Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lowestoft Activity

ALX400 30900 W774DWX unusually works the 101 route
Met up with another blogger, SteveW, earlier today at Lowestoft Bus Station. He runs Steve's Bus & Train Page and we could have chatted for much longer (You beat me to putting the news up mate!!)

Whilst we were there we were fortunate in obtaining some photos of a couple of unusual workings

Firstly Volvo B7TL/ALX 400 30900 W774DWX arrived on a Lowestoft
The X2 worked by Great Yarmouth Volvo B7 32208 LT52WTO
town 101 service. Normally operated by saloons, this route is becoming more often worked by deckers lately

Another Volvo B7 in the news was Great Yarmouth's 32208 LT52WTO which arrived with the 10:05 X2 service from Norwich. It left with the 11:35 return to the 'Fine City'

Good to meet up with you Steve - we must do it again soon!

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  1. Saw the president returning from Gt Yarmouth to Norwich (X1 This time) about 3:25 today! Strange as I thought it was odd too when I saw it on the X1 (they have a tendancy to overheat)