Sunday, 30 October 2016

Norwich Sightings

Thursday took me to Norwich to catch up on the latest arrivals and repaints around the local operators. First sighting was a new arrival for Sanders working the X11 Express service.

DK09DZH is a Volvo B7RLE and has been aquired along with sister DK09DZD from GHA Coaches. Three Coaches have also recently been purchased, DA04GHA, FN09AMX & FN09APY.

First are beginning to apply new Network Norwich branding to the fleet and a few were noted out and about on my wanderings.

Trident 33060 LN51GJU in St. Stephens showing off its new branding, it carries a much larger version above the entrance door also.

Two Geminis are gaining a new Turquiose livery for service 13, 36173 BD11CFX is the first to return to service in its new look, 36171 is away being painted at the moment.

36195 BN12JYV in St. Stephens
Finally, Seven more Volvo B9TL's have arrived from First Leeds after a brief spell on loan in the South to assist with Rail Replacement duties. The following have all arrived so far,
36191 - BN12JYR
36192 - BN12JYS
36193 - BN12JYT
36194 - BN12JYU
36195 - BN12JYV
36196 - BN12JYW
36197 - BN12WNX

36194-36197 have all entered service this past week with 36193 heading to Simon Morris in Ipswich for repaint into Red Line livery, this will see the withdrawl of Tridents from the route also. 33057/33058 among the first to be stood down, its believed these will transfer elsewhere within Firstgroup.


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