Wednesday 28 June 2023

Service Alterations Registered ~ 28th June 2023

Just the one entry of interest appears in today's East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report.

First Eastern Counties has received approval for the authorisation of the use of premises at 37 Bishopsbridge Road in Norwich for ten vehicles. This results a decrease in the number of vehicles using Roundtree Way in the City to 91

The complete Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here shortly.


Tuesday 27 June 2023

Tuesday Tour

Our regular Tuesday tour around the holiday area of Great Yarmouth took place earlier this morning.

The first sighting was that of Boorman's (Chiltern Travel) Mercedes-Benz Tourismo BF68 ZGB in colours outside the SeaLife Centre

On the opposite side of the road was Prentice Westwood's Eclipse Holidays liveried Irizar i6 bodied Scania YSV 771. It was acquired from Solus, Tamworth where it was registered YN14 PMU.

On Marine Parade parked outside the Leisure Land Amusement Arcade was Globe Holidays' Volvo B11R/ Plaxton Panther YX19 MLZ. It was new to Lakeside of Ellesmere.

Two Mercedes-Benz Tourismos were picking up from the front of the New Beach Hotel in the form of Alfa Travels' BF23 CFA and Grayway Holidays' BU18 YPP.

As I was about to leave when another branded coach passed by. It was T19 HWT another Boorman (Chiltern Travel) Mercedes-Benz Tourismo which was new to them as BL16 GAA in June 2016 and was given its current mark in September 2020.

Beach Coach Station still had Kearney's (Glenferry Coaches) Scania 162-C-9755 and Buckleys Coach Holidays' Mercedes-Benz Tourismo BU16 YTG. See Saturday's post for photos.


Coach Services Update

Since our last Coach Services report, our correspondent 'Jdraves1' reports the latest from the Thetford-based operator.

The withdrawal of Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL X509 EGK has led to its scrapping due to significant deterioration of its frame. It was new to London Central in February 2001 as their PVL190 and joined Coach Services in May 2013.

Regarding the availability for sale of the two Volvo B9TL/ Wrightbus Eclipse Geminis BJ11 EAX and BN61 MWZ this has been cancelled and they continue to see use with the operator.

My thanks to 'Jdraves1' for the information.



Saturday 24 June 2023

Saturday At Beach Coach Station

The many HGVs easily outnumbered the four coaches noted at Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station late this afternoon.

Parked together were Jubilee Coaches' Van Hool bodied Volvo B12BT W28 JCR and Bayliss Executive Travel's Volvo B8R / Sunsundegui MM16 BAY

There was a repeat visit from Kearney's (Glenferry Coaches) Scania 162-C-9755 from County Cork in Ireland

Surrounded by DAF HGV's was Buckleys Coach Holidays' Mercedes-Benz Tourismo BU16 YTG.


Friday 23 June 2023

eVoRa Debut

Following on from a previous post, Sanders Coaches' Volvo B8RLE/MCV eVoRa 531 BV23 NUU made is debut earlier today on its designated X6/6 route.

The 'Norfolk Wherry' is observed negotiating the Middleton Road roundabout in Gorleston with the 10:55 X6 service from North Walsham at lunchtime. It is being photobombed in the picture by BorderBus Scania decker 211 BB06 BUS on the 580 service heading for Great Yarmouth


Wednesday at Wells

Regular contributor David Slater visited the North Norfolk town of Wells-next-the-Sea on Wednesday and here are a few of his sightings

The first shows Sanders Coaches 525 BV22 HBO, an MCV eVoRa new in April 2022, seen at The Buttlands in Wells prior to working the 1445 Coasthopper service CH1 to Cromer.

Next is Lynx (Coastal Red) 65 YX72 OLP, an Alexander Dennis (ADL) Enviro400D MMC new in October 2022, also seen at the Buttlands working the 1400 service 36 from Fakenham to Hunstanton and King’s Lynn

Our third photo features Lynx 82 Alexander Dennis Enviro400D UWW 2X travelling along The Quay at Wells when operating the 1300 Coastliner 36 service from Fakenham to King’s Lynn. David tells me that the old loading gantry is a Grade II listed building which linked the Maltings building with the harbour moorings. Now a multi-use community facility, it has been retained and preserved.

The final photo shows Holkham Holiday Parks Limited MX72 HLD, a Mellor Sigma 7 electric bus new in September 2022. The bus began operating a shuttle service in 2022 along Beach Road from the terminus near The Quay to Wells Beach, a distance of about 0.9 miles/1.5 km.

The service was introduced following the decision by Holkham Estates to close the Wells Harbour Railway which had operated the service from 1976 to 2021. The railway was dismantled and sold to the Lappa Valley Railway in Cornwall at the end of the 2021 season.

My thanks to David for his photos with their descriptions which proved very helpful. All photos from the day can be viewed at


Thursday 22 June 2023

Sanders Invests in Great Yarmouth Service

Following the investment in new buses for the North Walsham - Norwich and Holt - Sheringham - Norwich routes. Sanders Coaches have turned its attention to the 6/X6 Cromer - North Walsham - Great Yarmouth service.

