Friday, 10 January 2014

Market Gates Antics

Volvo Olympian 34109 W436CWX at Market Gates this afternoon
I nipped into Great Yarmouth this afternoon and witnessed some unusual activity in Market Gates Bus Station

I saw the sole remaining active Volvo Olympian 34109 W436CWX on a Bernard Matthews contract for the second consecutive day. She passed through the centre road of the bus station as I cursed for not having my camera at the ready

She then stopped after exiting the bus station and reversed with hazards on (with the help of another First employee) into Stand C - where the 8 departs for the James Paget Hospital. After turning off the engine, a five minute wait and a phone call, she was again driven out of the bus station with no obvious signs of a problem. Needless to say I got my picture!

ASW Recovery to the rescue of First Volvo coach WV02EUR
Meanwhile, First Volvo 20515 WV02EUR disgraced herself by failing on arrival on one of the X1 shorts. She was later rescued by an ASW Recovery vehicle which succeeded in trapping another three First vehicles in the centre road

One of them was the 15:17 X1 service to Peterborough which eventually managed to get through, after 20515 had been extricated, and then left twelve minutes down

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  1. Excellent post from "Our man on the spot !!!" Saw ASW out again at around 15.00 an Ambassador premier had expired right on the lights on Beccles rd by the bridge. Couldn't get pic was working and in the traffic plus a constable was in attendance