Friday 31 August 2012

AnglianBus Fleet Update

Further to the recent posts on the blog regarding AnglianBus arrivals, the third former Brighton & Hove Trident entered the Car & Commercials premises during yesterday afternoon

Regular contributor Tim Miller snapped T812RFG in the Beccles company's yard; which now leaves just T811RFG out of the foursome to arrive for attention.

Further information has also come to hand (via Steve Wright on the east-anglia-buses yahoo group) as to the identities of  the five vehicles at Ellough due to operate the schools contracts commencing next week

The five are former City Of Oxford Irizar Century bodied Scania K114's OW03LFK, OW03LFN, OW03LFP, OW03LFR and OW03LFS.

A further three were noted at Konnectbus premises in Dereham last weekend waiting delivery; they were also Scania K114s - Irizar bodied OW03 LFX and EF53 OXF plus Jonckhere bodied OC02 OXF.

My thanks again goes to Tim Miller for the report and photo of the Trident arrival

Thursday 30 August 2012

Second B&H Trident Arrives For AnglianBus

Tim Miller reports that the second of the four former Brighton & Hove Trident has arrived at Car & Commercials yard.

T815RFG is seen at the Beccles site having arrived there around 2.30 yesterday afternoon.

Finally, Tim reports that an hour earlier Scania L113CRL/ Wright Axcess Ultraflow 416 R81EMB was outside ready for collection following repair.

Less than two hours later I noted her entering Market Gates bus station ready to resume duties sporting a shiny new front end!

Many thanks to Tim for his reports

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Alfa Four

Four coaches from the Alfa Travel fleet were present at the town's Beach Coach Station shortly before 2pm this afternoon.

Two were parked side by side; they were Volvo B12B 44 PN07LLJ and Dennis R410 35 PN05AMV.

Both coaches have  Plaxton Paragon bodywork.

The others were Dennis R410 28 PN04NMV and Volvo B12B 41 PN07LLE.
Two Shearings coaches were also on site; blue Setra 315 BK11CPE and Volvo B12M Grand Tourer liveried 603 MX04AEC.

Ipswich Buses Scania N94UD/East Lancs OmniDekka 61 PJ54YZU was also at the coach station. It's only recently that Ipswich Buses have started parking their buses there - previously they laid over at First's Caister Road site.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

AnglianBus School Contracts

Beccles based AnglianBus has secured a significant number of Suffolk school contracts starting this September following an aggressive tendering process.

A number of Irizar bodied Scanias have been acquired to undertake the work with at least five being noted at Anglian's Ellough site on Sunday by regular correspondent Tim Miller.

Unfortunately the picture has been taken from a distance but, nevertheless, the new vehicles can be discerned on the left hand side of the photo.

Eleven of the routes already identified for the newcomers are:-

  • BH216 Halesworth, Bramfield Road - Bungay Sixth Form (am only)
  • BH272 Blythburgh - Bungay High
  • BH274 Halesworth, Queen Street - Bungay High
  • BH275 Halesworth, Bramfield Road - Bungay High
  • BH276 Bungay Sisth Form to Halesworth (pm only)
  • BR001 Kessingland - Sir John Leman School, Beccles
  • LS002 Yoxford - Alde Valley School, Leiston
  • LS005 Bruisyard - Alde Valley School, Leiston
  • LS013 Saxmundham -Alde Valley School, Leiston
  • LS025 Aldeburgh, Leiston Road - Alde Valley School, Leiston
  • LS026 Aldeburgh, Fort Green - Alde Valley School, Leiston

More vehicles are thought to be on their way as it has been suggested that more than five vehicles will be needed to service these contracts!!

My thanks Tim Miller for the reports and the photo and also to members of the east-anglia-buses yahoo group for their assistance in attempting to identify the vehicles at Ellough

Saturday 25 August 2012

Enviro 200s into the Paint-Shop (Updated)

A Plaxton sandwich - Enviros VT09JPT & DK57SXG either side of First Dart
43469 R469CAH in the rear yard at Caister Road
Four of First's recently acquired Enviro 200s have now left Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot for an outside paint-shop (believed to be Full Circle)

They are both of the former Townlynx vehicles (DK57SXF/G), the ex SM Coach (EU08FHB) and one of the blue ex JP Transport trio (thought to be RT09JPT)

Their reappearance in First colours is awaited with interest

Many thanks to Ryan for the continuous updated information and, of course, the photos

Friday 24 August 2012

AnglianBus Tridents Begin to Arrive

As exclusively revealed on the eastnorfolkbus blog, AnglianBus is to receive four Tridents from elsewhere within the Go-Ahead Group

It transpires that all will be sourced from Brighton and Hove and the first was noted by regular correspondent Tim Miller at Car & Commercials of Beccles on Wednesday.

