Thursday 31 October 2013

Service Alterations Registered ~ 30th October 2013

An Eastern Area Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report was published yesterday on the Gov.UK website

Report No 2165 contains changes affecting bus services and operators in this area and includes the registration of a school service and a variation of services run by two community transport groups

Registration of New Service

From: Felixstowe, Great Eastern Square
To: Kesgrave High School
Name or No: IP515
Service Type: School or Works
Effective Date: 07-Jan-2014
Other Details: Mondays to Fridays

Applications to Vary Existing Services

Operating between Southwold and Southwold given route number Southwold Shuttle to amend Timetable starting on 15/11/2013.

Operating between Halesworth and Halesworth given route number 511 to amend route and stopping places starting on 16/12/2013.

Source: Traffic Commissioner for the Eastern Traffic Area - Notices & Proceedings Report 2165 - published 30th October 2013

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Bustling Beccles

Regular correspondent Tim Miller was passing Beccles Bus Station around noon today and saw two of Anglian's former Brighton Dennis Trident deckers parked there!

He said it was 'looking like London, not sure what routes as boards were blank but maybe 60 for one and possibly Diss the other ??. Also whilst snapping away up comes a midget saloon on the X2. Not unusual at this point but, when all the 'Gems' are on diagram, this may not happen. My focus was on the size of bus
compared to the amount of people and as you can see not in the same ratio. As I drew away the guy with me said hell that's full!' (referring to the Dart!)

For the record, the Anglian Tridents were 712 T812RFG and 715 T815RFG and the First Dart heading for Norwich on the X2 was 43866 EG52FGV

Many thanks to Tim for the report and photos

Sunday 27 October 2013

Reynolds Revisited

Regular contributor Grahame Bessey looked in at the Ormesby Road premises of Reynolds of Caister this afternoon and here are his findings

Firstly, my report on the 15th September referred to Dennis Javelin BIG8773 being devoid of fleet names. Grahame reports her renaming as Lady Lisa having previously been known as Lady Victoria

You may also remember the 21st August post relating to the arrival of Mercedes Benz 0814D/ Plaxton Cheetah 29 seater W203YAP and its subsequent re registration as BIG8790.

Grahame now supplies a photo of her with this special plate plus the Lady Grace name

He also mentions that another recent arrival, X208XAO, Lady 
Corina had sustained slight damage to the rear driver's side

One of the Reynolds' vehicles which had eluded his camera up until now was Ford Transit eight seater EJ56UNG Lady TJ (Lady Tracey Jane)

My thanks to Grahame for the report and photos

Friday 25 October 2013

Gemini Update

37566 AU58ECE is the third Gemini to arrive at Lowestoft
Photo copyright James Race
Chris from First informs me that, of the nine Geminis now being allocated to Lowestoft, only six of them will receive X2 branding.

So far 37568 AU58ECJ has appeared with X2 branding; pink front window vinyl on upper deck and rear window vinyl on lower deck similar to the B7s

37570 AU58ECT has appeared in plain livery and both Geminis have Lowestoft depot names rather than the X2 Lowestoft to Norwich fleet names. 

Three of them will retain plain livery so they can be used on other things such as rail replacement on Sundays and as back up for the X1 if needed.

A third Gemini 37566 AU58ECE arrived at Lowestoft yesterday and has spent the last 24 hours over the pits at Gasworks Road depot. A few more are currently at Full Circle being repainted for both Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. 

My thanks to Chris for the report and to Syd Eade for the identity of the third Gemini. I am also indebted to James Race for the photo of 37566

Thursday 24 October 2013

End Of The Road

Passing First's Caister Road depot this afternoon I decided to quickly look in to see what was about

In the rear yard was a lonely Olympian which had recently been withdrawn

As previously reported on this blog, it looks as though 34108's final days have arrived as she has a vehicle defect notice affixed to the front windscreen

Sister vehicles in the fleet continue to give good service but it would appear that their days are numbered.

Some are expected to be used for driver training duties

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Magnificent Seven

Burtons Of Alfreton Volvo N668TTO
Seven coaches were at Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station around noon today

As is the norm, there were members of Alfa Travel, National Holidays and Shearings fleets present.