The operator is acquiring two new white liveried Volvo B8RLE/MCV eVoRa single-deckers with the first being highlighted on social media during yesterday afternoon. That was BV23 NUU which has fleet number 531 and named Norfolk Wherry. The second, yet to arrive, will be 532 and named Norfolk Broadsman.

My thanks to Sanders for the photo and information


Wednesday 21 June 2023

Service Alterations Registered ~ 21st June 2023

Changes being made to four local First Eastern Counties services feature in today's East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report.

The operator is to amend the timetables of the 8 Caister to the James Paget Hospital and the 99A/994 Kings Head, Southwold and St Mary's Street, Bungay services. It is also to alter the routes, stopping places and timetables of 28/ 29/ X29 Norwich St Stephens Street to Fakenham Oak Street and the 40 / 40A /X41 /41A /41, 941 Norwich, St Stephens Street and Halesworth services. All changes are effective from 23 July 2023.

The complete Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here shortly.


Tuesday 20 June 2023

Tuesday Tour

This morning's Tuesday tour was conducted under dull cloudy skies - an indication of the rain to come.

The first sighting was a branded Scania/ Higer Touring coach registered LJ18 LLJ from the Llanrwst based fleet of Llew Jones.

Outside the New Beach Hotel were two coaches; Grayway Holidays' Van Hool TX15 Alicron YJ16 EHE was awaiting its passengers whilst regular visitor Alfa Travel's Mercedes-Benz Tourismo BV20 HNK was tucked in behind.

Three coaches were at Beach Coach Station which included Country Lion's Volvo B11R/ Plaxton Panther BU11 CLN and Alfa Travel's Mercedes-Benz Tourismo A133 BY22 WTO

The third vehicle was Bakers Dolphin Irizar i8 YT22 EXG in their attractive Gold Service livery.


Sunday 18 June 2023

BorderBus Visit

It's been sometime since I've paid a visit to BorderBus at Moor Business Park on the outskirts of Beccles so I thought I would look in yesterday afternoon.

In fact it's been years I believe, so the first thing I noticed on my arrival was that the site is now very secure. Having negotiated my entrance I headed to the operator's premises where I found one of the staff completing the wash down of ADL Enviro200 BB62 BUS.

Before I started taking photos I was grateful of the warning about a gull attacking people defending its siblings on a neighbouring building! The recently acquired driver trainer, YU02 GHA, was immediately in front me requiring some tlc and a repaint.

Two of the original ex Metroline Volvo B7TLs which operated dedicated school services for Sir John Leman High School were observed - 202 X643 LLX and 204 X662 LLX.

My visit also provided an opportunity to get a photo of the second Alde Valley Academy branded Scania OmniCity 215 BB04 AVA which I had been chasing for some time!

I managed to negotiate my escape from the security system of Moor Business Park and would like to record my thanks to the member of the BorderBus staff who was very friendly and helpful. I then spent a little while in central Beccles where I noted another BorderBus fleet member (YT59 SFO) on the 146 service to Norwich.


Friday 16 June 2023

Sander's New Arrivals

As you all may be aware Sanders Coaches has taken delivery of three MCV eVoSeti bodied Volvo B8Ls and, with the help of Kieran Smith, I have photos of all of them.

Number 127 ED23 SAN Erin Daisy was the second to enter service on Wednesday afternoon.

Number 128 PC23 SAN Phoebe Clarke Sanders was the first on revenue earning duties appearing early on Wednesday morning.

Number 129 EC23 SHA Evie Charlie Shade was the last of the threesome in use entering service yesterday morning.

I am grateful to Kieran for the photos


Wednesday 14 June 2023

Sanders' eVoSeti Enters Service

Earlier today the first of Sanders three new double deckers entered service with Volvo B8L MCV EvoSeti number 128 PC23 SAN pictured by regular correspondent Dan High.

All three are expected to be in service tomorrow and details of the trio are as follows:
127 ED23 SAN Erin Daisy
128 PC23 SAN Phoebe Clarke Sanders
129 EC23 SHA Evie Charlie Shade

My thanks to Kieran Smith for the details and to Dan High for the photo.


Cliff Hussey ~ Funeral

An unusual visitor at First's Caister Road depot yesterday was Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL 36183 BN12 JYF in Eastern Counties heritage livery. The reason for its arrival is to convey friends of the late Operations Manager Cliff Hussey to his funeral later today at Great Yarmouth Crematorium.

The family will also be taken by Great Yarmouth Transport heritage livery liveried Wright Eclipse Gemini bodied Volvo B9TL 37562 FJ08 FYN to the Crematorium.

We would like to send our condolences to Cliff's family and friends.


Service Alterations Registered ~ 14th June 2023

Only one item of local interest in today's East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report.

This comprises a 'new service' to be operated by Our Bus from 24th July 2023. It is essentially the reintroduction of last year's 100 route between Vauxhall Holiday Park and Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth via the train station and Market Gates. Operating every 30 minutes, the service runs until 3rd September 2023.

