Thursday 17 October 2013

Eurosun Visit

Former Caroline Seagull MAN/Jonckheere Deauville K2HWT
at Eurosun's Norwich Road premises yesterday
Whilst in Lowestoft yesterday at the official launch of the Enviros into service on the X1 route, I thought I would look in at Eurosun's Norwich Road premises to see what was about

Five coaches were there with two of them displaying a VOR notice, meaning they were unavailable for service due to serious defects

One of them was former Caroline Seagull Jonckheere Deauville bodied MAN K2HWT - acquired in May 2008. The other was Dennis Javelin Plaxton Premiere FIL6002
A third Joncheere Deauville was also at Eurosun's premises
She had a Scania K113CRB chassis and appeared to be the
only one with a valid tax disc

Another Joncheere Deauville bodied vehicle (this time on a Scania chassis), was present in the form of TIB8574; she was being cannibalised for spares

Duple bodied DAF C253HJX was delicensed, whilst a third Joncheere Deauville BLZ7773 appeared to be the only one on the premises with a current tax disc

With a full list of tours advertised on the Eurosun website, I began wondering where were the vehicles that were going to operate them. At the other operating centre perhaps?


  1. Check out Angies Tours a new company started by one of the current directors and who also has an application in his wife's name pending plus the public inquiry still outstanding. Am with you on your observations there Roy but I do wonder how many are parked out at the Hopton base which you can't see very easily (have tried).

  2. Just want to say Roy I wrote that wrong the tour company is his wifes name but the application is in his name sorry it was late night.