Friday, 10 January 2014

Yet More on Eastline

Eastern Counties VR 284 on the 794 Eastline at Peterborough
Following the photographic contribution by Peter Warner of a Leyland National on Eastline route 790 in Great Yarmouth, Syd Eade has contacted me to clarify the situation

'The photo of LN625 was on the other Eastline route running to Great Yarmouth, the 790. This ran to Norwich then Thetford, Brandon, Mildenhall to Cambridge. 
VR303 VEX303X in the now pedestrianised Market Place heading for Cambridge

It was often VR worked as well, and in later days also extended to Lowestoft as the 747. 

I have sent a photo of Eastline liveried VR284 VEX284X actually on the 794 at Peterborough and VR303 VEX303X in Yarmouth Market Place about to go to Cambridge'

Syd's last photo is of VR296 VEX296X
VR296 VEX296X at Lowestoft on the Eastline 747 to Bristol!
in Lowestoft in July 1984 on a through Eastline 747 run to Bristol!

He thinks that the VR was swapped at Cambridge, although long hauls by VRs were not unknown.

As Syd says 'I knew this would be a complex subject!'

My thanks to him for the report and the photos - the latter retains his copyright

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