Sunday 20 January 2013

Changing Times at Anglian

The photo from Neil Chilvers in the last blog post has prompted regular contributor Grahame Bessey to search through his archives.

He has come up with these three pictures reflecting the types of vehicles in use with Anglian over the last six years

The first photo was taken in 2006 and shows the
predominance of the Mercedes-Benz Varios with the Suffolk operator at that time.

Fast forward four years to 2010 and the Scania OmniCity's take centre stage both in single deck and in double deck form.

Compare this to last year's photo with Wright StreetLites now appearing on the scene

The three views of the
line ups at the Ellough depot show how much the company has changed in the type of vehicles they have operated over the years.

My appreciation goes to Grahame for hunting out these pictures and for  sharing them with us

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