Alfa's coach was Mercedes Benz Tourismo 65 BN12CLU whereas Shearings and National Holidays were represented by Volvo B12M 527 MX03AED and Setra NH09ORH respectively

An unusual visitor was Burtons of
Another Volvo, W172VEL in the Norse fleet
Alfreton's N668THO - a Volvo B10M/Plaxton new to Excelsior of Bournemouth as XEL6S

One of the last coaches to arrive was Norse Volvo B10M Plaxton Panther W172VEL.

New in May 2000, the Panther is one of two former Celtic Travel (of Llanidloes, Powys) vehicles recently acquired by the Norfolk County Council bus and coach fleet operator

The remainder were Belle Coaches Setra 14 NJI9245 and Whippet Volvo B12B SF05XYP

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Helping Out

Gemini 36180 pictured at Acle helping out with X1 duties
Grahame Bessey drove through Acle early this morning and found Volvo B9TL 36180 BD11CDZ sitting at the stop awaiting passengers

The X1 short is worked from Norwich depot to assist with peak time loadings

The Volvo is no stranger to the route having worked it regularly in the past

My thanks to Grahame for the photo and report

Life After X1

With the introduction of the new Enviro400s on the X1 Lowestoft to Peterborough routes, the Volvo B7 Wright Eclipse Geminis have been transferred to more local routes and repainted/ rebranded

Grahame Bessey looked in at Lowestoft Bus Station during yesterday evening on his way home and saw
two of them in their new guise.

37568 AU58ECJ was on X2 duty heading for Norwich whilst Great Yarmouth's 37575 AU58ECZ was on service 1 to Martham

My thanks to Grahame for the report and pictures

Monday 21 October 2013

Reprieved Olympian Back in Service

Reprieved Volvo Olympian Alexander Royale 34113 W433CWX was noted back in service today

34113 was seen on Brasenose Avenue in Gorleston this afternoon working the 8 route to the James Paget Hospital following her repairs at Caister Road

Unfortunately I was driving and therefore unable to take a photo of her.

However, blog reader Jamie Skinner managed to get a picture of her picking up passengers in Magdalen Square in Gorleston this afternoon

Many thanks for the photo Jamie

33824 Now In Service

33824 YX63LKO seen turning from Hertford Way into
Brasenose Avenue in Gorleston earlier today
The last numbered of the twenty two Enviro400s for the X1 route was noted in service today

Number 33824 YX63LKO was observed in service on Hertford Way in Gorleston working the slightly delayed 08:05 from Peterborough

Meanwhile, following its problem in Acle on Saturday, newly liveried 37576 AU58EDC has been sent to Volvo for attention

My thanks to Ryan for the info on 37576

Sunday 20 October 2013

Another Visit to Bury St Edmunds

Stephensons Dart SLF 455 EG02NZD at the ARC shopping centre on
St Andrews Street South
Saturday saw a return visit to Bury St Edmunds and, while the other half was shopping, I spent an hour or so watching bus activity in the town

I first headed for the bus station, where I saw Stephensons' decker YN55NHB laying over between duties. The Scania N94UD was new to London United in September 2005 as their fleet number SL8

Another Stephensons'
Mulleys MUI7924 passing Bury St Edmunds Library on St Andrews Street North
vehicle of interest was Dennis Dart SLF 455 EG02NZD. She was first registered with Bus Eireann as 02-C-20217 in September 2002 and was sold to Soul of Olney exactly eight years later.

Ixworth based Mulleys were employing two former Anglian Bus Wright Axcess-Ultralow bodied Scania L113CRLs in the form of MUI7919 (R84EMB) and MUI7924 (R85EMB) on local
Stagecoach East 22323 AE51RYZ ready to work the next Cambridge service

Another from the Go Ahead Group in service, but with Chambers, was former Konect V307LGC currently with Chambers as L419.

