Sunday 1 January 2017

Revisited Kings Lynn 2011

Seems hard to believe that 2011 is now six years ago,i remember this day out like it was only a few weeks ago. The Saturday in June 2011 was the last day of First's town operations in Kings Lynn leaving only the X1 service continuing the company presence in the West Norfolk town.
Optare Solo 53705 LK05DXT working town service 42.
The main town fleet for First was made up of a batch of short wheelbase Optare Solos transferred from First London, these have since moved to various other depots within First. A few ex Scottish Scanias also were allocated here plus ALX400's originally from Bradford.
20352 WA05UNE pictured at Vancouver Avenue, used as back up for the X1 service

Norfolk Green would take over all the town services and later become part of the Stagecoach group, they ran a very mixed fleet in 2006 with Optare Solo, Versa & Tempo making up the single deck fleet along with Agoralines purchased from Norfolk County Council whilst the double deck fleet was also Optare filled with a batch aquired from Reading Buses.
Solo MX55WCV wearing a special livery celebrating the M & GN Railway

Former Reading YG02FWD wearing a special livery promoting the Sport & Culture Festival in the town

Excel Geminis 37566 & 37569 about to depart to the East and West from the Bus Station
First still remain part of the Bus community in Kings Lynn working the X1 service now between Norwich and Peterborough, the scenery very different today with the livery of Stagecoach now very prominent along with newly installed independent Lynxbus.

A Very Happy New Year to everyone and especially to Roy who keeps this well oiled blog running and i will do my best to keep things rolling along also with my contributions.


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