Monday 28 January 2013

G470LVG ~ The Mystery Solved!

Regular readers of this blog will remember Sunday's entry regarding two former Caroline Seagull Dennis Javelins G469LVG and G470LVG.

After the recent disappearance of the latter from Swift Taxis Southtown Road premises, I decided to email the operator's General Manager, Kevin Boyne, to find out what had happened to her.

The following prompt reply was received:-
'Thank you for the email in regards to G470 LVG. This vehicle was removed from operational duties due to her age and condition. She was ready for the scrap yard but a local enthusiast was interested in her so we sold her to them'
When Kevin Boyne told me of the vehicle's current location I was fairly sure as to who the new owner was and this was confirmed in an email from Terry Wilkins at lunchtime
'I am extremely happy and excited to say that I have purchased the ex-Cobholm Hire Services (Caroline Seagull) and Swift Taxis 1988 Plaxton Paramount 3200 bodied 1988 Dennis Javelin G470 LVG. When I found out that she was to be withdrawn and sold for scrap otherwise, and no one else took up the offer to save her, I decided to put my heart where my money is and buy her off her previous owner, Swift Taxis, for her scrap price.
She's been brought, stored and put/kept in service in the Great Yarmouth area for just over 22 and a half years, since brought new, and I'm also pleased to say that she, as a Preserved Coach, is to be stored, by me - as her new owner - still in the Great Yarmouth area - along with my other Preserved PCV/PSV Vehicle - ex-Great Yarmouth Corporation 1968 Marshall bodied 1967 Leyland Atlantean Single Decker 40 - GEX 740F.
I brought G470 LVG back in November and she requires front brakes, rear air suspension and some chassis rust removal and welding to be sorted out first before she get an M.O.T. - which I'm hoping to get sorted out this summer and, to which, I am currently saving for. She will, after a few years rallying with her ex-owner's livery, will, also, be getting a repaint back into the Caroline Seagull livery - as she wore back in the old days. Unfortunately though, I don't have/can't find any photos of her in any of the Caroline Seagull Liveries she wore, so, do you guys know if you can ask the fellow readers if they have any photos of her in any of the Caroline Seagull Liveries - especially her last livery - and, possibly, if I/we at Eastern Bus Enthusiasts - could have a copy of the photo - with and under the owner's permission and copyright - to use on our site to use to show what this vehicle was like when with Caroline Seagull ownership please?

Thank you very much.

Kindest regards to you guys and to all of your readers.

Terence Wilkins'

Thanks for the photos and email in helping to solve the mystery, Terry and I hope it won't be too long before we see her at any of the local bus rallies.

If any of the blog readers have any pictures of G470LVG in Caroline Seagull colours please send them direct to Terry by email to  -

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