Wednesday 4 September 2013

First Images of New X1 Enviro400

Front view of the new X1 Enviro400 at Plaxton's Scarborough works
Today I am able to bring you the first images of one of the new Enviro400s for use on First's X1 route between Peterborough and Lowestoft via Norwich and Great Yarmouth

The photos were taken at Plaxton's Scarborough works and show the new colour scheme; which is very different from that carried by the current X1 vehicles

Rear view of the Enviro400
It is believed that the first Enviro400 should enter service on the X1 from late September onwards

The pictures are courtesy of Mike Wallington and remain his copyright

My thanks to Grahame Bessey for his help in preparing this post

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  1. A little difficult to tell from the unfinished product, but my first impression is "what a mess".
    I hope they do look better when vinyls are applied.

  2. If you go onto Flickr and type in "x2 vale express" you'll get a better idea of the livery. It's already being used by First Cymru on their X2 route. So it's not unique to the X1 like Gerard Fletcher mentioned on his biased X1 blog.

  3. You are correct, the X1 blog is biased towards the X1 :+)