Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Only two step entrance Darts remain at Great Yarmouth

Following the withdrawl of two First Eastern Counties step entrance Darts, only two examples remain in service at Great Yarmouth at the beginning of the new year.

The two vehicles are 47250 (M250VWW) and 46379 (M379YEX). The former was noted in Market Gates Bus Station working an early afternoon service 2 to Barrack Estate. It returned there a quarter of an hour later to operate on service 4

Within five minutes of 47250's first appearance, 46379 departed Market Gates on service 7 to Belton (see below) 

Dart 46379 M379YEX works an early afternoon service 7 to Belton
Another noteable working was that of Olympian 34333 H132FLX on Lowestoft to Martham services in the afternoon. The old gal continues to be very active.

Meanwhile, Anglianbus Optare Versa 411 AU08DKL was unable to work its booked 13.46pm A47 service having broken down at the Church Lane stop in Gorleston. Its place was taken by 429 KV03ZGK. Streetlite 325 M60GXA was also noted working the 14.10pm 581 Beccles service from Market Gates


  1. 47250 withdrawn from service (MOT) expired 10/02/11. To be scrapped.

  2. 47251 removed on low-loader 11/02/11 (Erith's). 47233 destined for same fate on 14/02/11