Friday 26 January 2024

First Musical Chairs

My contact at First tells me that three double deckers have left or are leaving Caister Road depot this weekend.

The two former First Essex Wright Eclipse Gemini bodied Volvo B7TLs 32551 SF54 OSO and 32641 KP54 AZC, which moved to the town in early September from Chelmsford, are soon to return to the county at Colchester. Both were in use today on the 8s between the James Paget Hospital and Caister.

The other decker is Volvo B9TL 36177 BD11 CGF which has gone back to Norwich still with its First Norwich Blue Line branding.

In return First Great Yarmouth have received three Volvo B9s in the form of 36199 BN12 WNZ, 36200 BN12 WOA and 36202 BN12 WOC The first named was observed on Southtown Road at lunchtime returning from Lowestoft with the 1A service. The other two are pictured at Caister Road depot by Roger Bellward. Thanks for the use of the photos Roger.


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  1. Saw a couple of Thorntons lorries today heading near roundtree way depot. Wonder if some of the Norwich fleet are undergoing refurbishment.