Friday 29 March 2013

London 2012 Event DVD

A special one-off event was held at the East Anglia Transport Museum as it was fifty years to the day that London said goodbye to its Trolleybuses on Tuesday 8th May 2012. 

A total of eight surviving trolleybuses were in public operation over the weekend including 1931 'Diddler' number 1 and number 1521, the final trolleybus to run in service. 

A 70 minute programme of the event has been made and is available on DVD and Blu-Ray which can be obtained from the museum or online from JJS Entertainment. 

The programme was made by three Museum members and ALL profits from the sales will go to the Museum. 

There is also a video excerpt from the programme on Youtube.

The full length version includes trolleybuses arriving and test running as well as behind-the-scenes action and is a superb record of this once in a lifetime occasion.

So if you attended and want a record of the event, or if you missed it and want to see what you missed, please contact:-
East Anglia Transport Museum
Chapel Road
Carlton Colville
Telephone: 01502 518459
Many thanks to JJS Entertainment for their assistance

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