Saturday, 19 January 2013

From The Postbag

Today's blog entry is from the postbag - or should it be from the email inbox !?

Neil Chilvers has been looking through his old photos and has come up with this gem - a photo of Anglian's vehicles when they first moved to their Ellough yard at Beccles

The photo shows mainly coaches - and what a contrast to today's operation. Nearest the camera is a Volvo B10M with Van Hool Aragon bodywork; OTG551 was formerly with Dunn Line of Nottingham

Next to the Volvo are four Mercedes 0303s; HIL5769 is pictured still in the colours of South Yorkshire independent Buckley of Auckley. The registration was subsequently transferred to a Volvo Olympian still with Anglian

Next in line is OXK395 and CSK282 with the fourth being 784EYB. The CSK and EYB registrations later passed to two Dennis Javelins currently in the fleet 

My thanks to Neil for the photo and any other identifications would be welcome

The second photo was taken by Mike Sayers in 1968 which shows Great Yarmouth Corporation Transport No 55 EEX855D on Theatre Plain awaiting for departure to Gorleston's  Magdalen Estate.

The Roe bodied Leyland PDR 1/2 was new to Great Yarmouth in December 1966.

Note the long gone Nicholls Restaurant in the right background!

A good year was 1966 - my first year in work (with another 40 to go) and the year England won the World Cup. Thanks for the photo and the memories Mike!


  1. I remember being taken into nicholls as a kid around 66/67 my first taste of dining out lol Knew Anglians when they were at Loddon as they used to buy parts for the Ford R series and I used to deliver there they only had 5 motors then

  2. I might have even served your parents as I worked there during college holidays and at weekends!