Tuesday 29 January 2013

Temporary Arrangements at Market Gates

The replacement of an underground gas main in the Market Gates area has meant the bus station's temporary closure and relocation of bus stops to the eastern side of the centre

Yesterday was the first day of these temporary arrangements and from my observations it appeared to be working well, considering the disruption to services. There were a couple of problems; the first was when a delivery driver parked on Alexandra Road blocking it for buses although the delays were minimal.

The second problem was at Howard Street North, where no temporary bus sign was in place - leading to passengers queuing at the permanent bus stop instead. When the the northbound 8 service arrived at the temporary stop, there was a charge of passengers from the permanent to the temporary one. A pity really as all the Market Gates stops were all clearly labelled

The area outside the Troll Cart Public House was the main gathering point for passengers and First Eastern Counties Volvo Olympian 34110 W437CWX is seen there picking up passengers for the 8 route, with the James Paget Hospital being its final destination

All services using the temporary stops have to use Alexandra Road to gain access to Yarmouth Way and then South Quay before gaining their normal routes

The temporary stops for some town and rural bus services have been  moved to a lay by outside Fish N Chick'n near St George's Park.

Pictured below is Anglian's Optare Solo 321 MX58XDB leaving the temporary stop with the 586 to
Hemsby at the same time as the departure of  First Eastern Counties Dart 43487 R687DPW on the 2 to Barrack Estate.

The realignment of services onto roads not normally served by buses made for some interesting photos in different locations

Subsequently, Dart 43487 retraced its steps through Barrack Estate and returned to Market Gates before continuing on its journey to the James Paget Hospital.
It is seen here negotiating the right hand turn at the bottom of Yarmouth Way into South Quay.

A bonus was the arrival of the MAN City Smart demonstrator WX12EKO at the Troll Cart stop.

However, it did not immediately transfer to the St George's Park stop, which led to some confusion among passengers. However, the driver picked up at both stops to ensure nobody was left behind.

Additionally, I had a run home on her as a passenger on the 581 service to Beccles and saw Joe Watson of Norwich Bus Page taking a photo of her on Southtown Road!

Hopefully the temporary arrangements at Market Gates continued to run smoothly during the rush hour periods.
I would be interested to hear from readers as to whether in fact this did occur.

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