Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bus Stop Flag at Dereham
Eastline Bus Stop Flag

A former work colleague, Peter Warner, has brought the following to my attention

'Thought you might be interested in this photo, taken on Saturday, of an ECOC bus stop flag still extent on the old A47 near Dereham. No buses pass along the road now and haven't done so for many years and hence, I suspect, its survival. I believe Eastline was the initial branding for the Peterborough to Great Yarmouth service following the Peterborough to Kings Lynn Rail-link initiative - but please correct me if I am wrong!'

LL750 MCL932P at Norwich Bus Station in December 1983 
Following the receipt of Peter's email, I contacted regular contributor Syd Eade to ask for his comments ...

'The 794 service was a commercial route and nothing to do with the railways; that was the Hunstanton-Kings Lynn-Peterborough service which had a dedicated coach for it. 

I have sent a couple of photos which may help your article. None of them are particularly high quality due to my cheap camera in those days, I never 
VR285 VEX285X at Peterborough in 1998
thought the photos would be of interest to anyone else at the time!'

Some great photos there Syd and its a pity I couldn't use all the ones you supplied. Both are copyright Syd Eade

It's interesting to note that the price of a Norwich to Peterborough return ticket at one time was only £2.50!


  1. I've noticed two or three Eastern Counties bus stops similar to the one Peter photographed in and around Ringland, near Taverham. There's also a bus stop for the X53 on Felsham Way in Thorpe Marriott!

    It's amazing how exciting an A5 sized piece of metal can be if you know the history behind it.

  2. As like Sam, there is a few through the older parts of Costessey, west of Norwich when buses used to operate to the end of Ringland Lane. I believe these ended during the late 1980s. You can also find some old First stops adorned with X56 between Norwich and Fakenham on the route of the now Norfolk Green X29.
    Interesting what you find if you look hard enough!