Wednesday 16 October 2013

X1 Official Launch

One of the Enviro 400s at the official launch in Lowestoft earlier today
First officially launches the introduction of 22 brand new buses at four different venues during today and tomorrow

I was at the first presentation this morning where one of the ADL Enviro 400s (33808 YX63LJO) was on display in London Road North in Lowestoft

The new buses, replacing the existing Geminis on the flagship X1 route, are in a new
The top floor of  the bus showing the luxorous leather seats
purple/blue and gold 'express' livery and operate the 120 mile journey between Lowestoft and Peterborough via Gorleston and Great Yarmouth

They boast free WiFi for passengers, air chill and luxurious leather seats with additional legroom.

First is the only bus operator in the Norfolk area to introduce 'Next Stop' announcements ensuring passengers
never miss their bus stop.

I was invited on-board to view the interior of the new buses which certainly looked very impressive.

It also provided an ideal opportunity to meet the First management team in person, especially Freddie the Frog!

However, it does beg the question as to why First did not have an official launch in Great Yarmouth too?

An informed source later told me it was due to budgetary reasons!

Nevertheless, I thought it was a good opportunity missed by First to promote the service in my home town


  1. "First is the only bus operator in Norfolk to introduce 'Next Stop' announcements
    ensuring passengers never miss their bus stop."

    ALL buses have 'Next Stop' capabilities - it's called the driver!

    Couldn't resist that one Roy - just kidding!

    Mick, Durham NC (where all buses have the automatic next stop and all buses can by tracked on your smartphone - and still with a flat fare of 63 PENCE)!

  2. Nice one Mick! I remember when the conductor used to call out 'Next Stop' announcements, but there again I'm showing my age!