Sunday 27 February 2022

Volvo Returns After Repair

Following an engine rebuild at First's Caister Road depot B7RLE 66985 KX05 MHO was parked in the layby opposite the depot entrance late yesterday afternoon. The Eastern Counties heritage liveried saloon was duly collected by early evening for its trip back to Norwich.

My thanks to First for the information and photo


Friday 25 February 2022

Sanders Disposals

Sanders Coaches has advertised 23 vehicles as being available for sale in this week’s edition of Bus & Coach Buyer following new arrivals and 'fleet rationalisation’. 

Fourteen of them are fully PSVAR compliant with three of them being Daf DB250 double deckers.

The advertisement provides details of all 23 available and includes two Optare Solos, nine Wrightbus bodied VDL SB200s and three Van Hool bodied Daf SB4000 coaches

The full list is reproduced here. My thanks to @NickF_14 on Twitter for the heads up.


Thursday 24 February 2022

Coach Services Disposal

Thetford-based Coach Services has recently disposed of Plaxton bodied Volvo B7R YN06 RVE to H Semmence & Co of Wymondham

The coach was new to Ellaway & Bjelobaba of Soulbury, Buckinghamshire in June 2006 and Coach Services acquired it from them in October 2010

My thanks to Omar Atiallah for the report and photo


Excel Scania In Town

One of First Eastern Counties' Scania N250UD / Enviro400 City deckers appeared on X11 services between Belton and Norwich Bus Station today, having arrived on loan at Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot last night.

Aaron.M was quick off the mark to get a photo of 36913 YN69 XZT at Market Gates this morning prior to its departure to Norwich via Acle.

It continued on the route for most of the day and I captured it turning into Gorleston High Street from Church Lane during mid afternoon.

My thanks to Aaron for his photo


Wednesday 23 February 2022

Service Alterations Registered ~ 23rd February 2022

There are a few local entries in today's Notices and Proceedings Report published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner.

David McMaster of Wood Dalling near Norwich, trading as Awayadays, is to amend the timetable of the circular service 1 beginning and ending at Norwich's Castle Meadow from 2nd April 2022

First Eastern Counties is cancelling its route 3 Seashore Holiday Centre to South Beach Parade service in Great Yarmouth from 21st April 2022

BACT Community Transport of Bungay has ceased operating its two Bungay Shoppa services from the 9th February 2022

The full Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here soon


Tuesday 22 February 2022

Dolphin's Addition

The latest addition to the Norwich-based Dolphin fleet is Scania L94UB Wright Solar newly registered KIG 2473. It started life with Rapson of Inverness as Y336 VST in June 2001 and has also seen use with Midland Classic among other operators.

My thanks to Joe Wilson-Smith and LiamS for the information and also to the latter for the photo.


First Great Yarmouth News

A visit to Great Yarmouth this morning allowed time for a quick look into the rear yard at First's Caister Road depot

The withdrawn Great Yarmouth Heritage liveried Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32059 W219 XBD had been removed from the Harley Road fence and placed inside the depot for collection by its new owner; which could be as early as tomorrow. Its position was taken by Flying Banana branded Alexander Dennis Dart SLF 42943 WA56 OAS.

Also in the yard were three withdrawn Volvo B7RLEs in the shape of 69029/31/45 SF55 UAX/Z/BE. All three plus the Flying Banana have had their fleet names and fleet numbers painted over ready for collection for their last journey to the scrapyard.

Meanwhile, First Norwich based B7RLE 66985 KX05 MHO is receiving an engine rebuild whilst Scania N250UD / Enviro400 City decker 36902 YN69 XZE returned to Kings Lynn last Thursday.

My thanks to First for the information


Rail Replacement Yesterday

With storm Franklin hanging around the east coast, Great Anglia had coaches on standby yesterday to provide replacement services.

At Great Yarmouth Station Completely Coaches had their Volvo B11R / Caetano Levante BX16 CLO on standby during the afternoon. It is seen here on the service road behind the station


Monday 21 February 2022

Completely Arrival

Norwich-based Completely Coach Travel has a recent addition to its fleet in the form of Mercedes Benz Tourismo BF16 XPM. New to GSAL Transport of Leeds, it has also seen use with Croydon Coaches.

