraced its steps through Barrack Estate and returned to Market Gates before continuing on its journey to the James Paget Hospital.
It is seen here negotiating the right hand turn at the bottom of Yarmouth Way into South Quay.

A bonus was the arrival of the MAN City Smart demonstrator WX12EKO at the Troll Cart stop.

However, it did not immediately transfer to the St George's Park stop, which led to some confusion among passengers. However, the driver picked up at both stops to ensure nobody was left behind.

Additionally, I had a run home on her as a passenger on the 581 service to Beccles and saw Joe Watson of Norwich Bus Page taking a photo of her on Southtown Road!

Hopefully the temporary arrangements at Market Gates continued to run smoothly during the rush hour periods.
I would be interested to hear from readers as to whether in fact this did occur.

Monday 28 January 2013

G470LVG ~ The Mystery Solved!

Regular readers of this blog will remember Sunday's entry regarding two former Caroline Seagull Dennis Javelins G469LVG and G470LVG.

After the recent disappearance of the latter from Swift Taxis Southtown Road premises, I decided to email the operator's General Manager, Kevin Boyne, to find out what had happened to her.

The following prompt reply was received:-
'Thank you for the email in regards to G470 LVG. This vehicle was removed from operational duties due to her age and condition. She was ready for the scrap yard but a local enthusiast was interested in her so we sold her to them'
When Kevin Boyne told me of the vehicle's current location I was fairly sure as to who the new owner was and this was confirmed in an email from Terry Wilkins at lunchtime
'I am extremely happy and excited to say that I have purchased the ex-Cobholm Hire Services (Caroline Seagull) and Swift Taxis 1988 Plaxton Paramount 3200 bodied 1988 Dennis Javelin G470 LVG. When I found out that she was to be withdrawn and sold for scrap otherwise, and no one else took up the offer to save her, I decided to put my heart where my money is and buy her off her previous owner, Swift Taxis, for her scrap price.
She's been brought, stored and put/kept in service in the Great Yarmouth area for just over 22 and a half years, since brought new, and I'm also pleased to say that she, as a Preserved Coach, is to be stored, by me - as her new owner - still in the Great Yarmouth area - along with my other Preserved PCV/PSV Vehicle - ex-Great Yarmouth Corporation 1968 Marshall bodied 1967 Leyland Atlantean Single Decker 40 - GEX 740F.
I brought G470 LVG back in November and she requires front brakes, rear air suspension and some chassis rust removal and welding to be sorted out first before she get an M.O.T. - which I'm hoping to get sorted out this summer and, to which, I am currently saving for. She will, after a few years rallying with her ex-owner's livery, will, also, be getting a repaint back into the Caroline Seagull livery - as she wore back in the old days. Unfortunately though, I don't have/can't find any photos of her in any of the Caroline Seagull Liveries she wore, so, do you guys know if you can ask the fellow readers if they have any photos of her in any of the Caroline Seagull Liveries - especially her last livery - and, possibly, if I/we at Eastern Bus Enthusiasts - could have a copy of the photo - with and under the owner's permission and copyright - to use on our site to use to show what this vehicle was like when with Caroline Seagull ownership please?

Thank you very much.

Kindest regards to you guys and to all of your readers.

Terence Wilkins'

Thanks for the photos and email in helping to solve the mystery, Terry and I hope it won't be too long before we see her at any of the local bus rallies.

If any of the blog readers have any pictures of G470LVG in Caroline Seagull colours please send them direct to Terry by email to  -

From the Archives - Jordan's Visit 2004

Regular contributor Grahame Bessey has been trawling through various hard drives and disks and came across a set of photos taken in July 2004

Grahame takes up the story......
'These included a trip to Jordan's at Coltishall, if memory serves me, I think I went along with a couple of friends to look over the ex First Blue Bus/GYT metroriders. 

The object of the visit was the possibility of purchasing one for preservation; needless to say after looking at them the project was not financially viable!'

The top picture shows E42OAH new to Great Yarmouth Transport in 1987 as their 42; she became 785 in the First Blue Bus fleet upon acquisition in 1986.

