Sunday, 14 November 2021

Ambassador Arrivals

It looks like Ambassador Travel has added some more Caetano Levantes to their fleet for National Express duties.

Former National Express West Midlands BK15AJU was noted working the 491 service to London yesterday carrying fleet number 200. It was formerly No. 90 in their fleet.

Three more have been identified as recent arrivals also in the shape of 217 BV19XPA, 218 BV19XOZ and 219 BV19XOY.

All three are also ex Travel West Midlands.

218 is pictured above at the depot yesterday.



  1. Travel West Midlands ceased to exist as a fleetname in February 2008. I presume they are ex West Midlands Travel Limited which has traded for nearly 14 years as National Express West Midlands.

  2. We have also had 2 65 plate National Express vehicles ready for the start of the 727 service

  3. N&P shows the 491 as cancelled from January 1st

  4. 1. Richard you are correct in saying they are ex National Express West Midlands.
    2. Thanks for the information Alfie.
    3. Thanks South Wales Blog - I've already reported in the 3rd November post that the 491 service is to be cancelled from 1st January 2022