Wednesday 17 May 2023

Wednesday Tour

As I had other commitments yesterday, the regular Tuesday Tour didn't take place but another has (24 hours later) this morning with eleven coaches being observed.

As usual we begin on Marine Parade with Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E20 OLY on National Holidays duty. The vehicle is operated by Olympia Travel of Wigan.

Another National Holidays branded coach was on the opposite side of the road in the form of VDL YD17 WXW owned by M & D Travel of Stockton-on-Tees

Nearby was Wolverhampton-based Coach & Travel Tours Mercedes-Benz Tourismo BL16 GAX

Outside the New Beach Hotel was Bland's of Essendine Volvo B11RT / Jonckheere SHV FP 6539

At Beach Coach Station there were seven coaches with branded VDL Futura T321 BBC leaving as I arrived. The driver, from Bluebird of Weymouth, kindly slowed to enable me to get a photo.

Next up is Ross Travel of Pontefract's VDL RT17 BUS

Side by side were Caledonian Travel's Tourismo NH15 RDH, ex National Holidays, and Welsh's Tours VDL W25 HOL

Former Eclipse of Cambridge Tourismo BN17JBY was also present and is now owned by Rel Davian Limited of Edmonton

The final photo is of Bill's Minibus & Coach Hire's Scania YT19 EFO. Alfa Travel's BV20NHK was also making yet anther appearance.


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