A second Chambers decker seen was ex Stagecoach London Volvo B7TL/ Plaxton President W956WGH - now L438

Two Stagecoach East Alexander ALX300 bodied MANs seen
Galloway Dart SLF R80PSW passes the bus station on her way to Stowmarket
on Cambridge services were 22323 AE51RYZ and 22328 AE51RZC

Coach Services recent addition Enviro200 SN63NBB was observed heading to Thetford. She was new to Coach Services in September

Also making an appearance was Galloways Dennis Dart SLF 308 R80PSW (ex R295RAU) which was Stowmarket bound on the 385 service

As always a wide variety of vehicles from six different operators continues to provide interest

Acle Antics

Grahame was thwarted in sampling the new bus when B9 37576 arrived!
Regular contributor Grahame Bessey had good intentions to experience the new Enviro400s on the X1 route on Saturday, but not everything went to plan -

'Eventful morning en route to Norwich, once I finally arrived!  Drove to Acle so I could sample one of the new E400's on X1 with first vehicle to appear was newly repainted B9 37576 AU58EDC

37576's replacement was 33820 YX63LKK, later seen at Norwich Bus Station
She was suffering fuel problems so that emptied her passengers to wait for the next X1 to arrive, this being a very full 33820 YX63LKK,  which I had no chance of getting on due to the mass of disgruntled pensioners running to get on from 37576!  

Whilst they all clambered to try and board 33820, Ambassador's 497 National Express coach pulled up behind to
Norfolk Green Dennis Trident/East Lancs PX55AHF at Norwich Bus Station
pick up a couple laden with suitcases; the driver saw what was happening and a dozen or so of us were kindly given a free trip to Norwich courtesy of National Express!
I spent a couple of hours in Norwich before the rains came and ventured back to Acle aboard 33804 YX63LJJ, very impressive I have to say!'

Enviro400 33804 was provided for the journey back to Acle with Grahame,
at last, experiencing the new vehicles in service
Whilst in Norwich, Grahame also photographed former Stagecoach Cumbria Dennis Trident/East Lancs 18278 PX55AHF, now with Norfolk Green as their No 13 on X25 duties

Another visitor was Sanders' newly acquired Scania OmniCity decker YR10BBO which is shown in the post below

My thanks to Grahame for the report and photos

Sanders' Scania Arrival

Sanders YR10BBO on Castle Meadow, Norwich yesterday

Sanders has recently acquired former demonstrator Scania OmniCity double decker YR10BBO from Ensign Purfleet (dealer)

The ex Beestons vehicle was observed in Norwich yesterday by Grahame Bessey, who supplies the accompanying photo

She retains her silver and blue colours and was in a similar quise when loaned to Newport Bus for assessment whilst a demonstrator

My thanks to Grahame for the photo

Friday 18 October 2013

Olympian Demise

Steve W captures 34108 leaving a busy Market Gates on Saturday last
When he 'travelled on her last week she gave a really decent ride' 
Regular correspondent Ryan has provided another of his regular updates from First's Caister Road depot

Volvo Olympian Alexander Royale 34108 W435CWX broke down in service yesterday and was towed back to the depot and subsequently withdrawn

Like sister 34113, 34108 was also new to Yorkshire Coastliner in June 2000 and was similarly transferred in from First Somerset & Avon in October 2008

Her withdrawal means a reprieve for sister 34113 W433CWX which is now over the pits at Caister Road receiving attention

My thanks to Ryan for the constant updates and to Steve W for the photo

Former Reynolds' Coach on the Move?

DIB8484 seen in the company of Reynolds' other 35 seater 221WPH
Wednesday's Route One magazine carried an entry regarding the disposal of a former Reynolds of Caister coach.

1989 Dennis Javelin DIB8484, now with Black Country Tours of Dudley, West Midlands, was shown still in the old Reynolds' livery

The 35 seater has a Duple 320 body and details can be viewed here at the top of page 55

Other local operators appearing in the publication with coaches available for disposal included Marretts Chariots and Simonds

Thursday 17 October 2013

Ex First Eastern Counties Buses in Essex

Volvo B10LE 60864 R642CVR in Gorleston High Street
on 25th February 2010
Regular reader Peter from Essex reports on the recent activities of former First Eastern Counties vehicles now with First Essex

He says that former Great Yarmouth vehicle, Wright Renown bodied Volvo B10BLE 60864 R642CVR, will probably be scrapped after she caught fire on the A130 road earlier this morning.

