Monday 31 January 2011

Olympian Appears on Route 5!

 34113 (W433CWX) in Lowestoft's Bus Station on 18th April 2009
Olympian 34113 (W433CWX) was employed on the Burgh Castle route 5 at lunch time today. The vehicle was sighted working the circular route, normally operated by a single decker, through Gorleston High Street on its way back to Market Gates.

Volvo B10M 20107 (N607APU) also appeared on the westbound X1 14.25 Lowestoft to Peterborough through Gorleston High Street at 15.00hrs

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Old Timer Makes an Appearance

Ambassador Travel's Volvo B10M 108 (G108HNG) made a rare appearance at Market Gates this afternoon after operating the 831 from Acle. Twenty-two years old this year, she then continued to East Norfolk Sixth Form College in Gorleston to take up another 831 duty.

Just behind her, on the 586 to Cobholm, was Anglian's loanee Solo 332 (MX07JNV). She is pictured here starting her short journey in Regent Road

Other regular workings included Swift vehicles running through Market Gates following the completion of their schools' duties. Here 'Swift Canary' 134 (WJI9828) runs to the operator's Southtown Road yard where she will spend the night.

Meanwhile, Great Yarmouth's last two stepped entrance Darts were also seen in service - 47250 (M250VWW) on service 5 to Blue Sky and 46379 (M379YEX) on Bradwell service 6. 

Monday 24 January 2011

Changes to FEC's X1 Route Soon

Following the many rumours on bus related groups that First Eastern Counties are considering major changes to its X1 service from the end of March, there is now some evidence that the operator is now looking at this.

The X1 operates as an express service between Lowestoft and Peterborough and also serves the Kings Lynn and Great Yarmouth areas

Whilst the Eastern Daily Press article relates to Hockering and not the East Norfolk area, it does substantiate that changes are in the pipeline...

Friday 21 January 2011

Bus Service Withdrawn

The once a week bus service, linking the east Norfolk villages of Reedham, Cantley, Freethorpe, Halvergate and Beighton with Norwich, ran for the final time last Friday (14th January) A reports appears in today's Great Yarmouth Mercury article All aboard the last bus to Norwich...

Operated by Great Yarmouth - based Swift Taxis, the TR1 service was cut following a review which showed the service not to be financially viable.

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Interesting Independents

On Tuesday afternoon (18th), I was fortunate in being able to photograph a couple of independents' vehicles. Firstly Sanders DAF 402 (W262CDN) went past me on Northgate Street just as the sun was going down over the rooftops.

I then went to Market Gates and saw Reynolds MAN/Beaulas PN06UBK run through to take up its schools duty (probably for the college). New to Holmeswood, she is in allover silver and wasacquired by Reynolds in 2009. She is named Lady Gillian
Finally Anglian's white Optare Solo 332 (MX07JNV) arrived in the bus station on the 14.45 Hemsby 586 service and then departed for Cobholm; only to return to Beccles on the 581 at 16.00

Sunday 16 January 2011


No it's nothing to do with the transfer window in football (!) but the transfer away from Great Yarmouth of two First Eastern Counties vehicles. Thanks to Grahame who reports that 32202 (LT52WTG) has returned to Norwich from Yarmouth along with Dart 43451 (P451RPW). The former I referred to in yesterday's blog, whilst the latter has only been here for a short while!

Saturday 15 January 2011

Norwich Sightings

A Saturday outing to Norwich and during an hour's 'excused shopping duties' I managed to view some workings in the city.

First Eastern Counties were utilising many ex London vehicles on city workings. Noticeable was 32202 (LT52WTG) which had earlier in the week been used by Great Yarmouth on local services. Also of interest was another recent transfer from London 33007 (LK51UZE) which was seen at Castle Meadow

33007 (LK51UZE) on city service 16 in Castle Meadow
 The independents also continued to maintain a presence in the city with vehicles from Anglianbus, Eastons, Norfolk Green and Sanders evident. The last mentioned employed Omnicity 302 (YS03ZKV) and East Lancs 101 (YJ07JPV) on their Sheringham 44 service whilst other Sanders vehicles seen in the city centre were 604 (N594DWY) and 501 (S157JUA) 

Sanders 604 N594DWY in Castle Meadow
 Konectbus was noted using two deckers 604 SN10CEX and 504 YJ05PXE on their fast services to and from Dereham

Konectbus Gemini 604 (SN10CEX) in Red Lion Street
 Meanwhile, Anglianbus 416 (R81EMB) was recorded at Castle Meadow on an early afternoon A47 service to Great Yarmouth and Gorleston

Anglianbus 416 (R81EMB) on the 14.00 to the coast at Castle Meadow

Thursday 13 January 2011

Triaxles at Caister Road

Four of First Eastern Counties withdrawn triaxles were seen at the rear of Great Yarmouth's Caister Road Depot this afternoon. They were 30097, 30098. 30101 and 30105 which were respectively registered K481/2/5/9EUX. The first two examples were parked close to the Harley Road boundary enabling a photo to be taken.

