Olympian 34114 W434CWX at the rear of Caister Road depot
on Monday. She is one of three expected to move north for  
further use
Regular readers of the blog will remember that I have mentioned that the withdrawn Volvo Olympians are to form part of a driver training school

Regular contributor Ryan tells me plans are being drawn up to take 34110 W437CWX and 34111 W431CWX to Rotherham for a repaint and adaptation for training duties. 

Sisters 34108/9/14 W435/6/4CWX are expected to move north for further use and 34112/3 W432/3CWX may join them depending on whether they are required locally for use on school contract work

Withdrawn Great Yarmouth driver trainer 20109 N609APU may be repaired at some point and returned to use

My thanks to Ryan for the information