Wednesday 31 January 2024

Service Alterations Registered ~ 31st January 2024

There are no 'local' entries of interest in today's East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report. However, the full Report will be available to view here soon.


One in, One Out

Kevan Portas provides an update on the Jubilee Coaches fleet which details one vehicle in and one vehicle out.

The new coach is Kassbohrer Setra S416GT-HD AF07 MMF obtained from Eastons of Stratton Strawless and has been re-registered as L555 JCR. Photo courtesy of Simon Moore.

Leaving the fleet for Semmence of Wymondham is Irisbus Eurorider / Marcopolo Viaggio PN06 TVP, formerly with Norse.

My thanks to Kevan for the information and to Simon for the photo


Tuesday 30 January 2024

Another Dolphin Arrival

Another recent acquisition by Norwich-based Dolphin Autos is a further BMC Condor 220, YJ06 VFF, which was also new to CT Plus of Leeds. It was primarily used on school contract work.

My thanks to Dan High for the use of his photo.


Sanders Activity

There has been a few changes to the Sanders Coaches fleet recently which include withdrawal, refurbishment, reregistering and new vehicles.

Plaxton bodied Volvo B12 904 SGF 965 has had a partial repaint and received refreshed branding. The photo shows it before work had taken place.

Volvo B7R 915 FN09 APY has also been refurbished and given a revised registration of E21 APY - see photo. Similar 914 has been reregistered from FN09 AMX to E23 AMX. (Photo: LiamS)

One of the former Morebus Volvo B7RLE's has been retired with 508 HF54 HGN being the latest to go. It is pictured in its early days with the operator on the Station Approach in Sheringham on 26th May 2018

There are two newcomers with the first being Volvo B7RLE / MCV SW63 TAV. It was formerly with Regency Coaches of Lewes and has received Sanders fleet number 533 although not in active service at present (Photo Kieran Smith). The other acquisition is Mercedes-Benz Sprinter / EVM Grand Tourer E19 SCL which has fleet number 005. There is not a new decker due soon.

My thanks to my contacts at Sanders for the information and photos


Friday 26 January 2024

First Musical Chairs

My contact at First tells me that three double deckers have left or are leaving Caister Road depot this weekend.

The two former First Essex Wright Eclipse Gemini bodied Volvo B7TLs 32551 SF54 OSO and 32641 KP54 AZC, which moved to the town in early September from Chelmsford, are soon to return to the county at Colchester. Both were in use today on the 8s between the James Paget Hospital and Caister.

The other decker is Volvo B9TL 36177 BD11 CGF which has gone back to Norwich still with its First Norwich Blue Line branding.

In return First Great Yarmouth have received three Volvo B9s in the form of 36199 BN12 WNZ, 36200 BN12 WOA and 36202 BN12 WOC The first named was observed on Southtown Road at lunchtime returning from Lowestoft with the 1A service. The other two are pictured at Caister Road depot by Roger Bellward. Thanks for the use of the photos Roger.


From Ipswich To Gorleston

In the previous post I mentioned that recently transferred ALX400 32651 AU05 MUO had been withdrawn at Lowestoft but subsequently repaired and back in use.

This morning the former Ipswich Reds decker was employed on the 07:45 981 Beccles to Gorleston's East Norfolk Sixth Form College. Thankfully 32651 arrived around five minutes late to enable me to be in position to get a photo - not helped by the low sun!

The earlier 982 service between Oulton Broad and the College was worked by First Lowestoft's ADL Enviro200 44531 SN62 DBV.

My thanks to Cameron for the tip off regarding 32651


Wednesday 24 January 2024

First Eastern Counties Update

Toby Cullum advises that First Eastern Counties Volvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400 32653 AU05 MUV is out of use at Ipswich depot with fleet names and numbers painted over. It seems its next journey is probably to the scrapyard. This leaves only only 32479 AU53 HJV and 32652 AU05 MUP as the sole remaining active ALX400s at Ipswich.

Meanwhile at Lowestoft recently transferred ALX400 32651 AU05 MUO has also been withdrawn (since repaired and back in service). Coastal Reds' Wright Eclipse Gemini 37061 YJ06 XMO and ADL Enviro200 44531 SN62AZW have met the same fate.

At Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot ADL Enviro500 38201 SN09ACU remains out of use since before Christmas awaiting parts. Two Coastlink liveried Enviro400s are side-lined with 33803 YX63 LJF requiring major engine work plus 33824 YX63 LKO is off the road too.

My thanks to Toby for the photo and to First for the informative update.


Service Alterations Registered ~ 24th January 2024

There are no 'local' entries of interest in today's East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report.

However, Norwich-based Sunbeam Luxury Coaches has received approval for a new operating centre for 12 vehicles at Unit 6 Dunkirk in Aylsham, Norfolk.

The full Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed here soon.


Thursday 18 January 2024

J & M Preservations Latest

The latest from J & M is that work continues on preparing former Abellio London Alexander Dennis Dart KP02 PVU for its Class 5 MOT in late February. Its previous attempt for an MOT was thwarted by the discovery of brake air tank problems and other minor issues.

The group is looking at the acquisition of another Dennis Dart which previously operated with Metroline. KU52 YKG has recently been stood down from service with Newport Bus.

My thanks to Mason Lee for the updates and photo. 

Vehicle progress can be observed by visiting the group's Facebook page or their TikTok site.


Wednesday 17 January 2024

Service Alterations Registered ~ 17th January 2024

Just the one item of interest in today's East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report.

BorderBus has registered a new 581 Monday to Saturday service between Old Market Place in Beccles and Hillside Road East in Bungay. Granted under short notice, it commenced on 2nd January 2024.

The full Report is available to view here


Tuesday 16 January 2024

Dolphin Acquisition

A recent acquisition by Norwich-based Dolphin Autos is BMC Condor 220 YJ56 ZTF which was new to CT Plus of Leeds in January 2007. The Yorkshire operator mainly used it as a school bus and it later saw use with Harris Travel of Blackburn.

My thanks to Dan High for the use of the photo.


Monday 15 January 2024

Ipswich ALX400s On The Move

Following Grahame's Saturday post about the arrival of five Micro Hybrid Streetdecks at Ipswich, his speculation about the end for the remaining Volvo B7TL/ALX400 at the Suffolk town has already started,

Both 32651 AU05 MUO and 32654 AU05 MUW are transferring to Lowestoft this morning with the latter still retaining its Coastal Reds branding from its previous stint on the coast. Dan High's photo shows it on a previous visit to Lowestoft in February 2023. It is thought they will be employed on contract work.


Saturday 13 January 2024

More Streetdecks For Ipswich

Ipswich Depot has seen the arrival of 5 more Wright bodied Micro Hybrid Streetdecks from First York this week.

The new arrivals are as follows,

35927 MF72WBE

35928 MF72WBG

35929 MF72WBJ

35930 MF72WBK

35931 MF72WBL

All are in a special livery for York University at present so you wont miss them if you are on the hunt with the camera!

35931 is pictured above at its new home alongside one of the Ipswich Reds versions.

35928 was soon put into use yesterday and is pictured above at Martlesham.

Former Wessex Volvo B7RLE 69548 BF12KWJ has also moved over to Ipswich from Norwich.

These moves should spell the end for the remaining Volvo B7TL/ALX400 fleet at the suffolk town.

Thanks to Toby and Gareth for the photos.


Friday 12 January 2024

First Norwich Update

There have been more Electroliner arrivals at First Norwich's Roundtree depot with Dan High providing photos of two of them in active today.

The first shows 36553 BK73 AHA in Castle Meadow complete with fleet numbers attached, whilst the second shows 36530 BK23 LUP. My apologies for the quality of the latter photo which was quickly taken directly towards the sun.

Dan also reported that Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL 32107 LT02 ZCX had been withdrawn with fleet numbers painted over. It is seen here in better times exiting Dip Farm in Lowestoft on Airshow Park and Ride duties in August 2011.

My thanks to Dan for the reports and Electroliner photos.


Thursday 11 January 2024

Angies Arrival

A recent addition to the Lowestoft-based Angie's Tours fleet is this Caetano Levante 2 bodied Scania K440EB6.

BN64 FKL was acquired from National Express at Stansted and the coach has subsequently been repainted in all over white.

My thanks to Robbie Collins for the information.


