Tuesday 24 September 2013

Yesterday in Norwich

Regular blog reader Steve W was at Norwich Bus Station during yesterday and snapped Enviro 400 SN60CAA at the X1 stand and asks

'Am I the first to spot that 33423 only has the Excel vinyls on the nearside and the offside is still completely white? 
Note the damage to the nearside rear corner exposing what looks like black paint underneath - wonder what was originally there!'

An interesting point that Steve, as the only photos I have seen of her show her in a mainly white livery - see here

Steve also spotted First Dart 43478 R478CAH on the X2 Norwich to Lowestoft service, which is the first SLF he has seen on it. Apparently they are regular performers on the route

He also adds

'On a side note, I was waiting for Anglian's 14:00 service 88 to Halesworth when a Solo came in on the inward journey. As there were at least 45 people waiting that would have been rather interesting, but thankfully a gas bus came in private and swapped. 

My thanks to Steve for the report and photos

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