Sunday 20 October 2013

Acle Antics

Grahame was thwarted in sampling the new bus when B9 37576 arrived!
Regular contributor Grahame Bessey had good intentions to experience the new Enviro400s on the X1 route on Saturday, but not everything went to plan -

'Eventful morning en route to Norwich, once I finally arrived!  Drove to Acle so I could sample one of the new E400's on X1 with first vehicle to appear was newly repainted B9 37576 AU58EDC

37576's replacement was 33820 YX63LKK, later seen at Norwich Bus Station
She was suffering fuel problems so that emptied her passengers to wait for the next X1 to arrive, this being a very full 33820 YX63LKK,  which I had no chance of getting on due to the mass of disgruntled pensioners running to get on from 37576!  

Whilst they all clambered to try and board 33820, Ambassador's 497 National Express coach pulled up behind to
Norfolk Green Dennis Trident/East Lancs PX55AHF at Norwich Bus Station
pick up a couple laden with suitcases; the driver saw what was happening and a dozen or so of us were kindly given a free trip to Norwich courtesy of National Express!
I spent a couple of hours in Norwich before the rains came and ventured back to Acle aboard 33804 YX63LJJ, very impressive I have to say!'

Enviro400 33804 was provided for the journey back to Acle with Grahame,
at last, experiencing the new vehicles in service
Whilst in Norwich, Grahame also photographed former Stagecoach Cumbria Dennis Trident/East Lancs 18278 PX55AHF, now with Norfolk Green as their No 13 on X25 duties

Another visitor was Sanders' newly acquired Scania OmniCity decker YR10BBO which is shown in the post below

My thanks to Grahame for the report and photos

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  1. Good post there lads, thats our Grahame intrepid to the last (bus) !! Hopefully my turn soon want to try the wheelchair facilities on the Enviro's see if better than before.