Saturday, 11 January 2014

Long Distance Bus Journeys

LN623 UVF623X on the 790 at the old Norwich Bus Station
Continuing the Eastline theme of Leyland Nationals (LNs) working the 790 service between Great Yarmouth and Cambridge, Syd Eade writes

'The 790 used a number of LNs in the Eastline livery, although they were often used on other services, 623 to 626 (UVF623-6X) were all done. The standard LNs also made appearances, my only listed ride on one being LN618 (PEX618W) on 20th October 1982 when I have recorded doing the whole trek on her!

CNG524K at Lowestoft Bus Station in July 1980 with more than 10 hours
of journey ahead of her! 
On the subject of using normal buses on ridiculously long and unsuitable services, I think this is maybe the worst example...LH524 (CNG524K) awaiting departure from Lowestoft in July 1980 on service 952 to Blackpool, nearly 11 hours on an LH!!!! It ran right through and returned the next day. The booked coach had a serious radiator leak which was eventually repaired at Lowestoft and was used on locals for a couple of days.'

Thanks Syd for bringing back the memories. The photos are both copyrighted to Syd Eade

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