Brighton's T813RFG, which has London General legal lettering, is pictured in their very busy yard!
Stephen Wright on east-anglia-buses yahoo group identifies the remaining three as T811/12/15 RFG with the last two also having London General legals - speculating that they may have been used in connection with the London Olympics

My appreciation goes to Tim Miller for the report and pictures. Thanks also to Neil Chilvers for the clarification of the location.

Thursday 23 August 2012

Norwich Bus Network Revamp

The Norwich bus network is set to be given a big revamp next month, it was announced at yesterday's launch event by Norfolk’s main bus operator First.

The new network, which will be operated by the newly-named First Norwich, has been colour-coded in an effort to ‘simplify’ the city’s network for passengers.

Giles Fearnley, managing director for First UK Bus, said that Norfolk is ‘a very important part’ of the company nationally and said: 'What we have done is make the network more efficient in the way we have linked up each route.'

'Things such as drivers sitting idle waiting for their next trip, that is where we have been able to find some efficiencies by linking up different services.'

First are hoping the new network will further improve punctuality and offer a better service, using the eight differently coloured routes, from Sunday, September 23rd.

Further details of each of the coloured routes can be found here on the Eastern Daily Press website

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Gorleston Workings

A couple of workings in Gorleston late yesterday morning which may be of interest:-

The 607 service between Lowestoft Bus Station and Gorleston's Morrisons store was unusually worked by an Ambassador Volvo

Normally the preserve of a Solo, 195 (P803BLJ) worked the 10:00 from the Suffolk town and the 11:00 return providing north Suffolk villages with a shopper service.

The Volvo B10M is seen on Church Lane in Gorleston awaiting time for its departure from Morrisons.
Whilst observing AngliaBus Trident 508 X251NNO working northbound on a 601 service in Gorleston High Street, another passed southbound on the 11:00 A47 service from Norwich

Anglians only Rackheath based Trident, 510 X386NNO, has been working on the A47 for some time now; this was my first sighting of it on the route

It is pictured in the High Street operating the 12:48 return journey

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Seventh Enviro 200 Arrives

Grahame Bessey reports that another Enviro 200 Dart from Ensign arrived at First Eastern Counties' Great Yarmouth depot on Friday

It is former SM Coaches EU08FHB, which takes the total to seven now located at the Caister Road site

The photo of her at the rear of the depot has been kindly provided by Ryan.

My thanks to Grahame for the information and to Ryan for the photo

Monday 20 August 2012

Beccles Update

Beccles Carnival

Beccles Carnival was held yesterday and the East Anglia Transport Museum sent a vehicle along to take part.

It was in the shape of  former Great Yarmouth Corporation Leyland PD2 EX6566. 

The 1949 built double decker was photographed by regular contributor Tim Miller

AnglianBus News

Tim also reports that Anglian's Scania R81EMB is currently at Car & Commercials of Beccles receiving repairs following a recent accident at Brundall.

He has been reliably informed that four more deckers (possibly Tridents) are on their way to AnglianBus from within the Go Ahead Group to service the Leman School contracts beginning in September. Additional single deckers are also due soon

Finally, Beccles is to receive a substantial number of Go Ahead Mercedes Benz Citaro bendy buses for storage at Anglian's Ellough suite. They are currently incurring a cost for storage whereas the Beccles site is owned by Anglian. However, some site works will be required to accommodate them.

My thanks to Tim Miller for the information and photo

Saturday 18 August 2012

What Notts

Almost a dozen coaches were basking in the sun at Beach Coach Station yesterday afternoon

Amongst them was Nottingham City Coaches Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther YN58CGG.

Adorned with fleet number 802, she has become a regular visitor to the town

The Shearings fleet was represented by TransBus Panther bodied Volvo B12M 618 MX04AEY

Thursday 16 August 2012

Wednesday's Sightings

An unplanned visit to Great Yarmouth town centre yesterday saw me observing activity for a few minutes at Market Gates without my trusty camera!