The incident was reported in both the Brentwood Gazette and the Eastern Daily Times and despite the former saying it was 60865, it can be clearly seen from their photo that it was 60864! (confirmed on Essex Buses Group)

Peter also reports that two former Lowestoft MPDs 43357 V357DVG and 43359 V359DVG are both operating from Hadleigh in Essex with the latter still sporting a fetching offside advert for Dinosaur Adventure Park in Lenwade Norfolk! A picture of her can be seen here

My thanks to Peter for the report

Eurosun Visit

Former Caroline Seagull MAN/Jonckheere Deauville K2HWT
at Eurosun's Norwich Road premises yesterday
Whilst in Lowestoft yesterday at the official launch of the Enviros into service on the X1 route, I thought I would look in at Eurosun's Norwich Road premises to see what was about

Five coaches were there with two of them displaying a VOR notice, meaning they were unavailable for service due to serious defects

One of them was former Caroline Seagull Jonckheere Deauville bodied MAN K2HWT - acquired in May 2008. The other was Dennis Javelin Plaxton Premiere FIL6002
A third Joncheere Deauville was also at Eurosun's premises
She had a Scania K113CRB chassis and appeared to be the
only one with a valid tax disc

Another Joncheere Deauville bodied vehicle (this time on a Scania chassis), was present in the form of TIB8574; she was being cannibalised for spares

Duple bodied DAF C253HJX was delicensed, whilst a third Joncheere Deauville BLZ7773 appeared to be the only one on the premises with a current tax disc

With a full list of tours advertised on the Eurosun website, I began wondering where were the vehicles that were going to operate them. At the other operating centre perhaps?

Wednesday 16 October 2013

X1 Official Launch

One of the Enviro 400s at the official launch in Lowestoft earlier today
First officially launches the introduction of 22 brand new buses at four different venues during today and tomorrow

I was at the first presentation this morning where one of the ADL Enviro 400s (33808 YX63LJO) was on display in London Road North in Lowestoft

The new buses, replacing the existing Geminis on the flagship X1 route, are in a new
The top floor of  the bus showing the luxorous leather seats
purple/blue and gold 'express' livery and operate the 120 mile journey between Lowestoft and Peterborough via Gorleston and Great Yarmouth

They boast free WiFi for passengers, air chill and luxurious leather seats with additional legroom.

First is the only bus operator in the Norfolk area to introduce 'Next Stop' announcements ensuring passengers
never miss their bus stop.

I was invited on-board to view the interior of the new buses which certainly looked very impressive.

It also provided an ideal opportunity to meet the First management team in person, especially Freddie the Frog!

However, it does beg the question as to why First did not have an official launch in Great Yarmouth too?

An informed source later told me it was due to budgetary reasons!

Nevertheless, I thought it was a good opportunity missed by First to promote the service in my home town

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Caister Road Update

Volvo Olympian 34113 W433CWX on a X2 service to Norwich on 18th April 2009
Regular correspondent Ryan has provided the latest update from First's Caister Road depot

The first Volvo Olympian Alexander Royale was withdrawn from service today; 34113 W433CWX was new to Yorkshire Coastliner in June 2000.

First transferred her to the local fleet from First Somerset & Avon in October 2008

It is expected that her sisters in the fleet also face withdrawal soon with some expected to move to driver training duties

Following her repaint, Gemini 37576 AU58EDC re-entered service this afternoon on the X1 shorts between Great Yarmouth and Norwich

Other news to report is that former Jersey Dart 43861 EG52FGJ may require a new engine and that 32201 LT52WTF faces a similar fate

My thanks to Ryan for the latest news

Monday 14 October 2013

First 33820 In Service

Enviro 400 33820 YX63LKK in Market Gates on the 10:30 Lowestoft to Peterborough
A quick visit into Great Yarmouth town centre today on business and spared a couple of minutes to see if any of First's new Enviro 400's were present

I was surprised to see one of the newcomers, 33820 YX63LKK, in Market Gates on the 10:30 Lowestoft to Peterborough service

Gerard says on his X1 blog that it was 33820's first day in service

As I arrived, it was being photographed by another enthusiast who immediately boarded her to sample a journey!

Where Are They Now ~ MX58XDB

Optare Solo MX58XDB in Bury St Edmunds in her new owner's colours
A couple of months ago (9th August 2013 to be precise!) I reported the sighting of an Anglian Solo in the Sudbury yard of Chambers.

