Friday, 5 November 2021

Two Norwich Tridents Withdrawn

Two First Norwich Tridents have been withdrawn with both of them suffering engine failures

They are 33126 LT02 NVO and 33248 LT52 WVA and their next journey is likely to be to the scrapyard. 33248 came to Eastern Counties from Centrewest where it was new in December 2002. 33126 was also new to Centrewest in April 2002 and later saw use in the Sheffield area. It then came on long term loan to Norwich which turned out to be permanent

My thanks to First Norwich for the information and to LiamS for the photos



  1. Any replacement vehicles arriving?? Possibly 2 from Yarmouth to cover maybe?

  2. Two deckers will be picked up from Weston-Super-Mere on Sunday to replace them

  3. The Trident replacements are reported to be 32333 (LK53 LYT) and 32336 (LK53 LYW)