However, the mobile phone came in handy and I was able to take a few pictures which may be of interest to blog readers.

The first is of Ambassador Travel's Optare Solo 602 MX54KYB leaving a busy bus station with the delayed 13:30 577 service to Chedgrave.

This service operates on Wednesdays and Fridays only
Simultaneously another of Ambassador Travel's coaches was in Market Gates.

This was one of their Jonckheere Mistral bodied Volvo B12Bs complete with National Express branding.

FD54DGV was awaiting departure with the 13:40 to London Victoria via Norwich and Bury St Edmunds.

Later in the day (around

4 pm) I was passing Beach Coach Station and noticed quite a number of visitors

There was actually some 30 coaches there including this Shearings Setra BK10EJJ bearing fleet number 207.

The camera on the mobile phone came in handy once more!

With a tweaking from software, the final pictures look OK

Sunday 12 August 2012

More Enviro 200 Photos

Former J P Travel's VT09JPT © James Race
As promised, I have been able to obtain some new photos of the Enviro 200s which recently arrived at the Caister Road depot

This time they are taken from within the rear compound by James Race on Saturday 11th August.

Colleague Syd Eade says that they have been rubbed down and have now received new panels and bumpers prior to repaint.

Former Townlynx DK57SXG  © James Race
He says that whilst they appear to be a little shabby at the moment it is a bit of an illusion as a new coat of paint will shortly transform them

The interiors are also quite tidy and in good order

At present it appears fleet numbers have not been allocated

Many thanks to Sid for the report and to James for the photos which are his copyright.

RT09JPT at the rear of  Caister Road © James Race

Triple Deckers

A Saturday afternoon visit to Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station revealed no less than three double deck coaches amongst those assembled on a warm sunny afternoon.

Two of them were from Luton based operator Three Star Coaches with both of its Ayats Bravos maintaining a presence.

For the record they had the cherished
registrations of JHZ4875 and JHZ7175

In addition two other coaches from the Bedfordshire operator were there too - representing around a quarter of the fleet!

These comprised Volvo B12B /Berkhof FJ07VWY and a rare sighting of an Hispano Carrocera bodied Mercedes Benz O404 JEZ2849

The third double deck coach was that  of Ausden Clark's BIG9832 - a regular visitor to the town

Another noteworthy visitor was a Volvo B10M from Go-Ahead subsidiary Hedingham.

L309 (R453FWT), usually based in the Clacton area, is seen here soaking up the sun!

Richards Coaches of Guist also sent along their Unvi Cimo bodied Mercedes Atego YN06WVU

Also there was Theobalds Neoplan YN04AXF

An off chance visit provided an interesting display of a wide range of vehicles

Friday 10 August 2012

Lowestoft Sightings

Regular correspondent Tim Miller was in Lowestoft early yesterday afternoon and looked in at the Belvedere Road Coach Park

He saw four coaches including James Cooper's Scania/Irizar YN07EYG which was new to Happy Days of Stafford in April 2007.

It was formerly with Garfield Executive of Bedlington

Another notable visitor was Rambler Coaches Volvo B9TL JG12RAM and Tim chatted to the driver who favoured the B13 version over the B9.

Both of the above coaches were based at nearby Pontins for the whole week.

Green liveried Mulleys Volvo B12T / Jonckhere Mistral was also there displaying a Great Yarmouth Lowestoft & Pleasurewood Hills
sticker in the window

The foursome was completed by Chenery's Setra S250 NBU707 which is also believed to have dropped in at Pleasurewood Hills before ending up at Lowestoft

My thanks to Tim for his report and the photos

Thursday 9 August 2012

Market Gates Shoppers

With days passing before my posting on the blog, four posts arrive within 24 hours!

Syd Eade reports that he popped into Market Gates yesterday morning and saw two Ambassador operated shopper services the 730 from Reedham and the 577 from Chedgrave arrive. 

The latter is seen leaving Market Gates after arriving with the 
9:30 from Chedgrave with Grand UK Holidays livered Volvo B12B/ Sunsundegui 253 FJ08FYA

Minutes later Volvo B12M/ Plaxton Paragon 197 KIG1857 leaves on the 731 service ex Reedham

He also reports that it was good to see both the Routemasters on service 3 duties after a short spell with only one on the road; very busy they were too.