It was later confirmed that MX58XDB had been transferred to the Chambers fleet; she was a regular on services in the Great Yarmouth area and was often employed on Anglian's 581 route from Beccles

David Slater was in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday and captured her in her new livery complete with fleet number L443

My thanks to David for his permission to use his photo on the blog

Sunday 13 October 2013

Albufeira Bus Activity

EVA Transportes GIRO Urban MAN 08·10·XS on a Linha Vermelha
(Red Line) service on Rua Sir Cliff Richard in Albufeira
Yes there is a road in the town named after the singer!
My recent ten day break, over late September and early October, was spent in the Algarve in Portugal, centred on the resort of Albufeira

As you may imagine, I also had the opportunity of observing public transport activity in the town. The main bus operator was EVA Transportes. EVA provides the local GIRO urban network connecting the the bus terminal, the Old Town and the districts of Albufeira
EVA Giro Urban MAN Bus 08·07·XS on R Pedro Alvares Cabral in Albufeira  

All services start from the main bus terminal and run various circular routes around the town prior to ending up back at the terminal

The network comprises five routes - Azul (blue), Verde (green), Vermelha 1 (red), Vermelha 2 (dark red) and Laranja (orange). The two red routes partly overlap - causing some confusion!

A Citysightseeing
City Sightseeing Algarve 12·GV·71 on Ave Infante Dom Henrique in Albufeira
service also operates taking ninety minutes to complete the circuit with 24 hour and four day tickets available.

I observed at least two Waggon Union bodied MAN partially open top double deckers on these tours, 12·GV·71 and 45·LP·36  Both have a PO47/32D layout and were previously owned by BVG of Berlin

Additionally a tourist road train (similar to those operating in
The road train linking the Old Town with São João
Great Yarmouth) links the Old Town to São João (The Strip) on a twenty minute frequency.

The latter is where much of the newer tourist accommodation, shops and eateries are located

I hope this short resume of activity in the Albufeira area has been of some interest to blog readers

Friday 11 October 2013

New Arrivals At Caister Road

Caister Road is now the new home for two former X1 Geminis
Regular reporter Grahame Bessey reports that two former X1 Geminis returned to Great Yarmouth earlier today in the new livery and branded for Great Yarmouth

The two are 37575 AU58ECZ and 37578 AU58EDJ which were photographed by Grahame shortly after arrival at Caister Road

It is anticipated that two of the depot's Volvo B7TL Plaxton Presidents will move to Norwich next week when the Geminis enter service.

My thanks to Grahame for the report and photos

Wednesday 9 October 2013

An Hour In Lowestoft

Enviro 400 33813 YX63LKA leaves Lowestoft Bus Station for Peterborough
Regular contributor Grahame Bessey spent an hour in Lowestoft earlier today observing activity at the town's Gordon Road Bus Station

During his stay he saw three of the new Enviro 400s on X1 duties -

33805 YX63LJK,
33812 YX63LJZ
33813 YX63LKA. 

A picture of the last mentioned bus is shown here departing
New First Lowestoft arrival 37568 AU58ECJ on an X2 service from Norwich
the bus station destined for Peterborough

Also in action was newly allocated Gemini 37568 AU58ECJ, complete with First Lowestoft branding, on an incoming X2 duty from Norwich

My thanks to Grahame for the report and many photos

Service Alterations Registered ~ 2nd October 2013

Whilst eastnorfolkbus blog had a short break, an Eastern Area Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report was published on the Gov.UK website on the 2nd of October

Report No 2163 contains changes affecting operators and services in this area which mostly relate to changes to operator licences

New Applications Received

Restricted Licence:
Operating Centre: 81-83 ROYAL AVENUE LOWESTOFT NR32 4HJ
Authorisation:1 Vehicle(s).

Variation Applications Granted

Increased authorisation at existing operating centre: UNIT E, HOME FARM ENTERPRISE ZONE, HALL ROAD, CROMER, NR118RA
New authorisation at this operating centre will be: 10 vehicle(s),
New authorisation at this operating centre will be: 10 vehicle(s), 0 trailer(s)

Licences Surrendered

Licence surrendered WEF 24 September 2013
Registered Bus Services running under this licence have also been surrendered with immediate effect.

