Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Resurrection ~ Updated

Olympian 34186 S686AAE in a foggy Gorleston High Street
during yesterday morning. She was on her regular duty -
the 11:16 from Belton to Great Yarmouth
Ryan reports from Caister Road that Volvo Olympian 34108 W435CWX is to surprisingly return to service.

Sister 34109 W436CWX is also back on the road again following her earlier inspection

Meanwhile a rather noisy ALX400 30888 W743DWX passed me yesterday morning substituting for 34109 on her normal Bradwell outing

34186 S686AAE was also noted out yesterday on its regular Belton duty; the 10:50 from Market Gates and the 11:16 return

President 32208 LT52WTO has returned form Lowestoft off loan

My thanks to Ryan for the updates


  1. Deckers are becoming a regular feature on the No 7 Belton service. From 20th January Deckers are scheduled on the 0811 ex Belton & the1550 ex Market Gates to cater for the large number of students travelling to the ENSFcollege and Gt. Yarmouth college

  2. 30888 has been extremely noisy for a very long time, when you are at the bus stop you can hear it coming from miles away.