Monday, 27 January 2014

Olympian Watch

Three of the five withdrawn Olympians viewed through the Harley Road fencing
I was in Great Yarmouth early this morning and whilst at Market Gates First Volvo Olympian 34109 W436CWX arrived and departed on the service 6 to Bradwell, a regular working for her

Whilst speaking to a friend I saw sister 34108 W435CWX drop off passengers at the far end of the bus terminus. She then passed with 'sorry not in service' on the destination screen

Olympian 34109 W436CWX heads for Great Yarmouth on the 7 from Belton
Miffed at missing the photo opportunity I thought I would head down to Caister Road depot to see if she was there. Nothing at all!

Disappointed I went to the back of the depot, which can be viewed from Harley Road, where I saw all five of the withdrawn Olympians in the rear yard

After lunch I had to visit Gorleston Library and was passed on the way by 34109 on service 7.
At last I capture 34108 W435CWX turning into Beccles Road
I thought that this working may have produced 34108 as the former was on the 6s this morning, as reported earlier

Heading to Beccles Road I thought that I might see her on a Bernard Matthews contract. I heard one of the two buses approaching before I saw either of them! Noisy ALX400 30888 W743DWX did lead an Olympian, but it turned out to be 34186 S686AAE

I then continued along Beccles Road towards Bradwell and, just as I was about to walk under the A12 Bypass bridge, an Olympian was coming down the slip road with 'sorry not in service' displayed and it was 34108 W435CWX! It turned down Shrublands Way no doubt bound for the Sixth Form College to provide an additional service.

The only Olympian I didn't observe today was 34187 S687AAE. I have since been informed by Ryan that she was off the road for inspection which explains her absence! Thanks Ryan

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