Friday 26 January 2018

Friday Frolic!

An early visit to Great Yarmouth this morning provided the opportunity to see what was about on the day that the short stayers return home. Three of them passed me on St Nicholas Road at the beginning of their journey. They were two unrecorded National Holidays coaches and the Shearings Holidays' specially wrapped Setra 632 BG63VVN

However, there were still another three of the short stayers in the Marine Parade area preparing for their return. One was National Holidays' Setra NH13DWH on Marine Parade itself.

Meanwhile, two Shearings Holidays' Setras were loading clients and luggage at the nearby Carlton Hotel on Kimberley Terrace. At the front of the twosome was 518 (BU13ZTK), whilst bringing up the rear was 312 (BK11COH)

I then adjourned to the town centre where a red BorderBus Scania OmniCity double decker arrived on the 08:06 Waveney Line service from Bungay. It was 208 (BB58BUS); formerly with Stagecoach London as its 15138 (LN59CNC)


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