Friday, 26 November 2021

Village Contract Sightings

My home village of Ormesby St Margaret has recently gained a stop for vehicles on a Bernard Matthews contract run to the factory at Great Witchingham. Hirst's Farm in the village is home to workers for its farm and its seems many are now helping out with the Christmas rush elsewhere.

Ensignbus Loanee 34432 YX66WLH was pictured awaiting its passengers this afternoon outside the Farm.  (Aaron M)

 A surprise visitor on Sunday 28th to the village was Excel liveried Scania 36909 YN69XZO.

Various Norwich based vehicles have also been noted on the route including Turquoise Line branded versions amongst others.

36172 BD11CFV is pictured heading out of the village yesterday heading back towards Great Witchingham with workers aboard.

Many Thanks to Aaron for all the updates and Photo.


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