Thursday, 4 April 2019

Ipswich Buses Increasing The Tempo

It has been some time since we have looked at developments at Ipswich Buses and the following has been provided by Jordan Watson.

As most of you will know Ipswich Buses has recently acquired thirteen Optare Tempo SR single deckers which were new to Trent Barton in 2012. The new additions are as follows:-

The new arrivals will mean the disposal of the now elderly Dennis Darts with the exception of 85 PJ53OLE which which will be converted to a driver trainer.

Former Lothian Super Pointer Darts SN53AVK and SN53AVM at Tower Ramparts
This means the end of the road for Myllenium Darts 84, 87 and 88 (PJ03OLC/H/K) along with ex Lothian Super Pointer Darts 134-136 (SN53AVG/K/M) and Scania CN94UB OmniCity's 70-5 (YN56NVB-G). They have been advertised online as being available for sale along with Leyland Atlantean Open Topper 9 MRT9P, which is locally rumoured to have a buyer already!

Trident LX04FYB looking forlorn in the corner of Constantine depot on 21st March
Carters liveried ALX400 bodied Dennis Trident 8 LX04FYB has been taken out of service to keep similar 7 LX03BTF and President bodied 26 LR52KWH on the road

My thanks to Jordan for the information and photos


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