The complete Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here shortly.


Tuesday 13 June 2023

Tuesday Tour

Yes Tuesday has come around again and its time for our usual Tuesday tour where we seek out coaches on short breaks in the Great Yarmouth holiday area

We begin as usual on South Beach Parade with three coaches in close proximity close to the Sealife Centre with the first being Cawthorne's Travel Neoplan Tourliner UK12 CAN.

Further north on the same road was Leeds-based J & B Travel's King Long C12 N900 JBT

Across the road was Concierge Coach Travel's Kassbohrer Setra S415GT-HD N30 CCT. It was previously a National Holidays' coach registered NH09 DRH.

Outside the New Beach Hotel were two Mercedes-Benz Tourismos - Alfa Travel's BV20 HNK and Crosskeys' BU18 YPK. The latter featured in Saturday's report.

Our final sighting on Marine Parade was that of Harris Executive's H6 HXT outside the Prom Hotel.

There were no coaches at Beach Coach Station on my visit early this morning.


Monday 12 June 2023

First Eastern Counties Enviro400 Withdrawn

The July edition of Buses magazine reports the withdrawal of First Eastern Counties Alexander Dennis Enviro400 33821 YX63 LKL.

YX63 LKL seen in better times in Gorleston High Street in October 2020

Following significant damage after an accident on the A146, the front of the Lowestoft-based decker can not be easily repaired. I understand that it was removed from duties in early April with its possible next journey being to the scrap man.


Saturday 10 June 2023

Saturday Five

Five coaches were observed at Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station late this afternoon.

Three were parked close together and they were Jubilee Coaches' Mercedes-Benz Tourismo BF16 XRB, similar Crosskeys BU18 YPK and JB Tours Bova E11 JBT.

Cleckheaton's Caledonian Travel Mercedes-Benz Tourismo NH69 BHH was also present which was formerly a National Holidays' coach.

There was a surprise visitor from Ireland in the form of Kearney's (Glenferry Coaches) Scania 162-C-9755, all the way from County Cork; the largest and the southernmost county of the country.


Thursday 8 June 2023

Ensign Arrivals in May

Arrivals at Ensign during May included four buses from First Eastern Counties with three of them being formerly Great Yarmouth-based vehicles.

The first was Wright Eclipse bodied Volvo B7RLE 69009 AU05 DMX seen in Norwich Park & Ride livery outside the BHS store on Regent Road in the town with a Lowestoft service on 31st May 2007

The second was Volvo B7TL / Plaxton President 32201 LT52 WTF shown heading southbound in Northgate Street, Great Yarmouth on 28th March 2011

The third was the much featured open topper Dennis Trident 32905 W905 VLN observed on Marine Parade on 4th June 2018. The quartet was completed by Norwich's Trident 33166 LR02 LYD. All, except the open topper, were swiftly moved on to Shelton Motors for scrapping.


Wednesday 7 June 2023

Lowestoft Visitors

Three coaches were observed by Tim Miller at Belvedere Car and Coach Park in Lowestoft earlier today. Two were from the Kings Tours fleet based in Colchester whilst the third was a C & J Tours Mercedes-Benz Tourismo also from Essex.

The Colchester visitors comprised VDL Futura 2 KC15 ABC and Mercedes-Benz Tourismo KC22 ABC, whilst the later was represented by BN17 JBX.

My thanks to Tim for the report and pictures.


Service Alterations Registered ~ 7th June 2023

Another couple of entries of local interest appear in today's East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report.

Holkham Holiday Parks has applied for consent to use The Carrot Wash at Wareham Road in Wells-next-the-Sea as an operating centre for three vehicles.

City To Coast Day Tours
of Staines-upon-Thames has received approval to increase the use of premises at The Involve Centre at 5 Pinbush Close in Lowestoft from one to two vehicles.

The complete Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here shortly.


Tuesday 6 June 2023

Sanders' eVoSeti Breaks Cover

Just before noon today one of the newest Sanders Coaches' MCV eVoSeti bodied Volvo B8L double deckers was noted at Norwich Bus Station.

PC23 SAN is seen without any fleet names but has fleet number 128. It  was not in public service but out on test.

My thanks to Dan High for the photos.


Today's Tuesday Tour

Today's Tuesday Tour around the Great Yarmouth holiday area harvested just the four coaches

The first was Grindles of Cinderford's Mercedes Benz Tourismo NDD 545 and is seen outside the Sealife Centre.

On the opposite side of the road was Mercedes-Benz Tourismo YSU 196 from Edinburgh Coach Lines. Previously registered as BF16 XRM it was in livery.

Just as I was leaving, KM Travel of Barnsley's 1516 KM pulled up in front of the Grindles coach. The Yutong was earlier YJ16 UTO.

Our final observation was that of Commercial Coaches' Sunsundegui bodied Volvo B11R BU16 UYF at Beach Coach Station.