Sunday, 12 August 2012

More Enviro 200 Photos

Former J P Travel's VT09JPT © James Race
As promised, I have been able to obtain some new photos of the Enviro 200s which recently arrived at the Caister Road depot

This time they are taken from within the rear compound by James Race on Saturday 11th August.

Colleague Syd Eade says that they have been rubbed down and have now received new panels and bumpers prior to repaint.

Former Townlynx DK57SXG  © James Race
He says that whilst they appear to be a little shabby at the moment it is a bit of an illusion as a new coat of paint will shortly transform them

The interiors are also quite tidy and in good order

At present it appears fleet numbers have not been allocated

Many thanks to Sid for the report and to James for the photos which are his copyright.

RT09JPT at the rear of  Caister Road © James Race

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