My thanks to Syd for the report and pictures. All photos are copyright Syd Eade.  

Omnicity Double

Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour at Lowestoft's Gordon Road Bus Station watching First Eastern Counties and Anglian Bus vehicle activity

Within five minutes I recorded three of the five Metrobus exiles now operating on behalf of Anglian.

The three were 442 (YN05HFH), 444 (YN05HFF) and 446 (YN05HFG)

The first two mentioned were running behind one another to nearby Pleasurewood Hills and they are pictured side by side on Gordon Road

All three were either on the 601A or 601 services.

Independent Nightingales of Beccles was employing Mercedes Benz R79DUB on the 108 Burnt Hill Circular

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Belles of the Beach

 A substantial number of coaches appearing at Beach Coach Station on what is traditionally the town's market day.

The visitors required two rows of parking brought about by the reduction in the area reserved for coaches

Three of the Lowestoft -based Belle Coaches fleet were in residence earlier today

The trio were Setras 11 (LIL9452) (top) and 23 (LIL9454) plus Scania 19 (OJI4755) (middle)

The cherished registrations hide their real identities:-

LIL9452 has had two previous plates - 1068MW andE345MLC

LIL9454 was formerly P466YFE

OJI4755 was also registered R400LCT and R367WNT
Also at the site was Garfields Executive Travel's YJ11GGF masquerading as one of the Shearing's fleet!

Presumably the Beddlington-based operator was leasing the Van Hool to Shearings to cover commitments!

The Ipswich Influence

Passing First's Caister Road depot in Great Yarmouth this lunchtime, I got a distinct Ipswich feel about the place!

It was hardly surprising as one of Ipswich Buses Scania Omnideckers was parked on the front forecourt.

Ipswich No 62 PJ54YZV had found its way there after working one of the regular excursions from the Suffolk county town.

For some years now the vehicle working these trips almost always parks up here rather than at Beach Coach Station.

Meanwhile, sitting just inside the depot entrance was Ipswich exile 20102.

N602APU is one of only six Volvo B10M/ Plaxton Premier's remaining in the First Eastern Counties fleet; four of them are based at Great Yarmouth

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Service Alterations Registered - July 2012

The Traffic Commissioner for the Eastern Traffic Area published two Notices and Proceedings Reports on the Business Link website on 11th and 25th of July 2012. Both reports provide details of proposed alterations to local bus services in the Eastern Traffic Area

They include variations to the number of vehicles at the operating centres of  two Go Ahead subsidiaries Anglian Bus and Konect Bus. Other significant changes involve the registration of services to schools and colleges ready for the new term. Some of the bids to run these school services have been particularly fierce - especially in the Suffolk area

Section 2.4 – Variation Applications Granted

PF0000333 SI
Director(s): A D PURSEY.

Increased authorisation at existing operating centre: BECCLES BUSINESS PARK BECCLES NR34 7TH New authorisation at this operating centre will be: 65 vehicle(s),
Increased authorisation at existing operating centre: UNIT 35, WENDOVER ROAD, GREEN LANE WEST, RACKHEATH INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, RACKHEATH, NORWICH NR13 6LR ()
New authorisation at this operating centre will be: 30 vehicle(s),

PF0002189 SN

Increased authorisation at existing operating centre: 7 JOHN GOSHAWK ROAD, RASHES GREEN INDUSTRIAL ESTATE , DEREHAM NR19 1SY
New authorisation at this operating centre will be: 55 vehicle(s),

Section 3.1 – Registration of New Services

To: Norwich(Notre Dame School)
Via: Caister on sea
Name or No: 910
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 06-Sep-2012
Other Details: One return journey per day during term time.

Section 3.2 – Registration of New Services Granted Under Short Notice

From: Wrentham
To: Bungay School
Via: Reydon
Name or No: BH001
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 09-Jul-2012
Other Details: School days only

From: Southwold
To: Bungay School
Via: Reydon
Name or No: BH002
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 09-Jul-2012
Other Details: School days only 

Section 3.3 – Applications to Vary Existing Services

FIRST EASTERN COUNTIES BUSES LTD, ROUEN HOUSE, ROUEN ROAD , NORWICH NR1 1RB, GB Operating between LOWESTOFT BUS STATION and NORWICH, ALL SAINTS GREEN given service number X2 effective from 02-Sep-2012. To amend Route, Stopping Places and Timetable.

