Saturday, 31 August 2013

Norwich On Friday

Regular contributor Grahame Bessey spent some time at Norwich Bus Station on Friday and took some photos of some interesting workings

As already reported elsewhere, the introduction of Enviro400 33423 SN60CAA into X1 service has allowed for the beginning of the repaint of X1 Geminis into the new First livery.

37158 AU07DXV (above) is the first to be so treated and, following vehicle shortages at Kings Lynn, she has been immediately pressed into service without any form of branding applied

Grahame also saw all three of Sanders recently acquired Wright bodied Scania L94UBs from Reading.
316   YN05GXX
317   YN06NXS
318   YN06NXR
Finally, with the regular open top bus G520VBB being unavailable, Coach Services' former London Transport Routemaster RM2151 CUV151C was being employed on the Norwich Sightseeing service.

My thanks to Grahame for the report and pictures which are copyrighted

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