Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sanders Activity

Des Speed was on an X1 service from Great Yarmouth which was waiting at the traffic lights to enter Norwich Bus Station yesterday.

Imagine his surprise when a Sanders Scania Omnicity YS03ZKV turned into the bus station from the opposite direction, with the rear engine cover open! 

After dropping off passengers the bus proceeded to the layover bays. Des didn't know if the bus continued further with the engine cover up, as he had to catch a connecting service.

Surprise news from Grahame Bessey is that Sanders has acquired three similar vehicles from Anglian Bus. A friend of his was visiting the bodyshop at Full Circle on Friday when he observed three Scanias with YN03UV* registrations awaiting their painting into Sanders livery.

My thanks to Des for the photo and information and to Grahame for his exclusive news!

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