Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Before starting the fourth year of the blog, may I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

Shearings Setras BK11COH and BF10VCT spent the new year in
Great Yarmouth along with National Holidays Volvo NH06GEH
The first posting of 2014 looks at coaches spending the new year in Great Yarmouth with ten of them being observed around the town earlier this morning

My first port of call was Marine Parade close to the Carlton Hotel where many Shearings/National Holidays clients stay during their time at the resort

I wasn't disappointed as two of the former and one the latter were present; Setras 223 BF10VCT and 312 BK11COH represented Shearings whilst Volvo B12M/ Plaxton Panther NH06GEH was from National Holidays

Passing the Raynscourt Hotel I noted Volvo B12B, Van Hool Alizée 84DWB from Ashley Travel of Sheffield outside. Opposite was Gee-Vee Travel's Bova Futura KC04ABC

Alfa's BU13ZTO and BU13ZTP with Brighton's HF08UHT
On North Drive I saw A C Williams' Scania/Irizar C12ACW in the Burlington Hotel car park. Outside on the road was Avalon Group's Mercedes Benz Touro RUI6737, originally registered CX52VLA.

At Beach Coach station were two Alfa Coaches - Mercedes Tourismo's 70 BU13ZTO and 71 BU13ZTP.

Next to them was a Brighton & Hove Irizar bodied Scania. 502 HF08UHT is not new to the area as she was recorded at the coach station during mid-August 2011

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  1. Happy New Year Roy nice to see the Brighton coach here and they still do other stuff not stick to the service only Did think about walking down there today but sorry wimped out in the rain
    All the best see you soon