Wednesday 10 January 2024

Service Alterations Registered ~ 10th January 2024

There are no 'local' entries of interest in today's East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report. However, the full Report is available to view now


Monday 8 January 2024

Megabus ~ M37 Norwich to Birmingham Further Updated

Regular correspondent David Slater provides a photo of 'Prospect Coaches (of Lye near Stourbridge) PR73 KNG taken on Sunday at Fiveways, Barton Mills when working the 0815 Megabus service M37 from Birmingham to Norwich. Having called at Cambridge at 1000 it was due to arrive at UEA (University of East Anglia) at 1130 and Norwich Bus Station at 1145.'

It is a Higer bodied Scania Touring K410 which was new in October 2023 and wears full Megabus livery. Many of the coaches working for Megabus carry a name, sometimes humorous sometimes not, sometimes travel related sometimes not. This coach carries the name ‘King Toot-ankhamun’.

He reports that 'The Birmingham-Norwich Megabus service M37 will run every day from 10 January 2024 with revised timings. Through running to Bristol and Cardiff would appear to cease prior to that date. The Megabus website shows these timings current until Sunday 24 March 2024.

A later visit to the website now shows the 2000 Norwich to Birmingham running every day. In addition the 1405 service from Norwich and the 1450 from Birmingham are shown as through journeys to/from Liverpool via Manchester and Manchester Airport

The revised M37 timetable is now shown as


                                           Daily      Daily  

Liverpool                                          1105

Manchester                                     1210   

Manchester Airport                       1255

Birmingham                      0830     1450  

Coventry                            0920     1535  

Cambridge                        1055      1710  

Norwich UEA                    1225      1840  

Norwich Bus Station        1235      1850  


                                          Daily       Daily

Norwich Bus Station       1405      2000  

Norwich UEA                    1415      2010  

Cambridge                        1545      2140  

Coventry                           1720      2315  

Birmingham                     1810      0000  

Manchester Airport        2000

Manchester                      2040

Liverpool                           2150

Many thanks David for the photo and updates


Saturday 6 January 2024

Ex First Great Yarmouth Decker Arrives at Ensign

A recent arrival at First Ensignbus is a former First Great Yarmouth double decker although in a different form. Mark Doggett observed First 32211 TJI 4838 at the Purfleet site yesterday.

The Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL was new to First CentreWest in London in October 2002 and registered as LT52 WTU. It moved to First Eastern Counties in May 2010 and was noted on the streets of Great Yarmouth later that year. The photo shows an empty looking 32211 on Marine Parade in July 2010 presumably on contract work.

It left for First South West in July 2016 having been stood down from regular duties the previous month. Soon after transfer it was converted to open top for Land's End Coaster duties and registered TJI 4838. It was recently offered for sale on the Ensign website.

My thanks to Mark for the use of his photo.


Friday 5 January 2024

A Busman's Day In 1947

Some 12 years ago now, regular contributor Syd Eade drew my attention to a film appearing on the University of East Anglia's Film Archive website showing Eastern Counties Omnibus Company activities during 1947. On looking at the posts viewed over last seven days I thought I would take another look at it - only to find the link was broken! However, I have now updated the link ( so that you can now click on the photo below to view the film.

Entitled 'A Busman's Day', it begins by showing the Social Club Committee sitting around a table having a discussion and includes some close up shots of some of its members.

Passengers catch a bus at a suburban stop (by a public house) and there are shots taken through the window as they drive towards the bus station at Surrey Street. We see the bus arrive here with other buses in view. One bus is started using a starter handle. Another is a self-starter. Mechanics work in the garage and a selection of destination boards are shown.

The next sequence shows the buses and busmen at Thorpe Station, which was a major terminal at the time. There are scenes from Orford Place, showing the busmen outside their social club and buses passing through.

The film ends by showing the large crowds of people waiting to catch a bus at the Surrey Street Bus Station on August Bank Holiday Monday.

A fascinating film to say the least


Wednesday 3 January 2024

Service Alterations Registered ~ 3rd January 2024

A happy new year and welcome to the first East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices and Proceedings Report of the year

It contains two backdated entries by First Eastern Counties concerning Monday to Friday schools services. The 903 California Road/ Scratby Road in Ormesby to Flegg High School in Martham and the 983 Repps Road in Martham to East Norfolk Sixth Form College in Gorleston. Both services began on 5th December 2023

The full Report is available to be viewed here.