Laying on her side is Leyland National 615 PEX615W in First Blue Bus livery. She has a along association with the town being allocated to Eastern Counties' Wellington Road prior to receiving Blue Bus livery.
The local undertaking also acquired a small number of coaches; with Volvo B10M/ Plaxton Paramount HEX119Y being one of them. She is shown in Eastern Counties colours and received fleet number 038 when acquired by them in 1986

The final photo is one of coach GWV935V; a Plaxton Supreme bodied Leyland Leopard which was new to Southdown in 1979.
Ambassador Travel purchased her from East Yorkshire in 2001 becoming their fleet number 1018. It only ran for a couple of years before its demise.

All the photos shown, therefore, all have a Great Yarmouth connection and Grahame hopes they are of interest to blog readers. Many thanks to Grahame for the photos - all copyrighted

Sunday 27 January 2013

Another Ex Caroline Seagull Identified

Sometime during yesterday, I received a comment on a photo on my Flickr site of the recently departed Swift Taxis Dennis Javelin 12SDA/ Plaxton Paramount 3200 registered G470LVG

I have mentioned in the past that she was previously with Caroline Seagull and, upon further research, I have found she was one of two purchased by the company in early 1990. G470LVG arrived in March of that year but sister G469LVG arrived a month earlier at Cobholm Hire, as the business was also known as

Norwich Coachways commented that 'we own sister vehicle G469 LVG (now registered HKZ1329). Still earns it's keep on private hire and contracts and it's been a fantastic vehicle. The Norfolk Coachways fleet is all Plaxton Paramounts and I still rate them over a Premiere. Bits are still plentiful and reasonably priced and the Leyland Tiger Paramount 3500 we have gives a fantastic ride and returns 10+mpg.'

G469LVG/HKZ1329 spent ten years in the ownership of Smiths Coaches of Blofield and I photographed her at Blackfriars Road in Great Yarmouth in June 2010, quite oblivious to her Great Yarmouth historical link!

Norfolk Coachways acquired her in August 2012 and she still wears the Smith Coaches livery but has Norfolk Coachways fleetnames applied

My thanks to Norfolk Coachways for making me aware of the Great Yarmouth connection

Saturday 26 January 2013

Freezin' Friday!

During mid-afternoon yesterday Grahame Bessey had half an hour to spare at Lowestoft Bus Station

Whilst enduring temperatures close to freezing point, he managed to photo some of the bus activities at that time.

One of the first pictures he took was of one of Anglian's new MAN EcoCity gas buses (610 AU62DWC)
arriving on the 146 service from Norwich

A notable arrival on the 603 service from Carlton Colville was Optare Solo 305 MX53FDP; a rare visitor to Lowestoft.

Trident 511 X384NNO, carrying very few passengers, also appeared on the same route and its hardly surprising why the service is going to be withdrawn
Turning to First Eastern Counties, both former TownLynx Enviro 200s were on Lowestoft Town Services. 

Grahame also reports that VolvoB7TL 32652 AU05MUP is back from repaint with sister 32656 AU05MVA going away for her refreshed livery to be applied

My thanks to Grahame for the report and the pictures and trust that the hands have now warmed up!

Friday 25 January 2013

Service Alterations Registered

Three Eastern Area Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Reports were published on the Business Link website within the last month

Whilst the more recent reports numbered 2144 and 2145 (published on the 9th and 23rd January 2013 respectively) contained little of relevance on local services, the one published on Boxing Day last certainly did. Details are shown below

Applications to Vary Existing Services

Operating between Beccles (Town Services) and Beccles given service number C1/C2/C3 effective from 11-Feb-2013. To amend Timetable

Operating between Cambridge, Drummer Street Bus Station and Cromer, Cadogan Road Coach Park given service number B effective from 31-Mar-2013. To amend Timetable

Operating between Bedford Bus Station and Great Yarmouth, Beach Road Car Park given service number A effective from 31-Mar-2013. To amend Timetable.

Cancellations of Existing Services

Operating between Carlton Colville and Lowestoft given service number 603 effective from 11-Feb-2013.

Source: Traffic Commissioner for the Eastern Traffic Area - Notices and Proceedings 2143 published 26th December 2012

Thursday 24 January 2013

Latest AnglianBus Developments

It was reported in the Eastern Daily Press today that an Anglian bus caught fire at Ellough in Beccles late yesterday afternoon on its way back to the depot.

