Thursday, 2 August 2012

Anglian's Trident Activity

Correspondent Tim Miller reports  that Anglian's Trident 511 X384NNO was in Brands of Beccles yard yesterday - although no damage was noted. He speculates that the company are possibly going to remove the second door and up-seat her. (Update - involved interior work including lighting and paintwork)

Just after lunchtime today he photographed sister 509 (X309NNO) operating the 525 through Beccles.

Trident 508 was also noted out today running northbound on Southtown Road around lunchtime on the 601 to Great Yarmouth.

Tim also saw an unidentified Anglian Solo in Beccles  today, with the mechanics van following closely behind, on its way back to the depot at Ellough. He believes it was earlier operating the 581 service.

Many thanks to Tim for his reports and, of course, the photo

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