The latter appeared to be being used as a Christmas tree with its front lights missing plus the front registration plate being removed as well!

Keeping them company were at least three withdrawn Darts (from left to right) 47207 (M207VWW), 42441 (P441TCV) and 47233 (M233VWW) Thanks to Norfolkbus for the identity of the third vehicle

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Unusual Gemini Working

First Eastern Counties Gemini 37160 (AU07DXX) unusually worked the 13.55 ex Lowestoft seen in Gorleston High Street this afternoon. Whilst the 37156-60 batch are capable of working the X1, this is the first time I have seen this vehicle on the route.

Monday 10 January 2011

Recent Transfer & Other Workings

On a trip to Great Yarmouth's Market Gates bus station, I noted recently transferred First Eastern Counties Dart 43451 (P451RPW) on service 6 to Bradwell. I subsequently saw it run empty along Howard Street South prior to its next duty.

Anglianbus recent acquistion 301 (YJ51XSK) was on the 14.10  Beccles to Great Yarmouth 581 service when sighted at Stonecutters Way close to the town centre.

Minutes earlier, First Eastern Counties Gemini 37158 (AU07DXV) also traversed the same road with the 13.55 Lowestoft to Peterborough X1 service.

Additionally, First Eastern Counties Volvo 32202 (LT52WTG) appeared on Lowestoft - Martham duties during the afternoon

Saturday 8 January 2011

'Bleak' bus station

Great Yarmouth's Market Gates bus station has been described as 'appalling, unwelcoming and bleak' a survey of users has revealed. Great Yarmouth Borough Council, who conducted the survey, says it will work with organisations to improve the station.

A full report entitled Action over 'bleak' Yarmouth bus station appears in yesterday's Great Yarmouth Mercury

Friday 7 January 2011

Streetlite Working

Another visit to the town's Market Gates yesterday and again an Anglianbus streetlite was working the 14.10 to Beccles
 Anglianbus Streetlite 325 MX60GXA on an early afternoon Beccles service in Regent Street
Behind the Streetlite on the stand was Ambassador Volvo B10M P803BLJ working the 14.00 731 service to Acle - some luxury for the small number of passengers using it!

Also passing through was Anglianbus 411 AU08DKL following its repairs of two days ago

Volvo 20107 N607APU was noted on 11.05 Peterborough to Lowestoft outside the British Home Stores stop just before 2 pm

Wednesday 5 January 2011

The other step entrance Dart!

Further to yesterday's post, I indicated that First Eastern Counties Dart 47250 was noted in Market Gates Bus Station working an early afternoon service 2 to Barrack Estate. Here is a photo of it here on that working

It returned there a quarter of an hour later to operate on service 4 northbound to Caister on Sea

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Only two step entrance Darts remain at Great Yarmouth

Following the withdrawl of two First Eastern Counties step entrance Darts, only two examples remain in service at Great Yarmouth at the beginning of the new year.

The two vehicles are 47250 (M250VWW) and 46379 (M379YEX). The former was noted in Market Gates Bus Station working an early afternoon service 2 to Barrack Estate. It returned there a quarter of an hour later to operate on service 4

Within five minutes of 47250's first appearance, 46379 departed Market Gates on service 7 to Belton (see below) 

Dart 46379 M379YEX works an early afternoon service 7 to Belton
Another noteable working was that of Olympian 34333 H132FLX on Lowestoft to Martham services in the afternoon. The old gal continues to be very active.

Meanwhile, Anglianbus Optare Versa 411 AU08DKL was unable to work its booked 13.46pm A47 service having broken down at the Church Lane stop in Gorleston. Its place was taken by 429 KV03ZGK. Streetlite 325 M60GXA was also noted working the 14.10pm 581 Beccles service from Market Gates

Monday 3 January 2011

Into the Unknown....

My first venture into blogging and a trip into the unknown.... I hope it will be a useful one highlighting my bus sightings and bus related topics in the East Norfolk/ East Suffolk area. Whilst I do not expect to receive massive hits on this site, I hope that I can generate some interest in local activity in the area

To provide a flavour, here is a link to pictures taken during 2010 which I have posted on my Flickr site at