It is thought the cause might have been an electrical or engine problem with a diesel bus which received significant damage. Damage was also done to the road surface.requiring the Highways Agency to be called out. At the moment the identity of the vehicle involved is not known.

On a positive note, two more of Anglian's new MAN EcoCity gas powered buses were due to enter service on the 588 route yesterday between Haleworth and Norwich via Bungay. This now brings the total to ten of them now in service with just three more outstanding.

For the record the fleet numbers and corresponding registrations of the ten already in service are:-

601 WX62HHP      602 WX62HGU      603 WX62HHF      604 WX62HHE      605 WX62HGG
606 WX62HFU      607 AU62DWN      608 AU62DWL      609 AU62DWG     610 AU62DWC

My thanks to Grahame Bessey for confirming the details of the recent four entering service

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Gas Buses appear on the 601s

Grahame Bessey tweeted that he saw a MAN EcoCity gas bus on the 601 Great Yarmouth to Southwold services early yesterday afternoon

However, Zak Nelson was lurking in the Gorleston area and was able capture both of the newcomers in the standard Anglian livery.
Another two are expected to appear on 588 services today

Just before lunchtime Zac managed to snap 609 AU62DWG at Church Lane on the 11:20 to Southwold

Just half an hour latter and the second one was in the bag; this time 607 AU62DWN on the 10:41 from Southwold is pictured in Gorleston High Street destined for Great Yarmouth

Many thanks to Zak for sharing his photos with us which are his copyright

Lowestoft in the Snow

Unfortunately I have been struck down by an attack of the dreaded lurgy and hence there has been no postings on the blog since Sunday night.

I will begin to put that right by catching on the emails. The first report is from Matthew Holland who popped into Lowestoft Bus Station early on Monday morning to catch some pictures of buses in the snow
The first picture was taken just after 9 am and shows three different operators' vehicles at Gordon Road. First's Dart 43466 R466CAH arrives whilst Ambassador Travel's Volvo B12M 198 CN53NWB heads off to the capital with the 497 service

In the second photo, Anglian's Optare Versa 432 YJ60KGU makes its way along Gordon Road with the 601A to
Pleasurewood Hills

Finally, First Eastern Counties MPD Dart 43359 V359DVG awaits its next duty at Gordon Road after completing a run on town service 102 to Oulton Village

Many thanks to Matthew Holland for his photos which are his copyright

Sunday 20 January 2013

Changing Times at Anglian

The photo from Neil Chilvers in the last blog post has prompted regular contributor Grahame Bessey to search through his archives.

He has come up with these three pictures reflecting the types of vehicles in use with Anglian over the last six years

The first photo was taken in 2006 and shows the
predominance of the Mercedes-Benz Varios with the Suffolk operator at that time.

Fast forward four years to 2010 and the Scania OmniCity's take centre stage both in single deck and in double deck form.

Compare this to last year's photo with Wright StreetLites now appearing on the scene

The three views of the
line ups at the Ellough depot show how much the company has changed in the type of vehicles they have operated over the years.

My appreciation goes to Grahame for hunting out these pictures and for  sharing them with us

Saturday 19 January 2013

From The Postbag

Today's blog entry is from the postbag - or should it be from the email inbox !?

Neil Chilvers has been looking through his old photos and has come up with this gem - a photo of Anglian's vehicles when they first moved to their Ellough yard at Beccles

The photo shows mainly coaches - and what a contrast to today's operation. Nearest the camera is a Volvo B10M with Van Hool Aragon bodywork; OTG551 was formerly with Dunn Line of Nottingham

Next to the Volvo are four Mercedes 0303s; HIL5769 is pictured still in the colours of South Yorkshire independent Buckley of Auckley. The registration was subsequently transferred to a Volvo Olympian still with Anglian

Next in line is OXK395 and CSK282 with the fourth being 784EYB. The CSK and EYB registrations later passed to two Dennis Javelins currently in the fleet 

My thanks to Neil for the photo and any other identifications would be welcome

The second photo was taken by Mike Sayers in 1968 which shows Great Yarmouth Corporation Transport No 55 EEX855D on Theatre Plain awaiting for departure to Gorleston's  Magdalen Estate.