Operating between Newport Beach and West Flegg Middle Sch given service number 809 effective from 02-Sep-2012. To amend Timetable.

Operating between HEMSBY and MARTHAM FLEGG HIGH SCHOOL given service number 807/808 effective from 02-Sep-2012. To amend Route, Stopping Places and Timetable. 

KONECT BUS LIMITED, 7 JOHN GOSHAWK ROAD, RASHES GREEN INDUSTRIAL ESTATE , DEREHAM NR19 1SY, GB Operating between Wymondham and Norwich given service number 9 effective from 04-Sep-2012. To amend Timetable.

Operating between Attleborough and Norwich given service number 6A effective from 04-Sep-2012. To amend Timetable. 

Source: Traffic Commissioner for the Eastern Traffic Area - Notices and Proceedings Nos 2131 and 2132 

Saturday 4 August 2012

Pics of Latest Enviro 200 Arrivals

Following the surprise arrival of six ADL Euro 200s at Great Yarmouth's Caister Road, I can at last bring you some pictures of them from earlier today.

All six are languishing in the rear compound at the depot and can be viewed from Harley Road through a wire link fence - not very good for photography purposes!

Adding to the problem is that they are also very closely parked together

As the registration plates of four of them suggests, they were previously operating with Welsh of Middleton which trades as JP Travel in the Greater Manchester area

Three of them are in JP Travel livery whilst the fourth (ST58JPT) is in allover white.

The remaining two vehicles (DK57SXF and DK57SXG) were new to Lee of Holywell which operates Townlynx services in Flintshire, North -  East Wales

There is a also posting on Youtube regarding the performance of RT09JPT which did not impress the person who uploaded it. The video can be viewed by clicking here.

Finally, as I was taking the pictures a passing First driver confirmed they were all destined for use in Lowestoft.

At least they will be 'different' from what's operating there now!

Friday 3 August 2012

Enviro 200s Arrive at Caister Road

Grahame Bessey reports over on the East Anglian Bus Group that the following Alexander Enviro 200 Darts arrived at Caister Road last night:


All have come via Ensign Dealers and will need a repaint into First livery. Grahame was informed that they are for Lowestoft duties with possibly more due for Great Yarmouth.

I will try and post some pics as soon as I am able to obtain some

Former Bluebird Flies the Nest

SIL5304 on Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth in June last year
Former Bluebird Travel Van Hool SIL5304 has left Norfolk for Cambridgeshire

It was one of three vehicles acquired by Marretts Charriots of Aylmerton following the takeover of the Bluebird fleet in September last year.

North Walsham operator Bluebird purchased SIL5304 from Crusader Holidays as their E107GOO and the coach is now owned by Nott Johnsons of Wisbech.

My thanks to yorkcoach for the information

Thursday 2 August 2012

Anglian's Trident Activity

Correspondent Tim Miller reports  that Anglian's Trident 511 X384NNO was in Brands of Beccles yard yesterday - although no damage was noted. He speculates that the company are possibly going to remove the second door and up-seat her. (Update - involved interior work including lighting and paintwork)

Just after lunchtime today he photographed sister 509 (X309NNO) operating the 525 through Beccles.

Trident 508 was also noted out today running northbound on Southtown Road around lunchtime on the 601 to Great Yarmouth.

Tim also saw an unidentified Anglian Solo in Beccles  today, with the mechanics van following closely behind, on its way back to the depot at Ellough. He believes it was earlier operating the 581 service.

Many thanks to Tim for his reports and, of course, the photo

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Beach Coach Station ~ 1st August 2012

A headcount of coaches at Beach Coach Station early this afternoon revealed a total of 18 onsite together with a handful of minibuses.

Vehicles from Dereham Coachways, Peelings Coaches and Richards Coaches provided a Norfolk contigent at the Great Yarmouth coach station

The Dereham operator was represented by  Volvo B12M YJ55EZE  (above left) whilst Peelings were using B12B JJZ8022 (above right) - carrying a 'Norfolk Olympian' name.

Richards Coaches Scania/ Van Hool GDZ405 arrived just after a shower and its passengers are seen leaving the vehicle in the normal English summer attire!

Another notable visitor was Alfa Travel's 55 PO59FHY - a Volvo B12B with Plaxton Paragon bodywork