My thanks to Mickey Amey for the photo

So far unreported here is the disposal of Completely's Jonchere Monaco bodied Volvo B12B GRZ 5753 (formerly with Swift Coaches as SE51 DZV) and Mercedes Benz O530G Bendy Bus BX04 MXK (previously with Arriva Midlands). Both have gone for scrap.


Thursday 17 February 2022

BorderBus Latest Demonstrator

Beccles based BorderBus has an Alexander Dennis Enviro400 demonstration vehicle on trial today. It was scheduled to operate the 9:05 146 service from Southwold to Norwich this morning and returning with the 10:45 working from the city.

Fortunately Kieran Smith was on hand to record the arrival of SK71 CKX in Norwich earlier today and my thanks to him for consent to use his photo


Wednesday 16 February 2022

AVA Look

Regularly driving along Nelson Road North in Great Yarmouth I pass Beach Coach Station and I've always got to 'AVA' look and see if anything is about.

Normally only a few HGVs grace the site but today was an exception with a single coach present. It was Mercedes Benz Tourismo AV19 AVA from the AVA Travel fleet of Leyland in the north west of England.


Service Alterations Registered ~ 16th February 2022

There are no local entries in today's Notices and Proceedings Report published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner. However, the full Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here soon


Monday 14 February 2022

Dolphin Developments

Recent developments at Norwich based Dolphin include the sale of green liveried Kassbohrer Setra S315GT 15 KEN on eBay.

Delivered new to Ross of Featherstone in January 2003 as RO52 HOL, it was acquired from Dews of Somersham in August 2011 where it was registered as 178 DEW - having previously been YJ52 PJD.

My thanks to Joe Wilson-Smith for the information


Sunday 13 February 2022

Saturday Rail Replacements

Noted on Saturday evening at Great Yarmouth Station, a couple of local vehicles employed on Rail Replacement duties between the town and Norwich.

First up is Angies Tours Scania Higer Y6PJO, this was new to Majestic, Shareshill as YN66WSK.

Secondly noted was Completely Coaches ADL Enviro 400 LX57AXJ, this was new to Metroline as TB831 before moving to Midland Classic.


Friday 11 February 2022

New Wells Beach Shuttle Bus

A couple of days ago Holkham Estate announced plans to provide a replacement service to the Wells Harbour Railway which closed late September 2021. During the past 12 months several transport options were evaluated and various possible routes considered.

Holkham has decided to operate a pioneering fully electric bus, the first of its kind in the UK. The bus, the Sigma 7, has been designed by Rochdale based Mellor to accommodate accessible needs and is capable of being lowered to kerb height with an access ramp. Mellor. The vehicle featured in a five page article in the February 2022 issue of Buses Magazine and more information can be seen on their website here

The Sigma 7 will operate a route from the football club car park to a set-down point near the roundabout at the beach end of Beach Road. 

During the busiest days of the summer, the electric bus will be joined by a vintage open-top bus. The 1951 Leyland Tiger started its life transporting visitors around the Channel Islands and is being brought to Wells from Jersey as Holkham believes 'it will be a fun supplement to the electric bus and certainly gives off the traditional vibes of an English coastal town.'

My thanks to Holkham Estates for the information and for the use of the photos.


Thursday 10 February 2022

Costessey Park & Ride

The four recently transferred and repainted Alexander Dennis Enviro400’s have begun to appear on the Konectbus Costessey Park and Ride service to the University of East Anglia.

Konectbus 645 LK57 CJJ, one of the quartet formerly with Go-Ahead London, was observed on the Norwich route during yesterday morning and was photographed by Dan High .

The details of the foursome are:-
644 LK08 FLJ Ex Go-Ahead London EN19
645 LK57 CJJ Ex Go-Ahead London E67
646 LX09 FCD Ex Go-Ahead London E127
647 LX09 FCE Ex Go-Ahead London E128

Dan was also able to obtain a photo showing the interior of the top deck of 645

My thanks to him for the photos


Wednesday 9 February 2022

Caister Road Latest

The latest news from First Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot is that long term loanee Ensign ADL Enviro400 MMC 132 YX66 WLH is to return home later this week after having having its EXCEL branding removed.