The Roe bodied Leyland PDR 1/2 was new to Great Yarmouth in December 1966.

Note the long gone Nicholls Restaurant in the right background!

A good year was 1966 - my first year in work (with another 40 to go) and the year England won the World Cup. Thanks for the photo and the memories Mike!

Friday 18 January 2013

The Snow Finally Arrives!

Volvo B7 32214 LT52WTX heads for the James Paget Hospital earlier this morning
Heavy snow fell overnight and this morning on the east coast with bus services being affected in the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft areas.

First's services continue to operate in Great Yarmouth but severe delays to the timetable are expected.

In Caister the village housing estates cannot be served whilst service 5 to Burgh Castle has been cancelled due to the icy roads.

Meanwhile, in Lowestoft First continues to operate all services but expects severe delays to the timetable. Please visit First's 'Service Update Page' for the latest information

Due to the adverse weather, and with a worsening weather forecast, there are no services being operated by AnglianBus today. Anglian's phonelines and emails service are not available until further  notice due to a digger going through phone cables! However, Anglian are able to respond on Twitter and Facebook in the meantime, and it continues to update the public via their website by viewing their 'latest news page'

Thursday 17 January 2013

Shivering Shearings

I braved the cold weather yesterday afternoon to see what I could find at Beach Coach Station and elsewhere in Great Yarmouth

At the former, was a solitary Grand Tourer liveried Shearings Setra basking in the winter sunshine. The coach in question was their 207 registered BK10EJJ

Continuing my journey along the seafront in the town I discovered a further two Shearings Setras in the coach lay-by outside the Sealife Centre on Marine Parade - conveniently situated opposite the Carlton Hotel where their passengers were staying

The photo shows 321 BK11CPX infront of 312 BK11COH. Normally all Shearings vehicles park up at Beach Coach Station

Wednesday 16 January 2013

AnglianBus Loan

AnglianBus has begun the trial of a MAN CitySmart demonstrator which is currently based at the operator's Ellough depot in Beccles

WX12EKO was pictured by David Waters leaving Market Gates today with the 12:15pm 581 Service to Beccles

The MAN CitySmart is a 10.8 metre long diesel powered midibus with seating for 37. Similar in looks to the MAN Eco City gasbuses, the vehicle has bodywork by Caetano and has been designed specifically for the UK market.

My thanks to Grahame Bessey for the details of the working and to David Waters for the photo

Snow? ~ What Snow?

The coastal strip around Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft saw virtually little evidence of snow laying yesterday compared to other parts of the county

Terry Wilkins reports that bus services in Norwich, from all operators, came to an end early because of heavy blocked up traffic jams in the city centre.

There were also problems on the A47 Great Yarmouth to Kings Lynn road with a lorry jackknifing on the outskirts of Norwich. There was also slow moving traffic on the Lowestoft to Norwich A146 road as well. Crashes on the A11 and A17 roads also contributed to the mayhem

As to be expected, bus services were badly affected and this was where the use of Twitter came into its own with operators continuing to keep passengers informed of cancellations and delays

Terry continues that the First X1 service was abandoned and reports that one passenger left Dereham on the X1 after 1.00pm and finally got to Norwich at 7.30pm (ish). Because of the delay, he ended up waiting in the bus in the traffic jam for some five hours. Finally, another bus took him to Norwich.

He joined Terry and his father at St Stephens Street in the city where they found that all bus services in Norwich had been cancelled and they ended up having to get back to Great Yarmouth by train. Strangely, although the X1 was cancelled, some vehicles made their way to Great Yarmouth and stopped there.

The reverse has happened this morning with a report that trains between Great Yarmouth and Norwich have been cancelled due to signalling problems with buses replacing trains!

What about today? - First reports on their website this morning that all Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft town services are operating as normal with any services via Norwich subject to delay. AnglianBus says most of its services will run today although some minor roads will not be served due to the roads being untreated

My thanks to Terry for his report and to the anonymous Facebook contributor for the photo

Sunday 13 January 2013

Bury Revisited

Some fourteen months after my last visit to Bury St Edmunds, I made my return yesterday and here is my report

In the intervening months First withdrew from the town and closed its depot at the end of March last year. Coincidentally I passed the former depot on the way to the Cotton Lane Car Park. The depot still retains its Lost Luggage sign complete with First logo but the site is now fenced off and is used for private parking.

