Saturday 22 June 2013

Caister Road Update

First Dart 43465 R465CAH awaits its last journey to the scrapyard
Ryan provides the latest update from First's Caister Road depot

Both withdrawn Darts 43465 R465CAH and 43468 R468CAH are expected to depart for the scrapyard on Monday whilst 43470 R470CAH has been allocated to Lowestoft permanently.

Sister 43435 P435NEX has also been withdrawn

This leaves Darts 43480/1/7 R680/1/7DPW still remaining in Great Yarmouth

As regards the Jersey exiles, with 43864 EG52FGA now on the road all seven Great Yarmouth buses are now in service. The outstanding Lowestoft example, 43866 EG52FGV, is awaiting parts before it can enter service in Suffolk

Previously referred to Volvo B12M 20515 WV02EUR  is off the road with dashboard faults

My thanks to Ryan for the update and photo

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