On the positive side Great Yarmouth has received Scania N250UD / Enviro400 City decker 30902 YN69 XZE on loan following its trip back from ADL Harlow

My thanks to Will Drake for the photo of YX66 WLH and Chris Speed for the picture of YN69 XZE


Service Alterations Registered ~ 9th February 2022

There's just the one local entry in today's Notices and Proceedings Report published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner. It refers to Neil Archer-Munro, operating as Staffa of Mill Road, Rumburgh, Halesworth, who has received approval for a new operating centre for one vehicle at 207 Whapload Road in Lowestoft.

The full Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here


Monday 7 February 2022

Sanders Coaches Update

Around a month ago (Ensign In December - 28th December 2021) I reported that Ensign had sold two former Lothian Buses Wright Eclipse Urban bodied Volvo B7RLE’s to Sanders Coaches

After a repaint at Full Circle, both SK07 CFX and SK07 CGG have returned to Sanders in their new livery and sporting fleet numbers 522 and 523 respectively. My thanks to Stephen Purkiss for the photo of 522 as it headed along the Coast Road at Bacton on Thursday whilst operating the North Walsham Circular on Monday to Friday service 34.

Earlier today Stephen provided a photo of SK07 CGG. It is seen passing the Middle Street Turn in Trimingham village while working the 1015hrs Cromer to North Walsham Coasthopper service CH2 journey

LiamS reports that five withdrawn Scania OmniCities at Holt were recently moved to the front of the depot and have since been collected by the scrapman. They are YS03 ZKR, YM53 GEU, YN53GFA, YN53 GFE and YN03 UVR. Another two,YN53 GFX and YS03 ZHM, are awaiting a similar fete at North Walsham depot but may have gone by the time you read this. YN53 GFX is pictured outside East Norfolk Sixth Form College, Gorleston in July 2021

My thanks to Stephen for his two photos and to Liam for the report


Saturday In the City

Saturday saw a trip to the fine city of Norwich with a little time spent viewing activity in Castle Meadow and at the bus station

At the former I renewed my acquaintance with Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL 32201 LT52 WTF on its Purple Line journey to Long Stratton. - it had spent some time based at Caister Road in the past.

Also at Castle Meadow I noted Konectbus 609 SN61CZZ on the the Dereham Fast 8 service which now leaves from the Castle Quarter shopping area instead of St Stephens Street in the City whilst the Transforming Cities work is under way

At the Bus Station two Scania N250UD / Enviro400 City deckers were seen one behind the other - 36913 YN69 XZT had arrived eastbound whilst similar 36918 YN69 XZY was getting ready to pick up passengers prior to departure for Dereham

Another former Great Yarmouth bus, StreetLite 47505 SN64 CPZ, was waiting time to leave on the 40 Charcoal Line to Poringland. It was one of six delivered new to Caister Road in November 2014

Laying over was former Thames Travel's Alexander Dennis Enviro200 SN10 CCZ. It is now part of the Konectbus fleet as their 297 which had earlier worked in on an 84 service


Thursday 3 February 2022

Look In On Lowestoft

An half an hour or so yesterday afternoon observing activity at First Lowestoft's Gordon Road Bus Station with various liveries on display.

Dennis Dart SLF's were in use with 42911 WX05 RVV in standard First colours waiting to leave on the 109 Hollow Grove service having previously worked the 101 to Gunton Estate

Another SLF, a former Great Yarmouth stalwart, 42921 EU05 AUN exits the bus station for the Gunton Estate complete with Coastal Reds vinyls.

Next up is Coastlink branded Volvo B9 37578 LK58 EDJ passing the Grade II listed St Margaret's House on Gordon Road heading for Norwich on the X2

Back to the bus station and Volvo B7 37174 SF07 FDE repositions itself for a 99 service after a contract working, the decker having only recently returned from a short stint in use at Ipswich.

The final picture shows another B9 37572 AU58 ECW departing the bus station on a Coastal Clipper service.


Wednesday 2 February 2022

Service Alterations Registered ~ 2nd February 2022

Today's Notices and Proceedings Report, published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner, contains nothing of relevance regarding local area services. However, the full Report can be viewed here soon