With my wife and her sisters off for some retail therapy, I made my way to the bus station at St Andrews Street North. My first photo is of Stephenson's Dart 436 LX51FGF heading south with the Nowton Estate service.

Upon entering the bus station, I observed Chambers Volvo Olympian S131RLE laying over awaiting its next duty.

I continued to the far end of the bus station and hastily turned to catch a
picture of an Optare Solo from the Mulleys' fleet. I needn't have hurried as the driver slowed so that I could get a photo of his bus AE06YYU. Another notable Mulleys bus seen was that of Mercedes Benz Vario/ Plaxton Beaver AY51 EWV - previously recorded as withdrawn!

With everything seen inside the bus station I returned to the front of the building in time to picture another Stephensons Dart; this time it was 411 SK02XGO on the 312 to Exning

She was followed by an ADL Enviro 400 from the Stagecoach East fleet. 18341 AE55DKD was returning to the stand to take up its journey to
the university city of Cambridge

A couple of minutes later, the Stephenson's dedicated Scania/Irizar Century 203 OW03LFL was seen entering the bus station with X14 Suffolk Express from Ipswich

Also observed was Coach Services Scania K230UB/ Wright Solar YN57FZL not in service but heading
for the bus station on St Andrews Street North.

To sum up then, vehicles from the Stephensons and Mulleys fleets dominated in Bury by providing most of the local services. Double deckers from the Chambers fleet make regular appearances as do vehicles from Coach Services, Simonds and Stagecoach East. In comparison to my last visit, only one bus from the Galloway fleet was noted. However, it was a little eerie in not seeing any First Eastern Counties vehicles operating in the town!

Photos taken on the day now appear on my Flickr site

Saturday 12 January 2013

Market Gates Bus Disruption - Date Revision

The replacement of an underground gas main in the Market Gates area is set to disrupt bus services in the town centre for around four weeks starting this Monday

Part of the disruption includes closing the bus station and relocating bus stops to the east-side of the centre from January 28th (note the date change) for two weeks:

Bus Stop A: relocated to Temporary Stop Troll Cart South
Services affected: First X1,1 and 1A, Anglian 601

Bus Stop B: relocated to Temporary Stop Troll Cart South
Services affected: Ambassador 600

Bus Stop C: relocated to Temporary Stop Troll Cart Middle
Services affected: First 8 towards Gorleston

Bus Stop D: relocated to Temporary Stop Troll Cart Middle
Services affected: First 2, 5, 6, 7 towards Gorleston

Bus Stops E:& F: relocated to Temporary Stop Howard Street North (opposite Police Station)
Services affected: First 1, 1A, 4 and 8 towards Caister

Bus Stop G: relocated to Temporary Stop Troll Cart North
Services affected: First X1 Anglian A47, X47 to Norwich

Bus Stop H: relocated to Temporary Stop Troll Cart Middle
Services affected: Anglian A47, X47 to Gorleston

Bus Stop I: relocated to Temporary Stop St Georges' Park (Next to Fish n Chick'n)
Services affected: Anglian 581, 577, 586, Sanders 6 and Ambassador 730

First's services 2 and 4 to Barrack Estate will also depart from St George's Park

The stops at the Town Hall and outside the Oakwood Public House in Howard Street will NOT be served during this period

Friday 11 January 2013

East Anglia Transport Museum ~ 2013 Special Events

The East Anglia Transport Museum at Carlton Colville in Lowestoft has announced its programme of special events for 2013

History in Motion ~ Sunday 28th April 11am-5pm

A brand new event for 2013, focused on the museum’s own internal roadway system. Vehicles both large and small from the museum’s extensive collection that are not usually available for public use will be operating around the site, many of which will be offering the chance to ride alongside the driver. 

In addition, a selection of visiting classic and vintage vehicles of all types will be on display with some joining the museum’s own fleet out on our road. To add even more variety our trolleybuses will be operating in both directions along Herting Street, giving photo opportunities of historic road transport galore! 

