Friday, 10 January 2014

Latest First Update

After yesterday's report regarding the withdrawal of most of the W-CWX registered Volvo Olympians, Ryan writes regarding the latest news from First's Caister Road depot

First Volvo Olympian 34111 W431CWX in Regent Road, Great Yarmouth on
14th November 2013. She will soon be repainted and modified for driver training
Olympians 34110 and 34111, registered W437/1CWX respectively, will soon leave for repaint and modification for training school use.

With Volvo B10M 20109 N609APU withdrawn and sister 20128 P768XHS being based in Essex, there is now only 20122 P732NVG covering both Norwich and Great Yarmouth training duties

Two other Olympians, 34108/9 W435/6CWX, will shortly be moving away for further use with the latter being retained for the time being until Enviro400 33423 SN60CAA returns following it's X1 duties

News on the Volvo B12Ms is that 20515 WV02EUR has returned to Great Yarmouth for a month or so whilst sister 20514 WV02EUP remains permanently. Another saloon in the news is 66168 W368EOW which has now received its new gear box and left on loan to First Essex at Braintree 

First Dart 43461 R461BNG on Lowestoft town services just three weeks ago
Meanwhile, down the A12 at Lowestoft, both Olympians 34155/6 P655/6UFB have now been withdrawn.

Also gone are Dennis Darts 43461/3/78/87 (R461BNG, R463/78CAH and R687DPW).

ADL Dart 44512 DK57SXF is still at Great Yarmouth awaiting a new engine

My thanks to Ryan for his continuous updates


  1. I noticed this morning, whilst passing by on an X1, one of the P-UFB Olympians parked up at Gorleston Fire Station. Couldn't get the registration number, but I assume it was either 155 or 156. It was still there in the afternoon.

  2. Thanks for that Laine
    I also saw it from a passing bus too - perhaps the fire service have acquired it for
    fire safety and practise
    Will put an entry on the blog soon