Monday, 20 January 2014

Sixes and Sevens

Volvo Olympian 34109  W436CWX heading to Bradwell on the 6
This morning meant a visit to Gorleston High Street and during my outing I saw two of the three remaining active First Volvo Olympians in revenue earning service

Alexander Royale bodied 34109 W436CWX was observed passing the former Magdalen Arms Public House on Church Lane in Gorleston on her way to Bradwell on the 11:05 from Market Gates. It seems to be a regular
Northern Counties bodied Olympian 34186 on her way back to Great Yarmouth
performer on the 6 route at around that time

Northern Counties Palatine bodied version 34186 S686AAE was later seen in Gorleston High Street heading back to Great Yarmouth with the 11:16 from Belton on service 7

It is rumoured that this week could see 34109's final workings before withdrawal, so catch her while you can!

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