Tuesday 5 September 2023

Tuesday Tour

Today's Tuesday tour saw many of those coaches highlighted in our Sunday evening visit to Great Yarmouth.

The first sighting was of a Bakers Dolphin Mercedes Benz Tourismo on South Beach Parade opposite the Wellington Pier. I did a double take as I thought it would be the one I saw on North Drive on Sunday but it wasn't! This was BU18 YMF whereas Sunday's sighting was of similar BU18 YMC.

Two Mercedes-Benz Tourismos were awaiting their customers outside the New Beach Hotel - Alfa Travel's BF23 CFA and Henshaw's HC22 HEN (Also seen on Sunday)

At Beach Coach Station two coaches were leaving with Alfa Travel's BN17 JCO leading Williams' BV10 ZKE to the exit (both seen on Sunday). This left Volvo B12B/Van Hool Acron DJ60 DJT on its own which was operated by Neath Coach Travel trading as DJ Thomas Coach Holidays.

On the tour round I was passed twice by P&O Lloyds Mercedes-Benz Tourismo BD18 TLV but couldn't get a photo due to driving at the time.


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