40 Years of the East Suffolk Light Railway ~ Sunday 19th May 11am-5pm

This one-off event will mark the 40th birthday of our 2 foot gauge railway in style! The East Suffolk Light Railway has been offering rides to our visitors since 1973 and has developed to become a firm favourite with visitors of all ages. All of the serviceable locos will be running on the line and will be joined by some visiting examples as well.

For the first time ever, goods trains will be operating and unique line-side locations for photographers will be on offer to record all the action. Our trolleybus service will also be re-routed for the day, allowing visitors to travel to and from the Chapel Road Station. In addition, a display of military vehicles and model railways will be located around the museum.

“Hop on a Bus” Day ~ Sunday 23rd June 10:30am-5pm

With a new title for 2013, our ever-popular annual bus and coach event will have lots of vehicles in service operating on our free regular bus services to Lowestoft and Beccles.

There will also be excursions to local places of interest using the museum’s and visiting vehicles, which will be specially chosen to illustrate the development of buses and coaches in Britain from the classics of the 1940’s to the modern vehicles of today. As always plenty of free bus rides will be on offer with intensive timetables in operation! 

End of Season Gala Weekend Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September

The first ever End of Season Gala will be an ‘everything goes’ weekend to round off the 2013 season! All available vehicles from our extensive fleet of Trams, Trolleybuses, Trains and Buses will be in action during the weekend.

And as the nights are starting to draw in, we will be offering after-dark rides on the Saturday evening with the museum staying open until 9pm so that visitors of all ages will be able to sample the unique setting of the museum by the gentle glow of lamplight.

Our motor bus fleet will offer free rides to Lowestoft and Beccles throughout the event, and a special “Historic Lowestoft” service will operate around the town as part of Heritage Open Days linking us with other local museums. Our largest event of the year, this truly has something for everyone!

My thanks goes to Neil Chilvers at the museum for his help in preparing this article - further details will appear on their website in due course

Thursday 10 January 2013

Ex Brighton Trident on 601

A former Brighton Trident was noted on Anglian's 601 route yesterday; bringing a touch of the south coast to the east coast!

Trident 516 T815RFG was captured on camera in Gorleston's High Street working the 14:30 Great Yarmouth to Southwold service

The East Lancs Lolyne is one of four former Brighton buses now operated by the company

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Great Yarmouth Blue Buses

Following David Bell's recent contribution to Andys Bus Blog, a few days ago, I thought I would dig up some of my own pictures of the undertaking during the early 1980s

First up is one of Bristol VR/ Eastern Coach Works 34 RVF34R at Theatre Plain in Great Yarmouth Town Centre during November 1982.

This was the last month services used Theatre Plain as a bus terminus with No 34 being pictured on the penultimate day on a service to the District Hospital (now the James Paget Hospital)

In the second photo, three vehicles are pictured on the east side of Market Place - then used as terminus for some services

Closest to the camera is AEC Swift/ECW 86 WEX686M on the service 18 to Girton Road on the Magdalen Estate.

Behind No 86 is Eastern Counties Leyland National LN625 UVF625X in an experimental livery returning to Wellington Road bus station on the 790 route. Lurking in the distance is a Caroline Seagull coach.

Again the photo is dated November 1982; shortly after, all services transferred to the new Market Gates bus terminus.

The Andys Bus Blog feature on Great Yarmouth Transport can be viewed by clicking here

Tuesday 8 January 2013

A Pair of Ex Spratts

PIL4725 when with Spratts - Commons Licence
Grahame Bessey passed the Our Bus depot at South Burlingham earlier this morning.

Noted in the depot were two Van Hools PIL4724 and PIL4725 both formerly of Spratts of Wreningham; the former a Scania and the latter a Volvo B10M

Both were being prepared for schools services

Thanks for the info Grahame

Former X1 Paragon Repainted

Grahame Bessey came across this photo via a friend on the Flickr site. It shows a former First Eastern Counties Plaxton Paragon following a repaint in the refreshed First livery

First's 20504 AO02RCU is pictured in Dumbarton Road in Glasgow by a Mr D Stewart who has given his approval for it to be used on the blog. Naturally the photo bears his copyright