Applications to Vary Existing Services

Operating between Felixstowe and Ipswich given service number 75/76/77/78 effective from 17-Nov-2013. To amend Timetable

Source: Traffic Commissioner for the Eastern Traffic Area - Notices & Proceedings Report 2163 - published 2nd October 2013

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Reynolds of Caister Update

New arrival Dennis Javelin/ Plaxton Premier AW02ASU
Regular contributor Grahame Bessey recently visited Reynolds' premises at Ormesby Road in Caister and found two new vehicles on site

The first to report is another Dennis Javelin with a Plaxton Premier body in the form of AW02ASU - in all over white

The second coach is X208UAO which is named Lady Corina and Grahame suspects that this is the same vehicle
The second coach  is Lady Corina X208UAO
I noted on my 12th September visit lacking number plates

The last of Reynolds' vehicles in the old fleet livery, short wheelbase Javelin 221WPH, has gained the silver livery but has yet to receive its fleet branding and her Lady Penelope name

A glance at Reynolds website reveals that there are two vehicles available for disposal.

At the time of my
The last to retain Reynolds' old livery, 221WPH is now in silver
September visit Mr Reynolds was unsure as to whether he would retain Dennis Javelin/Plaxton Premier YJ02KYH; it now appears that he won't!

The second vehicle for sale is Bova Futura BIG6620. New in April 1999 to Robin Hood of Rudyard as T431NBV, she was acquired by Reynolds in September 2008

My thanks to Grahame for the photos and update

The information on BIG6620 was obtained from the PSV Circle Publication G555 Current Fleets of Bus and Coach Operators - NORFOLK

Latest News From Caister Road

Dart 43480 R680DPW on one of her last duties in Great Yarmouth.
Photo taken by Syd Eade on Saturday 5th October 2013
Regular reporter Ryan has sent details of the latest activity at First's Caister Road depot

The last of the Plaxton Pointer bodied Dennis Darts at Great Yarmouth has been taken out of service.

43480 R680DPW is to leave for further use with First Essex at Braintree with one the Braintree drivers due to collect her some time today

Recent transfer ALX400 30888 W743DWX is still awaiting parts, whilst Plaxton President 32210 LT52WTR is at Volvo having work done and has been there for some two weeks now

My thanks to Ryan for his regular updates and to Syd Eade for the photo

Monday 7 October 2013

Enviro 400s in Service

Grahame Bessey photographed 33805 at Gorleston's James Paget Hospital
My holiday abroad coincided with the introduction of First Eastern Counties new Enviro 400s on the X1 route between Peterborough and Lowestoft via Great Yarmouth (just typical!)

As reported on the X1 blog, their first day of service was on Monday 30th September with 33805 leaving Kings Lynn for Lowestoft and 33809 heading in the other direction to Peterborough.

I do not intend to report the subsequent X1 activity here but refer you to Gerrard's excellent daily reports on his X1 blog with some of his accompanying photos taken in the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft area

No doubt many local enthusiasts have been out and about with their cameras snapping the new arrivals in service. One such person was regular contributor Grahame Bessey who caught 33805 YX63LJK heading for Peterborough at the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston on the first day of October

My thanks to Grahame for the picture - I'm now off out to get the first ones of my own!

First South East & Midlands Structural Changes

First announced on the 4th October 2013 that, as part of its strategy to ensure that its businesses are responsive to the needs of customers and other local stakeholders, it has restructured its South East and Midlands Region.

With effect from 1 November, the region will be split into three separate business units, each headed by a managing director who will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer UK Bus. The three units are
  • Midlands business unit consisting of Leicester, Wyvern and Potteries
  • Eastern Counties business unit consisting of Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Essex business unit consisting of all Essex operations

The existing General Manager structure "and the depots reporting into them" is largely unaffected.
For the majority of employees, it will be business as usual with little or no change to job roles.

The full press release can be viewed here

Sunday 6 October 2013

We're Back!! ~ Catch Up Time

Wright StreetLite MX12DYM in use with Anglian on Norwich services
A quick post this evening to let you know that the blog is back up and running after my ten day break in the Algarve. During my absence I have received news updates which I will endeavour to post on the blog as soon as possible

The first report is from contributor Steve W who noted a white Wright StreetLite working for Anglian in Norwich on September 25th - the day I left for Portugal! Steve photographed MX12DYM at Norwich Bus Station on service 84 to Hempnall Green

New to Menzies of Heathrow in August last year, she has subsequently been operated by Paul S Winston - a bus and coach operator in the East Midlands. MX12DYM can be seen in their livery by clicking here

It is assumed she is own loan from her current owner (identity unknown at present)