Sunday 20 February 2011

Sunday in the City

Unusually spent some of Sunday morning shopping in Norwich.
I spent around an  hour at lunchtime observing workings in a cold and overcast city.
As expected on a Sunday in February, there was not a lot to see. However, I did note Sanders Omnicity 309 YN53GFE (top) waiting at its stop in St Stephen's Street for its next run to the North Norfolk Coast.
To keep warm I briskly walked to the bus station and saw the usual crop of First Eastern Counties vehicles.Other operators included National Express with its CO58 FH06EBM (right) with Gatwick Airport on its destination blind and Simmonds MAN AE07DZG ready for departure on service 118 to Long Stratton (below)

Needless to say it wasn't too long before I returned to the warmth of the shopping centre!!

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